29 Jun 2019

One summer evening, I was chilling out with a few cold beers in my house. After I had sent in the calories and had dinner, I was feeling great! I soon lay down on my bed and closed my eyes. Instantly my mind wandered to my work and there she was, my sexy boss appearing in front of me...……………

"I'm coming," Katie screamed as she felt my tongue and lips caress and manipulate her clit, her wrinkly wizened hands were holding my head in between her legs and she was using my face for her pleasure. She loved it that when I ate her out, I played with her slightly sagging C cup breasts and tweaked her hard pink nipples.

When she came down from her high, she pulled my head up so I could look her in the eye and she guided my cock inside her now soaking wet cunt, She made the soft gentle noise she always made when I entered her, a contented "Ahhhh" and her hands rested on my bum cheeks as I sunk all the way in.

I have been working with this Courier Company for the past 2 years. Katie is 64 years of age and my Branch Manager. She is married to John who hasn't been able to get it up for a few years now and so she comes to me to get herself satisfied. How we came to be fuck buddies, well that is another story.

I am 48 years old and Katie is sort of my sugar mummy. She is always generous with my overtime, approves my leave without a question, takes me out for lunch and dinner and occasionally tips me for me to buy some things for myself. So I am always there for her whenever she feels the urge. She prefers me because I am a passionate slow lover and always ensure I give her all the attention she needs.

I started to slowly move my thick cock in and out of her juicy cunt and her hips moved in rhythm to mine. It started off slow and steady but after a while she wanted me to go faster and faster and soon my hips were getting sore. Her hips stopped moving as she raised herself to be fucked deeper and deeper. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to enjoying every moment and then I thrust hard a few times and I came with a heavy breath. She always loved it when I came inside her. She liked the fact that my hard and long shaft drilled into her pussy with such force that it always triggered a volcanic orgasm inside her. This time was no exception. Her face went red and her eyes opened and she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me deep inside her until her orgasm subsided. I could feel her vaginal muscles expand and contract around my rod.

When she released me, I rolled off beside her and we both lay on our back gathering our energies. I looked across to her and stared at her face. She has a slightly wrinkled face with bright make up that is not too pretty but holds a lot of attraction to me.

I held her hand as we lay and after a few minutes playing with her diamond studded wedding ring. She let go of my hand and stood up revealing her tall slim frame. Yes there was some sag near her tummy but I always found that attractive in a lady, it’s called growing old gracefully. She walked to the bath room and came back two minutes later and leaned over and kissed me on my lips. What a fortune to be kissed by your own boss!

"I must go," she said "John has arranged for us to go out this evening as it's our anniversary." She gathered her clothes that was scattered around the bed room floor. First the floral pink panties went on and the black knitted bra, followed by the grey pin stripe business dress and jacket. She left her tights off as I had ripped them while getting them off her earlier. Yes, I can be very horny with women. She went back into the bathroom and fiddled with her hair and make up for a few minutes.

Katie then came and picked up her expensive handbag. I stood up and followed her into the lounge stroking her buttocks. I am 6ft tall with dark hair and have reasonable good looks with a killer smile. I am also a confident trustworthy person and I think that is what Katie liked in me.

She turned around and saw me following her like a dog and sighed "If only we had more time to play," she said as looked me in the eye and then looked at my again erect bulge.

"No problem, we will find more time later. I'll see you tomorrow at work," I replied and pulled her close to me and kissed her passionately.

She melted against me and returned the kiss before saying "10 am meeting with Marion, don't be late, I will need you to take notes." I winked at her and she smiled seductively.

I smiled back and woke up from a trance. I was still hard and headed straight to the toilet to release myself. If only my boss knew what naughty thoughts I had about her, I would have to go hunting for another job.