Written by Beachfire

17 Feb 2018

It was late morning around 11am, i was woken from my sleep (as i had night shift the night before). I could hear noises coming from the side of my house.

I got up to investigate, as i couldnt go back to sleep with all the noise of banging and hammering. I peered out the window to see a man in his 30's, with blonde hair, wearing no tshirt and a pair of shorts. I rubbed my eye and looked again i couldnt beleive how stunning his body was, i could see the sweat running over him while he was fixing the side fence.

I wasnt wearing much, only a singlet and panties i grabed my silk robe put it on and walked out the back door " umm excuse me" i said as i cleared my throat he turned and looked at me he had these gorgous green eyes and a very cheeky smile. " hello Ms sorry did i wake you?" As he was looking me up n down, with a grin on his face. "Yes actually i work night shift, im a nurse, why are you even here? i didnt call anyone".

He looked at his paperwork and took a few steps closer to me. i could smell his aftershave, i tried to refocus as he handed me the paperwork. "These are my orders from your landlord, im the fix it guy" i looked at the paperwork and looked back up at him as he was standing so close. I smiled and handed the paperwork back.

"Oh i guess they forgot to tell me you were coming today" he laughed " typical, they never concider the tenent life specially a beautiful nurse like you being woken up. Please tell me your not working tonight are you?" I smiled at him and shook my head " No thank god, as i dont think im going to be able to sleep now" he smiled at me and turned back to start working again.

I stood there stairing at his well formed body, i started feeling awefully HOT. I turned to walk back inside when i heard him say " Do you mind if i get a drink of cold water?" I told him to come inside i would get him some with ice.

I walked into the kitchen i could feel him right behind me it made my skin get goose bumps. I reached the top cupboard to grab 2 glasses when he started to giggle.

I turned and looked at him with a curious look on my face as i brought the 2 glasses over to the bench. He stopped and just grinned at me. I went to the fridge bent to the bottom shelf to grab the jug of ice water, he giggled and coughed again. I stood up walked over to him and the glasses with the jug of ice water.

" whats so funny?" I said, he cleared his throat "umm when you lift up or bend over your knickers show and it say spank me on them " i looked at him horrified i forgot what i was even wearing i blushed and pulled my gown down trying to cover myself more. He started grinning more "i wanted to spank ya arse, but i thought maybe you might not find it funny". I giggled at him " no that would only turn me on" his mouth dropped in shock and he was speachless. I turn to grab some ice from the freezer he walked up behind me and slapped my arse. I looked over my shoulder at him " dont start something you cant finish" he grinned at me and pulled my hair to the side of my neck and whisper in my ear "oh i tend on finishing what ive started" as i feel his hand wander down my back, lifting my gown up and running his hand to the front of my knickers and down in them rubbing my clit. I let out a gasp and moan at his touch as he started rubbing faster.

I bite my lip in excitement as he pushes he waist against my arse i can feel his large hard cock grinding on my arse cheeks as he tells me he wants to fuck me.

I turned around got to my knees and pulled down his shorts and started sucking his huge thick cock. he groans at the pleasure of my tongue running over the tip of his cock and up the sharft. he scruffs my head and thrusts back n forth his cock into my mouth. "Mmmm you do that so well" he moaned he pulled me up from my knees. Bends me over the kitchen bench, slide my knickers down to my ankles and starts fucking my wet soaked pussy slamming me against the bench with each thrust i could feel my cum squirting all over his cock and down my leg as i was moaning and screaming " oh yesssss fuck me harder" he thrusted and fucked me so hard and deep, i could feel his balls slap against my pussy too, then he pulled out and cum all over my arse crack rubbing his cock over it and he grunted. " Arggggg oooooh man that was good" i laughed and said breathlessly " You can wake and fix me anytime Mr Fix it"