Written by flirty_2009Mr

17 Jun 2014

I message you and ask what you are up to for lunch today as I will be free, you mention you are feeling a little frustrated and need to release your tension. You ask me to meet at your place at the time agreed.

A couple of hours go by and it is time to meet you as agreed, I head to your place and wait for you to turn up. You pull in the driveway right on time and I follow you to the front door. Unlocking the front door you turn to me as you open it and pull me towards you for a kiss then you grab my hand and lift your skirt up just enough for you to be discrete out in the open but enough for you to press my hand against your panties and whisper in my ear you that you have a burning desire for me to be ‘here’. While still holding my hand against your panties and guide me inside closing the door behind us. I feel the heat on my hand from between your legs and start rubbing your lips through your under garment and we start to passionately kiss allowing our tongues to tangle and intertwine.

After a couple of minutes I pull away from you and kneel between your legs as you lean your back against the wall. I pull your panties to the side exposing your cunt and start licking and sucking your clit. You start thrusting into my face as lick down to your wet hole and probe your ass with my finger.

You stop me from eating you as you can feel an orgasm coming on and want to get onto the lounge and take me into you before you. We move over to the lounge, you undress me and sit down wanking and sucking my cock for a short while before laying along the lounge with your legs wide open, one up the back of the lounge and the other out with your foot on the floor. I move in between your legs and insert my knob into your love tunnel and sink down into you thrusting hard and fast with you matching my rhythm and thrusting back against me. Before too long we are cumming together loudly and our combined juices ooze past my shaft and over my balls and down your ass. I pull out of you and using our leaked cum as lubricant I press my cock against your ass till just my knob pops in and I rock back and forth with my knob just popping in and out of your ass hole until you cum again and I have gone too soft to enter you.

We hop up and clean ourselves off, you go for clean knickers. We leave the house and head our separate direction for the afternoon until we meet again in the evening