18 Feb 2020

Eventually I got out of bed to find out more about this "Mantigan" monster.

I went to my PC. Researching, this creature seems to be known in European legends, more stories only to be exact. It’s seen as a large dark skinned, horned beast with the most evil smile and red eyes. That seems to be what I saw and already understood. The beast is also purported to be a shapeshifter, it apparently can be anybody or anything.

Sexually speaking, this creature is known to have a ravenous sexual appetite, a penchant for impregnation and finally a rather large bulging penis. That last part I certainly knew to be true. The big question was, how did this thing form a bond with my wife? I racked my brain for hours wondering what could have been the trigger. Was it somewhere she went, something she did? Even some really absurd ideas I thought of. Did this demon just target her? Did she get into an argument with a real witch? Then it dawned on me. I remembered a party at a friend’s house. My wife was one of 4 women that were talking to an invited psychic, asking all sorts of weird questions and even talking to the "Other side" The girls, they must’ve opened a portal that now drew this creature to my wife. Only thing was, I had no idea of how to stop this beast.

Three months passed after this brutal sexual encounter, I figured that maybe this evil creature had used and had its fill of my wife and now would leave her alone. Things sort of got back to normal. In other words, everything was normal, except our sex life. It was so far from normal. I think the fluids sprayed deep into and splashed all over my wife were a form of strong aphrodisiac. Shona was just insatiable during those following months, nearly tearing my cock off with her ebuliant and enthusiastic fucking needs.

One morning, as an example, she walked up to me, kissed me, then tracing her finger from my chest to my crotch, she continued, “Let's go away, it gives us a chance to spice things up in the bedroom” "Spice things up" I laughed to myself, how much more spicy could things get…

Still, my sore cock started stirring to life, Shona noticed my reaction. “Maybe I can give you a holiday sample” she said and then dropped to her knees in front of me. Unzipping my jeans, Shona pulled out my hardening cock and sucked me off. The thing about Shona, she is always the one to swallow. But, when I came, she had me cum onto her chest, filling her bra instead. After a few last strokes of my softening cock, she stood up, “I think I’m going to start packing”, my wife says as she turns and disappears with my cum still plastered within her bra.

We were away to Hawaii in less than 2 weeks. We booked a nice suite, which included a living room, a separate bedroom with a king sized bed. We landed, arriving on a Saturday afternoon. That night we went out for a meal and a beach stroll, then home for more sex. The next morning we arose late, then we did a little sightseeing. What Shona was looking forward to was the traditional dance show, since we planned to then go out dancing afterwards. Back in our room, my wife put on her little sexy mini-dress which showed a lot of bum and breast, complete with sexy underwear. She was looking so sexy as we stepped out into the night and our Uber. We arrived at the hotel which had the Hawaiian vibe to it, the DJ was playing Hawaiian themed music. We found a table and ordered drinks and sat back chilling and enjoying some people watching.

Eventually, Shona heard a song she liked, and we went out to the dance floor. We danced to about 2 songs before going back to our table, me going over to the bar ordering more drinks. Just as I ordered, I looked over and there was this guy standing in front of Shona. I watched as he leaned down to ask Shona something, since the music was quite loud. Shona then motioned over to me, “Honey, gonna dance, is that ok?” she asked. I wasn't jealous, it was only a dance. “Sure babe, go ahead, I waved”, I replied. She blew me a kiss, looked at the man and nodded. She accepted his outstretched hand and off they went. My wife and this guy had some sexy moves out on the dance floor.

They finally came back to the table. Shona had invited him to sit with us, my wife sandwiched herself between us two men. The guy's name was Brent, he was well built, said he was a former bouncer, and currently owns his own roofing business. Shona and this guy were chatting like old friends who had known each other for years, like they were catching up. A half hour later, Brent grabs Shona’s hand, “Hey, we have to dance to this song, lets go”, he exclaimed. I smiled at Shona, "go ahead sexy" I said, and off they went to dance again.

After a while I lost track of them on the floor, as I got into a conversation with another table. I eventually glanced about the dance floor to look for the two of them. I saw Shona still dancing with Brent. This time my wife had her back to Brent, rubbing her bum cheeks onto his groin. He returned the favor as he was grinding himself onto her arse. I saw her hand reach behind her back, she looked back at him with a very cheeky smile. Obviously, this guy was sporting an erection, Shona's sexual appetite was hungry and she was on the prowl. They continued like that for a good 5 minutes and when she turned around they were not so subtly groping each other. Shona hiked up one leg wrapping it around his hip. Basically, they were dry-humping each other instead of dancing. I saw Brent lean down and whisper something into my wife's ear. She looked up at him, smiled and nodded her head, "yes". They came back to the table and sat down.

Shona looked coyly at me before she spoke. “Ric, I want to ask you something. Uh, well, don’t get mad baby. But umm, I need, I need”. Shona was nervous, I had never seen her like this before. “Shona, you can ask me anything, what’s on your mind?”, I asked. “Well, I’m having a great time, and Brent is hot and a great dancer. Well, would it be ok if I had sex with him tonight, I really need to have sex with him and he really wants to have sex with me?”, she said. Wow, that was a surprise. How many times does a married man hear a sexy question like that from his horny wife? I thought quickly, "it's not as if we will see Brent again, right?" I was already getting excited, having her so excited. What could I say but, "Of course baby, go ahead” Shona’s face lit up, “Oh baby she said”. She whispered my response to Brent, he looked at both of us and took Shona’s hand. “Why don’t we go to your hotel for a drink then”, Brent said.

So we left the hotel in Brent's car. Upon arriving in our hotel room, Shona turned to me, “Ric, are you sure about this?” she asked. “Shona”, I placed my hands on her hips, “Its ok baby, have fun, besides I’m a bit wasted from the drinks and you have certainly spoiled me since we have been here. If you need more fucking, you go get him, I laughed. She replied, kissing me on the cheek, “You’re the best, baby”. Then she turned and walked into our bedroom. Brent walks over to me, slapping me on my back, “Thanks buddy, I’ll take excellent care of her” He then disappears to join my wife, closing the door behind him.

Well, how do I explain the next 3 hours? There was so much moaning, grunting, groaning, swearing, squeaking of the bed, headboard beating against the wall, my wife cursing like she was a sailor. As I sat watching the Tele, my cock had never been as hard as it was in that time. After nearly 3 hours had passed, Brent finally came out of the bedroom fully clothed, with my wife following, demurely, closely behind, wearing absolutely nothing, stark naked. Brent came to me with an extended hand, “Ric, thanks for tonight, your wife is a stunning sexy animal in the sack, what a lady”, he said as we shook hands. “Thanks, she is very special to me too“, I replied. “No doubt about that, thanks again”. Brent then turned to Shona, “As for you sexy, you have a very good night”, they got close again and started kissing, really kissing, and his hands groped her bare arse, which went on for about a minute until they broke apart. “Thank You Brent, let me walk you out”, she said.

After Brent left, Shona walked over to me. “Ric, that fucking guy was amazing in bed, it was fucking incredible!”, she exclaimed. “Shona, should I be jealous?”, I joked. Shona got closer to me, “Well as great as the sex was, you’re the one I love”, she replied. Shona looked down at the bulge in my pants. “Why don’t I show you?”. She stood back from me, revealing her sweating naked body to me. She had redness, love bites and hand marks all over her body, such a rough fucking Brent must have given her. She slipped to her knees and unbuckled my jeans pulling them to the floor. She engulfed my cock as she sucked hard and fast.

Shona was like a different person. I was in heaven as she worked her magic. She surprised me by slipping a finger slowly into my arse and as my body stiffened and my cock twitched in her mouth. I orgasmed, she kept her lips sealed tight around my cock as my pent up semen pumped thickly into her mouth, Shona swallowing every pearly pulse. Shona pulled her finger out of my arse and released the hold on my cock. She stood up. “Hope you enjoyed that, my husband”, she said.

“Babe that was fucking hot”, I replied. “Well I’m going to go back to bed, I’m exhausted”, she says, walking back to the bedroom. The bedroom air wafted of her horny earlier sex and I watched as she climbed onto the stained sheets to go to sleep. There was cum sprayed everywhere across the bed, but I was keen to join her and also climbed in amongst the goo, spooning into her sexy arse.

The next day, we just had time to do a little sightseeing before packing up and heading back home later in the day.

Part three to follow

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