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My Fantasy


8 minute read

So I go out on the town to the usual place that has multiple levels and multiple dance floors that plays 80,90s and current music for us 40 somethings to get into. So I buy myself a drink and walk around scoping out the talent. I think im a little early as the place is a little empty so sit buy the bar and continue to suss out whats happening. I see a cute mid 40s lady talking to a guy similar age looking my way, she gives me a cheeky smile as she sucks on the straw and bites it but she looks like she is taken so I smile and continue to move around the room. After several failed conversations and several drinks I go upstairs to the other dance floor I see a few younger hot ladies dancing and approach chat for a bit buy a drink or too but am getting nowhere. I look across the somewhat more crowded room and notice the lady from earlier dancing on the dance floor and she looks HOT unfortunately still with the same guy as before. I continue on my way, maybe ill try back downstairs the crowd seems a bit older down there. I head down stairs and it is packed now and there is a line up at the bar so I go to the toilet and when I come out head to the bar. As I approach I see the lady from earlier at the bar so I stand next to her. She is a sexy brunette approx early 40s 5 10 and decent c to d cup breasts and say "I think it is a bit more our age group down here ha?" She turns and smiles and says yeah its a bit too teeny bopper up there ha?" We chat for a bit before I realize that its been several minutes with no sign of her man. I ask if I can buy her a drink if her partner wouldn't mind...testing the water. She replies he wouldn't mind and its not her partner its a friend. Awesome!! i think to myself. I buy her several drinks and we chat and dance and she starts to really flirt with me more and more. Whist on the dance floor she starts to grind up against me, gentle at first but starts to build and become more and more dirty as the song goes on. I ask her if she would like to get another drink and she says sure but not here, back at her place. Of cpurse I agree and follow her out into the street. As we leave the club I grab her hand and start to lead her towards the taxi stand she stops me in my tracks and says its ok I have a friend that can give us a lift. She makes a phone call and we wait on the side of the road kissing and flirting while we wait. Then i hear someone calling her name and we start running towards a car just a bit up from us and then we both jump in the back through the same door as we do I take the opportunity to grab a handful of ass check as i get in from behind her. She pushes back a bit obviously enjoying it. We get in and I instantly recognize the driver as the guy she was with before. She introduces us to each other and we start to chat but I just want to grab those beautiful titties.I reach around her and grab her left breast and pull her towards me and kiss her on the lips she moans a little and presses her lips hard against mine and then opens her mouth and sticks her tongue into my mouth with force and I can tell she is horny as hell and so am i. I wisper to her what about your mate in the front she replies he doesn't care and starts to rub my cock. I continue to fondle her left breast and reach down with my right hand and start to rub her crotch she starts to moan loader and there is no way he doesnt know what we are up tp by now. We pull up at her house and get out of the car she says good by to her friend and he response car i borrow the loo? We go inside she fixes us a drink while i sit on the lounge, when she returns with the drinks we get straight back into it and its getting heavy Ive got her top off sand sucking on her breast in no tome and rubbing her pussy at the same time. She is rubbing my cack and im just about to burst out of my jeans. She stands up and leads me to her room where she lays me down and starts to undress me removing my shes then my pants and jocks. She stops to suck my cock as my hard cock pops out of the top of my jocks. then she strips of in front of me so I can watch her and enjoy her beautiful body. She crawls back on the bed and makes her way back up towards my cock when she gets there she takes my cock her mouth and starts to rub her hot wet pussy on my leg. I can fell that she is dripping wet as she grinds up and down on my leg. After a couple of minutes she moves up and kisses me passionately I can taste my precum in her mouth. She starts to stroke my cock in the cowgirl position and rubs the head of it on her wet pussy lips slowly but surely pushing more and more of my cock into her hungry pussy with every stroke. Suddenly she slams her ass back down and takes the full length of my cock into her hot wet pussy and it is so tight and wet i almost come instantly! DEAD PUPPIES DEAD PUPPIES DEAD PUPPIES! sorry but you have to do what you have to do to survive. She starts grinding and moaning harder and harder and her breats swing backwards and forwards with every thrust. I squeeze and suck and lick her breast and that makes her moan ever loader. This chick is fucking amazing she is so sexy,hot ,passionate and wet she is driving me wild. I try to push her off so i can have a break to stop myself from coming and fuck her doggy style but she fights back and pushes me back down. She has her back to the bedroom door keeps looking over her shoulder thats when i remember that her friend was still here. I ask her what about your mate and she says forget him and start to pick up the pace and starts fucking me harder and moaning even loader. Before long we are fucking hard and her ass is slapping down hard and she is making a lot of noise and it sounds hot. I can hear her wet pussy squelching every time she slams down on me and I can feel her juices running down around my balls and ass crack she is so wet. Im squeezing her tits so hard now and she loves it she starts yelling FUCK ME FUCK ME. It is not long and I tell her im going to cum she starts to fuck the shit out of me now, Fuck me Fuck me cum inside me baby! Thats it I cant hold on any more and cum inside here hot pussy as I cum she matches every spasm with one of her own, I came that hard she quivered with every shot of seamen and squeezed her breast together and bit her lip as she reached her own climatic orgasm then she slumped down on me and caught her breath. She lay on me for a minute or two then slowly slide off as she did I felt our juices drip out on to me she reached down to stop them and layed next to me. We layed there for a minute or two to catch our breath, as we did i could see a fugue out in the hall way in the dark trying not to be seen. She tried to detract me as she seen me looking out to see what was going on by sucking our juices off of my cock then coming back up and kissing me passionately. I started to put two and two together and asked her was he your husband? She denied it awkwardly at first but I tried to assure her its Ok. She said is it alright if he comes in the room? Yeah but im not Bi or anything. She responded he likes to watch me get fucked by other guys. so he came in the room and sat on a chair in the corner of the room. She was lying there naked with her swollen pussy lips exposed and started playing with her pussy and fingering her self and taking her figures back out to show him our juices and licking her figures teasing him. he asked if he could taste it and she looked at me for approval I said he could lick her fingers only. He thanked me and walked over to the bed and liked and sucked her figures like a child with a ice cream.I could see he was desperate to be with her so we teased him for about a half of an hour before i decided to leave them to it.

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