Written by Jamicp

26 Dec 2012

My wife is a very sexy, blue eyed, brunette with a body that gets more than its fair share of double takes when we are out together. She loves nothing more than dressing up and making her cleavage show. She has the sexiest breasts that have received admiring comments from men and women alike.

I love to dress her up in lingerie. Silky smooth stockings and garter belt. She loves it when I gently caress her through her stockings, moving further up her inner thigh as I do. Oh and when she adds her knee high leather boots, I have a difficult time controlling my lust for her.

One day, when I got home from work, knowing she was out for the evening with friends. I found the TV on in the bedroom with a post-it saying ‘watch me’. A homemade DVD was in the player and ready to go. I wondered what was on it and sat on the corner of the bed to watch.

The video started, it was a shot of our lounge room. In a short time, my wife (Renee) walked in. Dressed in some very sexy lingerie that I had not seen before. Obviously she had gone out that day and planned a surprise for me. She stripped all so sexy and then lay on the couch filming her passionately pleasuring herself. This was the start of a video back and forth, filming ourselves when the other was not home.

One day I got home and found a note telling me she had created a new video for me to watch while she was at work. Instantly, my cock moved in my pants and I couldn’t wait to get into the bedroom to watch her latest creation. She was amazing, always adding something different in her videos. Sometimes she would tell me what I had to do while watching. Other times she would talk about her fantasies while she played with herself. I always knew she enjoy making the videos as much as I enjoyed watching them.

Today, however was to end up a little differently. The video started with her stripping. Renee had some new lacy bra and panties. She had her knee high boots on. She knew that always drive me wild. As she continued to strip and play with her now glistening wet pussy. I kept noticing that the curtains kept moving slightly. The window must be open I thought.

Renee continued to play with herself. Moving to the bed, she took out her favourite toy. Thrusting it in and out of her pussy and every once in a while she would bring it up and lick her juices off it. She was saying for me to imagine it was my cock and she was licking another woman’s juices off me. My cock was rock hard and I was naked on the bed imagining just that!

Renee’s action was getting very hot with her playing with her swollen lips. Rubbing her one hand over her breasts and her hard nipples. It was at this stage that I noticed the mirror we have in our room in the video and could not believe my eyes. She was not alone.

Renee’s friend Madison was in the room, we had always had discussed fantasies about her joining us but never got the courage to ask her. Obviously my wife had the courage that day. I thought my cock was hard before now it was so hard it was start to hurt (in a good way).

Madison was a petite blond with an amazing arse. She had the most amazing hazel eyes and a body a 20 year old would be jealous of! My wife looked at the camera, with a cheeky smile she looked over towards Madison. She gestured with her finger for Madison to join her. Madi had been the focus of our secret desires since we become friends with her. She walked over to the bed. She had a see though lacy dress that obviously should have had something underneath it. It was clear that there was nothing but her soft skin beneath. She smiled at the camera and looked at Renee. She crawled onto the bed with her back to the camera. I could see the girls had put some planning into this as I could see her amazing arse and her shaved moistened pussy as she made her way to my wife.

They started to kiss so gently but passionately with their hands stroking each other’s hair. Slowly their hands moving down exploring breasts, stomachs, outer thighs with a gentle caress. Renee was first to move her hand ever so softly to Madison’s inner thigh, she gasped in anticipation of Renee’s touch, but Renee moved her hand away. Madison tried to move towards Renee’s touch but Renee said “not yet, we have plenty of time”. Renee wanted to draw it out as long as possible to have Madison begging for her touch which she knew would drive me insane.

It was driving me insane, my cock was so swollen, it was purple and I was so close to coming but I had to keep watching to see what was going to happen next. My wife knows me too well I started to think what I could do in return to thank her – this helped relieve the pressure I was under.

Then Renee started to go down to Madison’s pussy which was now dripping she slowly had her tongue lick between her lips up to her clit and slowly sucked it bringing a huge gasp from Madison which nearly took me over the edge. Renee kept licking and sucking in a slow rhythm bringing Madison nearly to climax and then she stopped and slowly moved up to kiss Madison so she could taste her juices. She then moved her swollen pussy so her clit was touching Madisons and starting rubbing their clits in a rocking action. You could hear the juices slurping as they moved in sync pulling each other close to really feel their pussies were getting the full attention they were begging for. I knew this was Renee’s fantasy that she had talked about so many times before and couldn’t wait to see it played out.

I then heard Renee’s breathing getting harder and she started to moan, I knew that noise and knew what was going to happen, I couldn’t hold back any longer and started pulling myself in rhythm with the girls as Renee and Madison screamed in orgasm. I finally was able to release the cum inside me which spurted out like a burst water main. I fell back on the bed totally spent but with a huge grin on my face that would not go away for days.

At the end of the video, naked and in each other’s arms. The girls had a message for me. “Wait for your turn this weekend” they said in unison, and then they giggled like two teenage school girls......to be continued.