Written by shadowman

18 Dec 2011

I think I might start with me coming to your house and you opening the door to me. You invite me in and I follow you down the hall to the kitchen, watching your ars as you walk. I'm extremely horny and my pants are hiding my erection. We get to the kitchen and you turn around and I kiss you, our tongues playing with each other as we wrap our arms around the other. I can feel your boobs pressed against my chest as we kiss and my hands start to move down your back to your ars, pulling you to me. Your legs go to each side of mine and you can feel my erection pressing against your leg. Feeling my hard cock pressing into you, you start to grind yourself up and down against my leg, slowly with my hands on your ars. I press my leg into you and push my hands harder onto your ars, pulling you into me further and making you feel the pressure as my leg presses against your pussy. It's making you hornier and you rub my crotch with your hand, feeling my throbbing cock under the fabric. I break our kiss and push you against your kitchen table, making you lean against it. I start to kiss your neck, working my way from side to side across your throat before telling you turn around. You turn around so you are up against the table with my body pressing against your ars. I keep kissing your neck from behind as my arms wrap around you so my hands are on your boobs. You are moving your ars against me so that it rubs against my stiff cock through my trousers. My hands rub your boobs, feeling the nipples grow hard against my palms. One of my hands slides down between your legs and starts to rub at your pussy. You are moving your body against mine and you can start to feel the wetness build between your thighs. My hand slides inside your pants and rubs your pussy through your panties, the moisture getting them all wet. I undo your top and pull it off you, turning you around again. I kiss my way from your throat down to your boobs then undo your bra and slip it off you, leaving your breasts naked. I kiss them, taking first one nipple then the other into my mouth and sucking on them, feeling them grow hard in my mouth as my tongue flicks the tip of your nipples. I push your legs apart with mine and stand between them, rubbing my crotch into yours as my hands are on your ars again. My mouth is on your boobs, sucking and licking your nipples as we grind into each other. I undo my shirt and take it off then start to kiss you again, your boobs pressing into my bare chest. You sit on the table and wrap your legs around my waist, pulling me harder into you. You can feel my hard cock rubbing against your pussy through our clothes which only gets you wetter. My hand slides down your pants and I can feel how wet you are. I undo your pants and you stand up, letting them drop to the floor then sit back on the table. I bend and suck and kiss your boobs again, rolling your nipples in my mouth and pulling them with my teeth as I rub your soaking panties with one hand. I grab the waistband of your panties in my hands and pull them down and off you, leaving you naked sitting on your table. I push your legs apart and kneel between them with your thighs resting on my shoulders. I start to kiss your inner thighs, working my way closer and closer towards your body until I'm kissing the wetness off your pussy. I put my tongue out and in one smooth motion lick all the way from your bottom to the top of your gorgeous slit, tasting you. Next time my tongue parts your lips, sliding between them and over your clit, making you moan. I use my hands to part your lips so that I can lick and suck your clit, taking it into my mouth and sucking on it softly. You lie back on the table as I continue, one hand on your boobs teasing your nipples and the other on the back of my head. I keep going, licking and sucking your pussy lips and clit, tasting your beautiful juices as they come from your body as you move closer and closer to orgasm. I slide one of my fingers into your pussy and press on your g spot, making you gasp. I keep going slowly sliding a second finger into you, penetrating you as you start to move beneath me. Your movements start to take on a steady involuntary rhythm as you get close to cumming with you moving your legs so your heels dig into my shoulders and both hands on my head, pushing my face into you. You start to moan louder and louder as you grind into my face until finally you start to cum, telling me "don't stop babe" as you thrust your pussy into my face. The orgasm rips bolts of pleasure through your body. Your thrusts die down and you lie there as I stand up. I lean over you and kiss you on the mouth. You can taste yourself on my lips as I kiss you. You sit up and can see I've taken my trousers off, leaving me naked with my erect cock standing out from my body. You slip off the table and grasp my erection in your hands, feeling it throb in your fingers. You smile at me and then bend down with my cock at the level of your face. YOu stroke it a couple of times then lightly kiss the tip before you poke your tongue out and lick the pre-cum that's on the tip. You part your lips and slide your mouth down the length, tasting it. You then proceed to blow me like I've never been blown before, ending with my cum spurting from the tip of my cock. You stand up and grab me by the cock, pulling me and leading me into your bedroom. You lie down on the bed and I follow you, lying with our arms wrapped around each other. We begin to kiss again, tenderly at first then more passionately as our hands explore each others naked body. You can feel my dick getting hard again as your already wet pussy starts to get wetter. Finally we are lying together fully aroused doing all but fuck each other when I move away and tell you to get on your hands and knees. You kneel on the bed and I kneel behind you, sliding the tip of my hard, throbbing cock up and down your slit to get it nice and wet before you reach between your legs and grab it, guiding the head into your pussy. I grab you by the hips and slide it in a little further before pulling almost all the way back out, teasing you with my cock. I push in a little further each time before pulling almost all the way back out each time, letting you feel every little bit of my hard cock sliding into you until my cock is all the way into your pussy. Then I start slowly sliding in and out of you, getting a little faster each time, until we are fucking fast, my balls slapping against your wet pussy lips. You reach down to play with your clit as we fuck, making yourself cum in no time at all. The sensation of your pussy muscles clamping around my hard cock and you thrusting your body against me brings on my own orgasm and I blow my load of thick white cum deep inside you. We lie side by side on your bed, our bodies coated in sweat and each others cum, a pleased smile on both our faces.

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