Written by Beachfire

6 Feb 2018

This is story is based on a man ive really met but the story it self is fiction...

One day i was working in a medical clinic as a sub contactor nurse. I had a list of clients that i had to do physical exams on.

Around 4pm with an hour to go until knock off time a man in his early 40's approached my office door " excuse me miss are you the nurse on?" I looked up from my desk to see a pair of gorgous blue eyes. I smiled " yes can i help you?" As i tried to refocus. He stepped into the office closing the door behind him "im here for a complete check " i nodded as i asked him to take a seat i turned to grab my stethoscope to do a blood pressure and heart checked as i turned back around the he had taken his shirt and pants off and was standing in his boxers. I was a little taken back by this as i never requested for him to remove his clothes or did i need him to but i couldnt help but stare at his body plus his well defind package in his boxers i felt a little turned on but i tried to stay proffessional i cleared my throat " so Sir im just going to listen to your heart" as i put the stethoscope to his chest all the while staring into his blue eyes.

As i listen to his heart i notices everytime my hand touched him his heart would race faster. I smiled at him he leaned closer to my face took the stethoscope from my ears and said in a low cheeky voice " you make me hot Miss" i looked up at him and blushed.

He touched my arm with his hand and sent goosebumps down my spine i bite my lip as i was trying hard to not take advantage of this man " miss your blushing you looks so cute when you blush" i tried to speak but nothing came out my mouth he put his finger to my lip "shhh dont say a word dont move a muscle" he leaned in removing his finger from my lip and started kissing me i could feel his tongue fondling mine he tasted like strawberries his hand ran down over my shirt and caressed my breast with his hand. In my head was scream this is sooooo wrong but my body was screaming give me more . Within a few minutes i couldnt stop myself i pushed him up against the wall and kneel on the floor placed my hand in side his boxers and started sucking his semi hard cock with in a few seconds his cock was pulsating rock hard as my tongue ran over the tip of it him groaning in pleasure. "Your going to make me cum if you keep that up " i looked up at him and smiled with a cheeky grin. He grabbed my hands pull me to my feet.

He span me around so i was against the wall he started kissing my neck while he un did the buttons on my work shirt and slide it off my shoulders onto the floor as his lips went lower down to my bra he pulled it down and started teasing my nipple with his teeth i gasp in excitement, i could feel his hand slide up under my skirt to my lacey panties he started rubbing over the top until he could feel the moisture soak through i let out a soft moan i couldnt believe how wet he was making me . "Your such a naughty lil nurse arent you" i nodded at him i just craved more of him i wanted to feel him inside me and he knew very well with how much body was reacting to his touch that i wanted it.

He flipped me around again so my chest was now against the wall he lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties down he slaped my arse "you have a great arse" i giggled as he slapped it again he slide his finger down the crack of my arse running it over the opening of my anus his finger felt warm and wet as he teased my arse then he slide his finger in deep i gasp loudly he placed his other hand over my mouth "shhhh you dont want to get caught now" i bite my lip trying to not scream with pleasure he slide another finger in then 2 fingers into my already soaking wet pussy.

He thrusted it deep hard n fast i started squirting all over his fingers and down my leg " mmmm now your nice and wet" he whispered in my ear, he removed his fingers from my arse and place the head of his cock over it teasing me with is i felt weak at the knees i knew any moment i was going to have him enter me with his cock and then he did he pushed and slide it all the way in he squeezes his hand over my mouth harder as he muffles my moans as he fucks my arse hard n fast i can feel my own cum just running down my legs as he fucks me, he is groaning in pleasure in my ear then he says " im going to cum in that pretty arse of yours, so you have something to remember me by" as i nod he exploded his hot cum in my arse.

I fix my clothes back up as he was getting dressed i handed him a clear checked physical bill of health letter my my phone number attached to the bottom he smiled at me as he step out the door "see you next time miss for my follow up apointment" i grinned at him as he walked out " bye Mr blue eyes".