Written by onyxnesta

8 Sep 2011

well it was a few months since I made the trip over to Whyalla

we have been still chatting online and I could not stop thinking about our weekend with the 3 of us and everything we did.

Jen messaged me one day saying that they were going to be in Adelaide for a couple of days for some stuff and wanted to catch up during the day.

i got a hard on as soon as I read the message. thinking about all the things we did before and what would happen..

I made some time in my word diary with the plan to call sick and tell them I was going home just after I got to the appointment and I would not be back in the office that day.

I could not stop thinking about it.. turned out it was the same for Jen and Dave when we were chatting online.

I got to there hotel room and knocked on the door when Dave opened the door he said g'day and Jen will be there soon it was around 10 am and we sat down and had a beer together shortly after Jen arrived back from a bit of shopping. we had considered starting with out her though, she came and gave us both a kiss and said I will be back in 5, and went off to the bathroom,

Dave and I though bugger waiting any more so he stood up and took off his cloths i love the way he looks walking around the room with a semi i started to do the same when he came around behind me and helped take my pants off, I had a tingle go all over me when i felt his cock against my arse as I stood back up he was rubbing by belly and chest, I reached back to feel him and push Dave closer to me. Jen came out looking hot as always with nothing on and gave us a cuddle I was suck between them with Jen pushing here tits against my chest and her pulling Dave even closer to me and his cock in between my arse cheeks

Dave reached around and started playing with my cock and pulling the foreskin back and rubbing my cock against Jen’s pussy.

Jen and Dave moved to the king sized bed I just stood watching them move over how there bits moved about when they went on to the bed I loved just watching them roll about a bit and then Dave moved down to start eating her out and get her going he was kneeling up I moved over and started rubbing his back and every now and then tweeking Jen's nipples then back to Dave moving my hard around his arse, balls and hard cock. he said the loob was over on the counter, I said lets just take out time as i jerked him for a while, then all of a sudden we herd Jen start to breath faster, i moved around and started playing with both her tits as she started to cum.

after she got her breath back she said she wanted to watch Dave and I 69, I got on to my back and Dave got on top and eased his cock in to my mouth as he took mine in his, I could taste the precum dripping out his cock and I am sure he could taste mine after a few mins Jen started rubbing Dave as I could see her hands on his arse and balls and every now and then I would feel her hands on my self. she then said my turn again and said I need some more attention.

Dave got off me and turned Jen over and took her from behind, I moved around and started playing with her lovely hanging tits as he was fucking her, I though i was going to cum watching that cock go in and out of her. Shortly after he said your turn as she was on her back opening her self up to me, I moved around and kissed her nipples and moved my way down to put my tongue deep in to her pussy, mm it tasted great, and was soo wet

then she moved my head and said I need you to fill me up Dave guided my cock in to her pussy and it did not take me long before i was cumming deep in to her,

Dave then went in straight away after and finished off in her, when he pulled out we got a good look at Jen's cum filled pussy and i had a sudden urge to just lick her slowly and deeply, for a bit then Dave had his turn for a little bit and i went back and it did not take long for her to start cumming, Dam it was hot having my face buried deep in her pussy as she was cumming with all that cum in her.

we all went off to clean up and Jen ordered a bit of lunch for us all.

i went in the bath room when lunch arrived and we sat down all naked and had a few drinks and a bit of pizza I could not take my eyes of both Dave and Jen

and I could see them both looking at me

Dave said hope you are ready for after lunch and winked.

Dave Stood up and walked around behind Jen and leaned over to give her a kiss and started playing with her tits. he then moved over to me and I looked across to see his cock next to me. i just had the urge to take him in to my mouth and make him hard, was amazing to have Dave's cock get hard as i was sucking on it. lol it worked for me as I was getting hard as well. Jen moved on to the bed to get a better view of us.

we thought we had better move over to the bed I moved on to the bed between Jen’s legs and was feeling her tits, as I was doing this I could hear the top of the lube open up and Dave started to lube up my arse and then it happened he slowly put a finger in, then another and worked them in and out of my arse, while i continued to caress Jen’s tits. all of a sudden Jen put both hands around my face as Dave pulled out his fingers to change position and pushed the head of his lubed up cock against my arse till it popped in I could feel the head streching me apart he slowly worked it in and out till i relaxed mean while Jen was pushing her nipples in my mouth as her husband was slowly fucking me all the way that he could get his cock in my arse.

it was the most erotic experience I have ever had, having the chance to be with this lovely couple and shearing this with them.

Jen said ok you need to swap over.

Dave pulled out of me and Jen said to me to get on my back, she then took my cock and lubed it up all i was doing was looking at here tits moving about as she did it. then she positioned her self self over so I could suck on her tits.

I did not know who was playing with my cock until I felt Dave lower over me ( well I guessed that as I could not see ) and him work my cock in to his arse, as he lowered down, I moved my hand down so I could feel his cock resting against me while I jerked him Jen also was rubbing here hand over his cock.

I moved one hand so I could finger Jen.. she was soo wet and I think wetter than she was before lunch.

i could tell that Dave moving faster on my cock then all of a sudden he started to cum, at the same time Jen also started to cum, Dave spray the cum up my chest. and Jen was grinding on my hand as I sucked harder on her nipples, it was all I could take as I started to fill up Dave's arse with my cum.

we all just crashed on the bed for a while. and cleaned up a bit.

I was last in the shower and when I came back in the room from the bath room Dave and Jen were in the bed on there side spooning, it was soo hot to see, Jen said well what are you waiting for as I had been just watching for a while I moved in Dave of her and started to finger her clit and pull on her lips as i licked and sucked on her nipples. till she came again, she then wanted to make sure she was filled up again and really filled up she moved about and wanted me to lye down so she could go reverse cowboy on top of me. I would reach up to feel her tits as she moved back Dave moved forward and started to play with my balls and cock by rubbing his cock against mine.

Then he pushed in to Jen’s pussy, ( what I did not know is she wanted to have a DP Cream Pie) wow it was tight Jen started to cum again on our cocks as they were rubbing against each over in her there was not a lot of room to move however with the thrusting of rob against me it would not take long. i was trying to hold off as long as I was able to . Jen just wanted us both to cum, as soon as she said that I was over and let a load go, once I came it was not too much later for Dave to start cumming and I could feel his cum dripping out over my cock and balls,

we all were stuffed after that. unfortunately I had to leave in a while. so went for another shower to clean up and had one last quick coffee with them before I had to get going.

once again it was an amassing experience and one of those ones you wish never would end..