Written by Zorro_3691

13 Sep 2012

..... continued from before

... and you start to feel a tad embarassed having entered into the conversation without knowing the full background. Even more, for the first time you feel both sets of eyes on you, searching, questioning.

And then the relief of a laugh from both myself and my friend which quickly turns to knowing smiles and glances between the two of us.

"Yes we have made our fair share of mistakes, but that does not mean we need to be someone elses mistake"

"bullshit" replies my friend, "if her prents had not been there she would no longer be a virgin - yea, you mght have done the right thing, but not for the right reasons"

"ok, guilty" is my immediate reply and I turn to you and smile and in an attempt to deflect the conversation from me I ask you the most direct question - "ok, if some young, drunk virgin comes up to you at a party, full body contact, starts grinding himself against your hip and one hand tring to slide down the back of our jeans where no one can see, what would you do"

Having walked into the conversation there was no backing out now - "I suppose it depends ..." was your reply. Then in an unusual moment of blantent honesty you heard yourself say ".. on how horny I was feeling. It has been so long that anyone has made a move on me I would probably have put my hand between his legs and felt what he had."

Now it was my turn to be surprised and you could tell from the new looks from my friend that you had his attention and he gave you the only reply he could think of given the open invitation "so, if we made a move on you .... would you ..." and his voice trailed off, more than a little embarrased realising what he was sying to a stranger.

"I should really refuse to answer that question on the basis of self incrimination" was your reply looking him squarely in the eye and then lowering your gaze to his croutch and then shifting it to mine.

There are times when you can read the thoughs of others - times when it is obvious what everyone is thinking, times when workds need not be said .... and the pressure from my leg increased and at the same time you felt my friends hand move from his lap to between his leg and yours and as he started to ease it under your leg he asks - "would you kindly lift your arse just a little, I want to look for something.

And with you rising up a little you feel his hand slide under you, his hand firming grasping a cheek and the simple instruction "you may sit down now." firmly trapping his hand under you, his fingers exploring.

.... and now I suppose I have to decide what I will do - anyone got some good ideas