7 Feb 2016

My husband told some guy, in a bar, he could fuck me if he wanted, haha! I was surprised but it was still a very erotic new idea. But the guy moved away before we had the chance. Some months later my husband met up with him again in the same bar, the guy asked if I would still be up for it and could he bring some friends? My husban phoned me and told me that five guys were coming around shortly to fuck me senseless. I would have to get my arse into gear to make sure I was prepared and looking the part, for when they arrived.

I'd told my husband long ago that he could gangbang me, if he wanted, and now he was taking me up on it, at last! At last I was going for a real intense session of fucking. When these five guys have fucked and used me I’ll be such a slut. Just like my husband and I want. We have talked about it so often. Lots of girls sleep around but only us real cheap and nasty sluts agree to a gangbanging.

I must admit, I am a cock lover. I have always been a cock lover. I want to be left drenched in creamy cum, my cunt left well gaping, pounded and abused by all. I want to be my husband’s wildest fantasy.

Of course it’s all about this very moment, how to prepare myself and what attire to wear. Without hesitation out comes my favourite for tonight's debauchery. I knew it would be that one, it always has been. It's definitely the dress that I must choose to offer myself in. It's a tiny, clingy, black halter neck that is so spectacularly short that it defies belief. It's the cutest, sexiest, downright "fuck me” dress you ever did see. The dress is so downright horny it requires minimal adornment, no nylons, just my bare naked legs and my black patent strappy shoes. Shoes that I am prepared to lift high above my head so that I may be hammered by all.

And a G, a simple delicate mesh G that can be bypassed by simply moving a finger. Sheer panties, definitely not an access barrier to the wet glistening charms of my hungry silky cunt.

I made up my hair. Simple looking make up. Then cheap earrings and red lipstick, I looked fantastic and so deliciously cheap.

These men were going to pump and dump their full lusting loads inside me. I was getting so nervous, so horny. I considered all details in my many fantasies of this moment and started a plan of action. Tissues I put in strategically obvious places. I applied lube to my ass and left the full tube by the bed, a clear message to the guys that they can access all holes. And tie me up! The men might want to tie me up, so I picked out some nylons and threw them on the bed, like they got there all by accident. In my fantasy I am tied by my wrists, on my back with guys taking turns pumping my pussy full of their warm raw seed, one after the other, an endless stream of cock and pooling warm cum.

All done. I relaxed into a big chair; legs just open and spread over the arms. Still holding a drink, a sexual woman in waiting. Ready for male use. I thought how I had never even met any of these men about to fuck me; my sordid cheapness aroused me even more. I was now so very ready for this evening in every way. I closed my eyes and put my fingers to my cunt and gently explored the folds of my moist lips as I excitedly waited. I felt the warm liquid heat of my wetness, I felt so content and so yet desirable in my womanhood with absolutely no shame.

I heard them arrive. My husband had made them agree to fuck me one at a time. A nice orderly fucking. He didn't want me getting hurt by them all trying to get into me at once. Nice to know he cares even though I am giving myself out to all of them.

The guys were chattering and smiling with excitement, they crowded and packed my bedroom doorway, checking me out, I was sitting legs wide open, my skimpy underwear not properly covering my glistening cunt. I opened my legs wider for them to show them my absolute submission. All the guys were about 40ish, all not bad looking. I didn't care who was first and I didn't want any formalities. I wanted to start getting fucked now! I wanted a man inside me, any man. I want to serve, to take any cock and be orally, anally, sexually used, over and over again.

So I opened my pussy to them, exposing my raw sexual assets. I inserted my fingers to show them my wetness, to show how easy I would be. I stood up and did a little twirl for them, bent and showed them my lubed arsehole and then sprawled myself on the bed. I lifted my legs and spread them wide open. Please fuck me, I squealed, all of you please fuck me.

My husband started moving the guys out the room except for one and that one came over getting his stiff cock out. It was obvious I was totally "fuck ready" so he just pulled my thong aside and stuck his cock straight up inside me. It was such a relief to feel his shaft drive into me. No foreplay needed. Straight in, balls deep. And straight on pounding, giving this nasty cock lover a real good hammering. A hammering I so desperately needed.

I kept repeating, thank you, thank you, thank you, as his cock rammed me, hitting my cervix and driving up into my belly. He had a great cock!

"You’re pretty sexy looking” he grunted as he rammed and rammed me.

Obviously expecting only some dragon would agree to this sort of degrading fuck.

"You must be right horny" as he rammed and rammed inside me.

"Yeah, just fuck my dirty fuck hole; I groaned as I was pole driven to an orgasm.

One of the guys had ducked past my husband and walked in on us.

"Fucking hell she is one piece of hot arse"

"Yes I am a hot piece of arse, I groaned out loudly, now come, I need to suck your cock"

Sloppy and syrupy, I made sure I got loads of spit on his cock and he was drilling it right into my face, and then wiping the head all round my lips - smearing my red lipstick along his shaft.

"You are fantastic” he grinned.

The bloke in my cunt was still fucking away at me, hard. The guy using my mouth, his cock smelt like piss. He hadn't even cleaned his cock head before using me. He really did think I was piece of fuck meat. My arse was lying in such a wet patch; my cunt was leaking so much. This was so good, this was everything I imagined, I wanted to watch myself, and I wish we were recording it all. Then the guy between my legs starts pumping his hot frothy molten seed into me. I could feel his cock explode, his balls twitching and clenching. Fuck me he's really pumping one big load of spunk in me, he's still driving his cock about and I can feel his hot spunk still spurting into me.

"Hurry the fuck up" I heard from outside... The natives were getting restless, ha-ha!

A new man walks in just as the other guy starts shooting in my mouth, I open wide and swallow his thick creamy cum but he gently pulls back, so that he can spread some his cum all over my cheek and in my hair. He backs off, to admire his work.

The new guy pulls me up by my hands so he can pull my dress off and I hear the threads tear a bit.

"Hey my dress"

He pushes me down, pulls my thong off, tears that too - you bastard, I squeal, I had to get that mail order. My dress is torn; my fancy little thong is all shredded, soiled in my cunt juices and some guy’s spunk.

Naked now, but for my heels, he flips me over and presses my face into the bed and pulls up my butt. He starts stroking his cock, feeling and spreading my lubed anus. He pushes 2 fingers into my spunky cunt and then another into my arse hole. He starts working them around, opening my arse up, and training a good easy target for his cock. When he sticks his cock head into my anal opening, I feel electric, I’m so lubed up, he pushes straight on down burying deeply with ease and rests there, his fat cock filling my anal passage He then raises his arms so loads of his weight is pressing on my butt, pushing his cock in even deeper. Then he begins riding my ass, holding one cheek and slapping the other, twisting and screwing his cock rather than thrusting. He starts grunting and bouncing on me like he is on a rodeo mare and all the guys come in to watch the show...

He then starts drilling and pumping my ass, it starts hurting, but it also feels so great, I feel so full. I can hear a camera photographing this cock, fully buried in my ass. I feel my last bit of dignity leave. Being fucked and, so used, so taken...

This guy is so hard, so rigid and so fucking deep in my arse, he grabs my hair and starts working me around so my head is over the end of the bed, keeping his cock deep in my ass all the time. Still drilling me, his cock still using me. He pulls my head back and another cock is pressed into my mouth. The cock in my ass goes for it now, big time to cheers of laughter and encouragement. His hips jack hammer his cock into my arse tube and each time he thrusts I groan out load, but with a cock in my mouth it’s more of a gurgle, each thrust into my arse, I gurgle again,

Then there is a silence when the guy in my arse starts to slow, then tense. I feel his balls rise, wow a hot shot of spunk hits my dark tube passage and then a warm wet and hot flooding, then a throbbing molten pulsing as he shoots again and again, filling my arse. The men clap when the softening cock comes out of my ass followed by a popping noise and flood of spunk.

The fucker in my throat has no stamina; he was leaking cum when he started and now soon emptying his balls, pulling back slightly to fill my mouth.

My mouth is so full of thick spunk, some dribbling down my chin, he twists my head, looks into my eyes and kisses my mouth, then squeezes my cheeks really hard and the spunk pours out more, then he watches me swallow...

One of the good guys, the one that fucked me first, wipes some of the cum off my lips with a tissue. Leaves the rest of the spunk on my face though, where he can still see it, still wants me all messed up.

Four guys have shot and one to go first round anyway. The last guy looks at the mess of me, face covered in spunk, spunk leaking out of my cunt, my arse and cunt gaping and dripping spunk.

So I just raise my head and offer my open mouth to him. He gets the idea and pulls out his cock, starts jerking off into my mouth. He keeps his cock from my mouth but I keep flicking my tongue and keep catching its tip. He lets me take hold of his shaft and I take a strong firm pull to expose the full head of his raging organ...

I pull down firmer and squeeze tighter, his knees give a little, and his head swells harder, more purple and more defined. Drops of precum emerge onto the tip and I move my mouth closer and open wider. I so want this cock in my mouth and he obliges me, stepping forward, giving me the head of his tool. I grab his cock in my lips, sucking the rim of its head, and I suck it in fast and frantically, trying to wrap my tongue to its shape. He shoots an enormous jet of cum hard to the back of my throat, instantly filling my mouth and thickly coating my tongue, He overflows my mouth. I try to swallow, but there is too much to swallow. I let his sperm pour out over me, down my chin and onto my chest and I pull his cock back. His thick cum splatters my face and I tilt my head back so now he’s only spunking my neck, his seed pouring down to my breasts.

I open and close my mouth, to savour the warm semen inside, foaming it up, and gently blow bubbles of spunk. I show him his creamy seed on my tongue, let out a faint girlie giggle and swallow it all.

I’m scooping cum off my face, rubbing it into my neck and massaging it onto my breasts, I show him the puddle in my hand and then smile as I feed my liquid prize into my mouth and lick my fingers all clean.

One of the guys, the one being the kindest, starts tying me by the wrists to the bed with my stockings. Says he doesn’t want me going anywhere as they are just going to rest their cocks for a bit then come back for more of me. He gets me spread eagled on the bed, legs pushed open, well apart. He plays with my sticky leaking cunt lips and sucks my cum covered nipples.

All the guys walk out but then this one strokes my face and tells me he’ll be back in a minute. I smile and go all gooey at the thought of him shagging me again.

Men have no sense of occasion, no understanding. Here I am lying completely used and compromised and not one of them appreciates how much of myself I have given. I have just completed a massive journey of my sexual being and they don’t even see it.

Of course, I really don’t care. I wanted to be a sexual toy to them, to be played with and used. And I don’t care because this was just for me, I am the catalyst, I have the power, I had five to please me, they had just one.

The nice one comes back in and starts stripping off. He kneels naked between my legs. I’m still lying spread-eagled, wrists tied by stockings to my bed, right where they all left me. He kisses me full on my spunked sticky mouth, I respond sexily and I can feel my face tight with the creamy cum that has dried on me. His mouth moves down my neck, breathing and kissing and tickling. I am sure he is taking in the scent of all the semen, spread all over my skin; I know I can smell it, and it turns me on...

Then he reaches my breasts and rolls his tongue around one nipple then the other. Gently biting each in turn and kissing them better.

Then his tongue rolls down my belly and reaches my open cunt. With one hand he parts my lips and flicks lightly his tongue into me, tasting all the creamy deposits in my body. Then he laps me like a dog, drawing his tongue heavily the full length of my sex lips, over and over, lapping me up. I am arching my crotch up to meet him, trying to get more of his tongue.

Then he lifts both of my legs with his shoulders and raises himself back up to me. My legs are lifted way up and over as again, he is hard, he is urgent, he enters me. He screws me. He firmly and deliberately screws me. Not a brutal fucking but a steady probing, feeling the walls and seeded warmth of my cunt with his cock. I feel so content with this stranger’s hard organ inside me; it feels so right to let him have me.

The nice stranger comes inside me for the second time. As soon as my new lover withdraws and gets up, another guy is between my legs and ready to enter me. Each of his hands takes one of my butt cheeks and he pulls my body onto his cock. His entrance is swift and easy. He commences a hard pounding of me with his fat cock. He rams his cock deep into me, withdraws and rams me again, making this panting noise in my ear as he rams me over and over again. His pounding gets heavier and faster, each thrust knocks more breath out of me, each thrust shakes my breasts and head and pushes my whole body up the bed. He drags me back onto his erect cock, by pulling my butt and repeats the pounding routine with another set of hard thrusts. He is fucking me senseless‚ I’m gasping and moaning to the sexual rhythm set by his cock, I’m coming¦ I don’t know how much more I can take... I stiffen, he stiffens, and he empties his balls in my sloppy womanhood.

He rolls off and the next one is standing there, naked, stroking a big cock. Now it is his turn between my legs, before he enters me he wipes my sperm dripping cunt with his hand and offers the spunky mess to my mouth, I gobble up all I can, the remnants he wipes across my face and into my hair. Then he has my cunt, I am deliciously such a sloppy mess now, I’m so full of spunk, but he gets an odd angle where he can get my cunt to grab his cock better. He’s only just inside me when he shoots his load, I think deliberately, to leave a total mess of a hole for the next guy.

They all tease the last guy about the spunked up bitch before him. I have got my legs wide open for him, my cunt is swollen and gaping; my arse now lies in an absolute river of warm fresh cum. I can feel three guys worth of spunk running out of my fuck hole, my ass is in a such puddle of spunk that’s just getting bigger and deeper. The guy laughs and says “fuck it” He shoves his cock straight and hard into my fuck slot, there’s such a squelch as litres of spunk is forced past his cock and out of my hole by his cock. As he is fucking me, more and more spunk is running out of me, smearing his crotch and our bellies. We are wetly slick, getting covered with all his buddies’ spunk as he fucks me.

I love hearing these words, this is how I dreamt my gangbang would be, just lying there being filled and covered in spunk. Men taking their turns, to fill my used and sopping hole with more and more of their potent seed. I feel my increasing wetness at the thought of my cheap satisfaction, my juices are pouring, my cunt it is just getting wetter and soppier, spunk and juice is flooding out of me. And I’m drenching the guy fucking me. My cunt is so loose; I cannot provide any seal along the length of any of their cocks to keep the semen inside myself

Fuck, I love your cunt it is soaking and then he pulls out, and kneels between my legs.

“Don’t stop, fuck you! Cum in me, I need cum! Please fill me with your cum, I begged him.

He starts jerking himself off, a few quick pulls and sweet ribbons of spunk shoot up my front, over my stomach, my breasts and my face. I lay back and I smile, as more spurts cover my chest. There is a puddle of his cum lying on my belly, when I move it pours off and down my side adding yet more to the increasing pool of spent sex juices beneath me.

All five guys stand there looking at the mess of me before them. This is my moment, now I can be seen as a true slut. Surely none of them have had a fuck like me before. I’m squirming with the pleasure of my new experience, my mind feels shattered, sated and I’m humming with pure slut happiness.

“I think we fucked her brains out, one of them said out loud.

Yes, you all did, I weakly smiled back, and I am fucked and my body is shattered...

I look them all over, in their naked spent glory... My destiny, as a “cum dump” for my husband and I, is being fulfilled. My first gangbang has been wonderfully glorious. Now I await the final act, the part that my husband has dreamt of for all our married life. Where he takes his beloved wife, his devoted darling, enters her and finds her filled with the warm luscious semen of other men. So many men, men she doesn’t even know.

This is what I have become, what he helped make me be, a slut, a wife, a tramp, a lover, and now well and truly - gangbanged...