Written by Sscouple

4 Sep 2017

I pull in the drive way and as i do so u send me a text. Its a photo i open it my heart rate jumps while it loads i think to myself what could it be. If finally loads after what seems like a life time there you are holding the crop in your hand whilst biting on it wearing your sexy satin nightie knee length stockings black heels and matching robe. My cock bulges as the phone beeps again. This time your not holding the cammera and ur bent over the table at fist i was like wow how hot is that photo then reality sinks in. Ur not holding the cammera so who the hell is. The phone beeps again ur robe is now on the floor. The phone beeps again ur nightie is now pulled up at the back revealing your lacey thong andthe Corp is resting against one cheek and a mans hand is on the other. Im outraged but so god dam turned on by this time i think fuck it time to get out of the car i walk inside hearing the loud slap of the crop and u gifgeling with pleasure i walk in the room there he is standing behind u cock out against ur ass u look at me as if ur seeking aproval i knod my head as i unbuckel my belt. I walk toards your mouth as he inserts his cock in you i knowurhorny as u shiver with pleasure and nearly cum right away. I put my cock in your mouth u nearly bite it off as he is pounding the daylights out of you. Hes about to cum so he theows u to ur knees and let him blow all over ur nightie soaking the hot thinck cum into the satin. Ur stockings are torn ur hair is everywhere u look like a real whore and now its my turn u keep sucking me until i pick u up and put u back on the table my rythem picking up pace as u moan a mix of pleasure and pain ur spent and ur pussy is red raw as i fuck it. I get faster and fast until i drop u to ur knees and soak you again with cum all over ur sexy satin nightie