4 Mar 2020

Chapter 2,

Harry and Sarah had just gone into the main part of the store to go find some wipes to clean up. Stark naked since there was no one else around since the shop was closed. He headed straight for the toiletries isle, while she went for a snack & bottle of water. She walked so confidently up the isles with her Large breasts, hour glass body & an amazingly firm arse. Those workouts must really be something as Harry caught up the her in the pasta isle. Wipes in one hand, lubricant in the other, he said “back room again?” she just smiles and replies “here is fine!” She told him to lay down, without hesitation he obliged. He could keep the excitement down his penis rising up back to solid shaft just aching for the second course. She knelt down grabbing his shaft, and began to stroke while just teasing the very top of his penis. While she looked straight into his eyes, making sure he knew who was the boss tonight. She looked up with her eyes and smiled and told his to lick her out. She was nice and wet by this stage, she stood up one of her sexy long legs on the shelf the other firmly on the ground as he began to lick that nice shaven pussy. He pulled himself closer to make sure that clit was well looked after, she found herself having to brace herself with her arm on a shelf. Grabbing hold of a pasta packet to squeeze as the intensity continued. Her moans getting louder and more frequent. Till she orgasmed, her legs went wobbly for a second, though Harry had held her firmly with one hand of her back and the other on her round firm arse. Not realising she be squeezing that pasta a little too hard and broke a few. (Ever wondered why your pastas broken 😅).

That delivery arrives, but Harry and Sarah had lost track of time due to getting down and dirty.

Sarah had just recovered from the intense orgasm, and was ready to feel that penis inside her again. She bent over with her now soaked pussy just sitting there so inviting, with those legs that tight arse. He positioned himself behind her and slid his now throbbing cock inside her she was clamping down around his penis, it felt amazing. Meanwhile Simone the delivery lady that Harry had admired from a distance, especially when she leant over to pick something up. She was a pretty easy on the eye, her hair always looks great, bubble baths maybe? She’d had let herself in as normal, though didn’t expect to find stag and a woman in the isles. She didn’t say anything but was watching though the end of isles as she watched him move his hips back and forth in Simones favorite position doggy style. Listening to the moans of Sarah as Harry drove his penis deep inside her pulling her hair gently, with her pressing back upon his body to make sure every inch was inside her. Simone was aroused had slid her hand into her pants, rubbing her clit as she was listening to the moans and groaning. Simone was close to orgasm when she accidentally knocked a tin of canned tomatoes off the shelf, Sarah quickly spun her head to see a woman standing there taking her hand out of pants, Harry only saw Simone standing there. Harry quickly covered himself with his hands, Sarah stood up and walked over to the now blushing frozen Simone who apologised several times. Sarah asks “don’t apologise, did you want to join us” with a bit of hesitation Simone agrees. Sarah taking her hand over to Harry , who had stopped covering up & was still ready to go. Sarah began to kiss simone and remove her clothing to reveal her amazing body underneath those bland uniforms, Sarah knelt down and simone followed her lead, they both began to take turns in sucking his penis, after a awhile of teasing and sucking, Sarah laid down, Simone on top of her doggy style. While one hand ran down Sarah’s body to her wet vagina where Simone had started to finger her, harry watched for awhile before positioning himself behind Simone, he picked up the lubrication applied a decent amount before sliding into Simone hot shaven pussy. she let out a moan as he entered and could feel how excited he was and how they were. Sarah underneath moaning and playing with Simone’s breast sucking them, Simone moaning as Harry buries his penis into her, Harry grunts with the feeling of the woman he’s crushed on for awhile nows tight wet pussy around his penis. They had been going for awhile Sarah was the first to orgasm, Simone quickly after having the two tending to her need was too much, she let out a loud moan as she orgasmed and collapsing onto Sarah’s bare chest. Harry now was left, he began to stiffen up but instead of pulling out, he push his penis deep and unleash his warm load inside Simones wet pussy. All three now collapsed on the floor after their efforts. Simones pussy was now dripping with Harrys sperm. Harry had gone and got the wipes to make clean up easier. I guess no announcement for clean up on isle 3 that late at night hey.

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