Written by NDK

30 Jun 2013

One of my many fantasies goes like this...

I'm 19, working for a sports store, I go to university. I play sport, I am very fit. Just to give some idea about me. One day when working the store isn't all that busy and I just wander around the store, not really doing much. One customer walks in, she is mid to late 30's, white skinned, large breasts and a tight body. She browses the clothing section, picking out a few pieces, mostly gym clothing. I watch her, checking her out. She is in gym tights and a tight singlet top. I decide I should see if she wants help. I walk over and ask "would you like to try them on?" She says "yes, that would be great." I lead her to the fitting rooms and open up a vacant room for her. "Thank you" she says, smiling at me. I walk away now that she is in the dressing room and continue my work around the store, watching her fitting room waiting for her to come out. 5-10 minutes pass and she exits the room, walking back to the clothes and once again browsing. I walk over again and ask "do you need any extra help?" "No I'm done here. Thank you, but what are you doing after work?" she asks. "Just going home and studying" I say. "I'd like you to come to my apartment, when do you finish?" "I have about an hour left" I reply. "Pass me your phone" She takes my phone and enters her address and number into my contacts. "See you soon" She says and walks off to the counter. I look in my phone, I find that her name is Morgan and she lives about half an hour away.

The next hour goes extremely slow, when it finally arrives I say good bye and quickly go to my car. The drive down to her place is long and the traffic is killing me, I eventually arrive at an apartment block south of the river. I walk up and get buzzed in. A short few floors up and I exit the elevator. I walk to her door, somewhat nervously and knock. I wait a minute for her to open the door, there she is in a short white robe. Morgan comes up to me, says nothing but kisses me softly before pulling back. She drops the robe and it pools around her feet, her soft skin gleams in the light, her breasts that I now know are fake are looking straight at me. She is gorgeous. I close the door and she takes me by the hand, leading me into the bedroom. I get pushed down onto the bed and she jumps on top of me, kissing me. She sits up and starts to grind my dick which is already getting hard. She slides down between my legs on to her knees. She pulls my shorts off, leaving my underwear. She begins rubbing and sucking my dick through the fabric, "what a nice, big dick you have. I've needed this. I haven't been fucked in 3 months." she says.

My underwear is removed and Morgan takes my cock in one hand, stroking and spitting on it. She circles her tongue around the head of my dick, moving her mouth slowly down the shaft and my cock hits the back of her mouth. She lifts off and strokes the wet, slippery shaft while sucking on the head. Then she drops her mouth down, taking my cock into her throat. I hold her head down until she gags and let her off, she catches her breathe and does this again a few times. She pulls her head up the last time, smiles at me and climbs up on top of me. While pulling on my cock she lowers her self down, teasing me with the lips of her pussy, sliding and poking my cock around her pussy lips. Morgan guides my tool into her hole just putting the tip in, and slowly working her way down my shaft. Morgan starts to bounce on my dick with gusto. Her hands now pressed firm on my chest, she works my dick hard. Bouncing and grinding like I've never experienced. She jumps off, sucks on my cock, licking her juices off my shaft. She comes up and kisses me, I can taste her pussy on her tongue and lips.

She now gets on her knees at the edge of the bed, I push my face between her butt cheeks. My nose is pressed against her asshole and my tongue laps up her wetness. I take my face out and replace it with cock, slamming home straight into her wet cunt. I pound Morgan harder and harder, my fat, swollen balls slapping against her clit. I pull out, flip her over and push her legs back. Line up my dick and thrust into her. I again fuck hard and fast, I'm near cumming, my breathing gets heavier and so does her. Morgan urges me on, "fuck me, fuck me hard, cum all over me. I want your hot, gooey load." I don't need anymore encouragement, my cock fattens inside Morgan. I pull out, stroking my cock as I do. The pressure builds, and I blow hard. Squirting hot, thick cum all over her, 3-4 jets on her face, tits and finally dribbling out on her stomach. Morgan smiles at me as I catch breathe, "that was so hot" she says.

We shower together, flirting and playing together as we do. I slide some cheeky fingers into her pussy as we shower and make her cum, sharing the juices from my fingers with her. We dry up and I dress, Morgan takes my number and gives me a long kiss, playing with my tongue. And I leave, hopeful to see her again.