Written by lakota

23 Feb 2011

My husband asked me what my favorite fantasy was,i said well i once had a dream that i was blindfolded and tied down spread eagle on the bed with a couple of pillows under my butt.I heard the front door open,and a number of people enter the room no words are spoken,i hear zippers and clothes falling to the floor and a rustling.Then i feel some one on the bed between my open and tied down legs! He enters me and thrusts hard straight away he doesnt touch or say anything,in seconds i hear him grunt and tense as he climaxes,slowly he removes his cock and emtys the contents of the condom on my tits.He moves off and i feel some one else move between my legs,again i am entered and again hard thrusts straight away,but i was so wet from excitment it felt like i,d already cum.Men i couldnt see were just useing me for their own pleasure over and over again,i was covered in cum,my face,tits and pussy.Every time i heard a condom open i felt a tingle inside knowing i was going to be entered and used again!! I had cum so many times but made no one awear of my pleasure.

Then it stoped and i heard them dressing, the front door opend and closed i lied there covered in juice hopeing to hear that door open again!!!