Written by furrybear

1 Mar 2014

Lyn rides the Hammer

As Lyn spasmed for the tenth time she moan once again she had reached her limit at seven but the machine would not stop and there was no one to help her off, Oh she had voluntarily sat on the dildo sticking out of the wedge shaped vaulting horse but she could no longer get off, her legs long ago unable to grip the sides as her juices ran down each side. Her lover had left an hour ago with a wave and a promise of a good time and had set the level grinning as he did so. “That basted set it on eleven, I’ll get him for this” she panted.

As Allan walked in all he could see was a screaming and moaning mess on the horse, he laughed and walked over to the front watching as she went through yet another orgasm, the site was turning him on and he could feel his pants restrain him for the second time that day, the other being when he had left her straddled atop the horse as he left.

Allan new that for what he had in mind he would need her as horny as she had ever been and as she slumped over the horse he turned the horse off, she swore at him but also hugged him kissing him hard on the mouth and used her tongue to wrap around his, pulling back she let go of his neck and almost hit the floor, her legs flopping round like jelly.

Lyn screamed at the top of her lungs once again, the pleasure was too much if she didn’t get off this horse she thought she would die, flopping forward once again she saw Allan , he was grinning evilly as he turned off the horse “ you basted , what were you thinking “ she said, he helped her off the horse with a hug which she didn’t mind at all , she could smell him and feel his bulging pants , tired as she was she was as frustrated as all hell , she needed cock and she needed it NOW!.

Kissing Allan as hard as she could she used her tongue to wrap around his , making his eyes pop with surprise , she knew he was thinking of other places that tongue could be used at that moment and she was going to show him , pulling back she when for his pants but fell to the floor “oh my legs” she said and watched as Allan moved to the door , Lyn watched him what was he up to now as he opened the door and invited a large muscular Swedish man into the room, he had blonde hair and blue eyes like a frozen lake and a physic that screamed Greek god , “Hi my names Sven and I will be your partner tonight “ he stated in a thick accent.

Sven rubbed at his stubbled chin as he looked the helpless girl on the floor, she seemed to be having trouble standing up and there was pool of fluid under her and he knew exactly what had happened.

Since he was a teen old enough to notice girls he had seen them do this, even then he was beautifully muscled and as he began to date a rumour went round, soon after his friends had started calling him Thor and when he was asked why he said it was because of his hammer smiling as they looked on perplexed.

Lyn saw the huge man come into the room and seeing the huge bulge in her pants had wet herself a little , the thought of that lump of meat made her hole twitch thinking about it , she let out a small whimper at the thought as Sven picked her up like a rag doll and headed for the bed.

Allan was full on hard now being of only average size but for what he didn’t make up in size he made up in inventiveness and had earned the nickname of the engineer around certain circles due to his inventive pleasure machines. As he watched Sven take Lyn to the bed he saw her peek round this arm with a pleading look , oh she would have him but in his own way.

Lyn was placed on the bed gently in her black negligee and watched as Sven took off his cloths slowly, noting the ripple of his muscles and as he began to take off his pants she gasped, “oh my god, I … I don’t think I can um take that one in “she said as she looked at the monster “it has to be at least 12 inches and as round as a my fist” she thought with trepidation.

Sven noticed her look and gently grabbed her hand and put it on his shaft, it was still half soft so it didn’t look so big at the moment and as she fondled her new toy the look on her face changed and he knew she would try.

Allan had set up a camera and was slowly masturbating as he watched the two, Sven had been expensive he had been a former porn star but had dropped out to concentrate on his studies and had needed enticement to come to Brisbane for this one gig but it was worth it, and the look on Lyn’s face was priceless, so he settle down for a pleasant time of watching Sven use his hammer to electrify Lyn.

Lyn fondled the massive monster it weighed a lot and as she watched it grew thicker. The thought of just trying to fit this thing in her made her wet. She began to stroke it and getting impatient put her mouth over the end, flicking with her tongue over the sensitive tip, Sven gave a moan and looked down surprised, she looked up with a knowing grin and sucked the head in like a vacuum cleaner to a golf ball.

Sven gave a shiver, who was this woman to be able to give head like this; it was taking all his self-control to not get too excited yet but as she continued to bob and deep throat him he was quickly losing out.

Allan thought that Lyn was having a great time but was getting bored and with a sigh decided to jump in, he took off his shirt and pants and noted that he was as hard as a rhino horn grinning as he grabbed it and pushed it away allowing letting it fly back with a THWACK! Against his torso, getting behind Lyn he lay down under her and pulled her backside down, to his face as he sucked and nibbled on her labia.

Lyn began to pant the combined view and Allan licking her out was driving her to the edge, she was glad she had shaved for this day it had turned her on to look like a little girl once more and the more she could see of herself the wetter she had gotten only to end up on the bath room floor masturbating furiously but it had been worth every moment it took her if only because she wanted to see every inch of this glorious meat enter her.

Sven couldn’t take it anymore and pushing Lyn’s head away he lay down on the bed with his dick in the air, looking like a mast for a sailing ship more than a dick, he asked her to get on and after a bit of heavy panting Lyn got of Allan's fac and slowly guided her steaming wet hole over the monsterous cock.

Lyn could feel it as the monster head pressed against her outer lips spreading her wider than she had ever been and then further and further. Sweat formed on her brow as she concentrated, she wanted this thing in her desperately and pushed down hard. She swore and begged, gasping for breath and just as she thought she would rip in two, felt him enter her with a almost audible 'Thup!'

The feeling was incredible. To be so full, every part inside her cunt was pushed to its limit and Svens cock pulsed thickly inside.

Lyn lowered her self the feeling of being so full finally turned her mind to jelly as a slow moan began to rise from deep inside into a scream as she came on just the first two inches, her body thrashing like she was having a fit.

Sven had seen women do this often and enjoyed the way her muscles massaged the end of his dick but he wasn’t here for just a the tip, she was going to get the whole meal, he grinned as he grabbed the Cumming girl and began to slide her down his shaft.

Lyn was in a world of her own the room had turned white and she couldn’t hear anything but her own heartbeat, but as Sven pushed he down she exploded into rapture words couldn’t describe the exaltation as she came multiple times and as Sven hit bottom she hung on his pole like a rag doll thrashing and drooling, a scream like a pack of howling wolves coming from her throat, falling forward onto Sven she kissed him with wild abandon.

Allan had been waiting for her to finish her crescendo to give her a surprise , the precum was leaking out of his dick and he had been breathing hard for the last couple of minutes while waiting but as she fell forward and began to calm down he manoeuvred behind her and placing himself to her anus slowly pushed in , she instantly stiffened up and looked behind her about to protest till the feeling of being doubly full hit her and as her eyes clouded over he beginning to stroke evenly , matching Sven stroke for stroke.

Lyn had given up the kiss for breath , it had been a rollercoaster ride so far and she needed air but just as she thought she was recovered she felt something entering her ass , “what the hell” she was about to say but as she opened her mouth a moan came out instead “ oh my god this is incredible” she thought to herself as she pushed back onto both men , she had to have them both now , it was the only way she would be satisfied and speeding up she pushed harder and harder her ass slapping into Allan as he thrust into her.

Sven grunted that he wanted to cum but she wasn’t having any of that, she wanted Allan and began to encourage him, “cum in me” she cried “CUM IN ME NOW!” and with a clamping down she thrust back forcing both men to cum and the same time. She could Feel Allan’s Seed as it invaded her body as a hot knot of pressure in her rear as he groans, but as he focus changed she could feel the surges of Sven’s dick, as it pulsed she could feel the expansions as they moved up her vagina and deposited in her womb and caused a pressure there that sent over the edge for one more time. Her head exploded and her body fell away as she floated in a sea of light totally spent and relaxed.

Allan had cum hard in his life but this was like he had deposited his balls into Lyn via his cock and it was the most painful and pleasurable experience of his life.

Sven had cum like he always did, like a horse and as he pulled out a large amount of cum dripped from the woman’s body, she had been one of his best and would not soon forget this unassuming woman from Australia, but with his trick done and paid for he wiped himself off, got dressed and left without a backwards glance.

Lyn lay on her back smiling , the world had disappeared as she hummed to herself something she had heard somewhere , she looked across to see Allan watching her with a small smile and she smiled back “thank you” she said as she fell asleep.