Written by Melbknight

16 Dec 2010

It was a perfect start to their holiday. Sleeping in to the late morning, he woke to the quiet slurping noise of his girlfriend's mouth on his morning glory. It hadn't been a dream after all. Her beautiful blonde hair covered her angelic face as her head bobbed up and down on his stiff cock. Her tongue ran down the length of his shaft and then gently teased his testicles with a light, feathery licking of his sac.

She lifted his cock up with her fingertips to gain better access to his balls. Hungrily, she took his testes into her mouth and massaged them with her slippery tongue. She loved how soft and tender his skin was here.

He moaned and looked down at her wide beautiful doe eyes that were now smouldering back at him. Her long feminine eye lashes blackened with a lush mascara contrasted perfectly against her flawless smooth alabaster skin. Her adoring look filled him with pride of having such a sexy mate.

He motioned suggestively with his eyes and she understood silently what he desired. It was a secret fetish they both loved. Tilting her head, she lowered her gaze and delicately tickled his anus with the tip of her tongue. His whole body tensed and strained at the electrifying sensation.

Teasing and probing gently at first, she placed a finger into her mouth to coat it with a lubricant of saliva. Her smooth manicured finger now pushed itself up into his anus, sending him into orbit.

Her soft tender lips were back around his swollen glans, gently squeezing and rubbing, while her finger explored further in until it had reached his prostate, the male g spot. His sphincter gripped tightly around her finger at each stroke of his prostate. He couldn't stand it any longer, his cock couldn't possibly be any harder, he needed relief.

He grabbed her shoulders with such force and ferocity that she was breath taken. The strength in his broad shoulders and chest coupled with his powerful arms lifted her with ease. Her legs were drawn up with her soft feet next to his face as he sat her curvaceous hips onto his groin. She was now straddling him, face to face, where he could see her every expression.

Her blonde hair cascaded down to her pert young breasts. They were full, ski jump shaped, glorious, ripe breasts of womanhood. High cheekbones, fine line eyebrows, a beautiful aqualine nose, soft rounded feminine chin, and smiling eyes, her face belonged on the cover of any magazine.

He touched the outside of her anus and looked at her. She pouted a look of mock disgust at him that declared 'How dare you!' His face replied with an expression of such shocked innocence that said 'It was an accident, I slipped, truly!' She laughed at such insincerity and leaned down to kiss him.

His engorged penis moved slowly into her tight asshole and her eyes closed with pleasure at the sensation. She leaned back, arching her back, giving him a perfect view of her delicious furry snatch. "Finger me" she whispered, "I want you in all my holes".

Two fingers inside her found her g-spot while a thumb rubbed her clit with round swirls. Her breasts bounced together in a hypnotic dance.

With her bottom wrapped around his penis, she began to take control with a rhythmic rocking that gripped his shaft and rubbed against his balls. Sheer ecstasy pulsated through her entire body.

He grabbed one of her feet and drew the soft pads up to his teeth and nipped them. The sharp pain was unexpected and she squealed. But she liked it. "Do it again" she hissed at him. "Bite me harder!"

With his cock in her ass, fingers in her pussy and clit, biting and licking her soles and toes, she began to climax. Her orgasm was building, her breath coming in short, sharp and intense bursts.

Strong hands gripped her ass tight as he matched his fierce thrusts with hers. He groaned and pushed his cock harder into her. A final savage assault of animal lust and his cock erupted with cum, spewing out in a torrential flood into her ass.

She exploded with a scream of pure bliss and gushed cum juices from her vagina onto his cock. Wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy washed over her entire body, sending her senses into overdrive. She cried, she laughed, she sobbed, all her emotions spilling out together in a jumbled release.

They collapsed, spent with the exhaustion of their efforts, each gasping at air to catch their breath. His cock still jerked spasmodically while her ass dribbled with warm cum smelling of male pollen.

It was a beautiful start to the holidays. Two weeks. Hopefully it would rain everyday.