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My Job At The Adult Shop

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7 min
Published 10 years ago
As im workin behind the counter, i see u walk in the shop an i cant help but stare. ur big eyes, ur long blonde hair, perky tits an great ass to match. i reach down to my pants and adjust myself. I watched u walk around the shop just about everything in the store. Next to me on the counter was tv and on it was porno dvd. the scene was a lady in the shower rubbin herself all over, touchin her big tits, pullin on her nipples and tweekin them. then her hands slide down behind her an grabbin her ass an rubbin it also.Then her hand slides from behind her between her legs gently and slowly rubbin her moist, stiff clit. All this while her man was standin in the bathroom and was made to watch an not touch himself or her. I look at u and smile, u smile back an u proceed to look around in the corner. I walk over to u and ask if i can help u with anything ? u reply no, im just lookin for the right size. u choose a few items an head to the back an into the changerooms. Little do u know but i have camera's in the changerooms, well being an adult shop who wouldnt. I watch u on tv as u undress an dress again tryin on the different outfits u have selected.My hand slides down into my pants slowly teasin myself as i see u have found ur fav oufit, a Nurse. I walk over to the changerooms an i ask if u need any, before i can finsh askin u walk out an ask do u think i look good in this ?? the only response i give u is by lookin down at my pants where a buldge is now happening. U give me an evil grin an walk back into the changeroom, but i follow. As u bend over to reach for ur bag i trace my fingers slowly up ur inner thighs comin to rest on ur sweet mound. My fingers softly rub along ur sweetness pushin hard against your panties. U look back at me, smile an close ur eyes. my fingers press harder into u, now rubbin ur clit faster up n down with nice long strokes. Hearin u moan i rub faster an faster on ur sensitive clit. I then slide my fingers into ur damp panties. i dont hesitate and i guide 2 fingers deep into ur hot pussy. slowly pressin my fingers deeper and deeper inside ur hot cunt. my fingers slide with ease now in n out in n out gettin faster and faster. mmmm let me hear u moan baby. I ease my fingers out ur pusy and i then slide them up to an place them in ur mouth. i watch as u lick and suck my fingers dry. I then give u a long passionate kiss, both of us now tasting ur sweet juices. U then remove my shirt an start kissin my neck, my chest, bite my nipples then drop to ur knees. U rub my buldge up n down my pants, which are struggling to hold me. u continue to rub me with one hand an ur other hand undoes my belt. with that my pants fall to the floor an im standin there with nothing on now. my stiff, hard thick cock standing firm in front of u. our eyes meet and as u smile at me u stick ur tong out and lick my cock head. u slowly slide ur tong around and around my head, teasin me at first letting me no that ur in control. u then swallow my head into ur hot mouth while ur hands cup and caress my balls. ur hands, hot mouth and wicked tong nearly send me over the edge straight away and u sense this an look into my eyes with an evil grin. I smile back and tell u how hot u look in that nurse outfit and with my cock in ur mouth. u begin to take my length deeper and deeper inside ur hungry mouth. i moan and my head rocks back n forth enjoyin every minute of this hot blow job. u ease ur mouth of my cock and u see my precum, ur fingers wipe it away and then with the same fingers u begin to rub ur stiff clit up n down. I then tell u to stand up and put ur fingers in my mouth, i lovingly lick and suck ur fingers dry tastin ur sweet juices. my lips then meet yours an i kiss u nice and slowly. Tasting ur lips and my tong exploring yours and teasin it at the same time. I then place my arms around u and pulling u close to me my hands slide to ur hot ass and i raise u up and i pull ur legs around my waist. as ur legs wrap around me i ease my cock head into ur hungry pussy. teasin u at first with my cock head, slidin it in n out in n out of ur sweet pussy. my hands holdin ur ass and spreadin u nice n wide so my cock head can tease u again and again. i look at u and as our eyes meet i push the length of my stiff cock deep inside ur sweet hole. Grinding my hard rod deep inside u again and again. pushin deeper and harder into ur wet, hungry pussy. I listen to u moaning in delight, mmmm how i love to hear u moan. i walk forward a bit and push u up against the wall. my hands slip from under u and i hold ur legs out wide as i push my cock deeper and deeper inside ur hot cunt. i look down at ur sweet pusy swallowing my cock again and again. I thrust my hips deep into yours an my hard cock pounds into u nice n hard. my balls slappin against ur hot clit while my hard rod pounds harder and faster into ur soakin wet pusy. U lean forward an tell me ur close to cumming. with one hand holdin ur leg up in the air my other hand reaches down and starts to rub ur clit firmly up n down as my cock pumps in u. my cock sliding in u nice n deep as my fingers press hard on ur clit rubbin up n down up n down. I feel u start to shake and tremble and with this i lower u to floor and i climb on top and i pound deeper, harder and faster into ur wet pusy. my hands holdin ur legs up towards ur head as i slam my thick cock deeper and deeper inside ur hot pusy. i watch as u cum and ur juices flow out and onto my cock. Using ur juices to push my hard stiff rod furthur inside ur pussy. i push my body up towards so i can it to hold ur legs in the air so my hands are free to tease ur tits and nipples. as my cock slams deepr inside ur sweet pusy my fingers tweek and pull at ur nipples, makin them stiff with excitement. my hands cup and caress ur perky tits as my cock pounds ur sweet pusy again and again. i listen as my balls slap against ur hot ass while my stiff cock penetrates u. I then push my body furthur up against u and with this i raise u up a little bit and im able to guide my cock deeper inside u. pressin my cock deeper and deeper inside ur hot, hungry pussy. u can sense that im close to cummin and with this u match my motions as we fuck in the same motion. ur arms reach around my body and pull my closer to u and pull my cock deeper inside u. i slam harder and faster inside u, both of us moaning and enjoyin this hot sexy fuck. i look in ur eyes and u no that look, the look im cum. u release me from ur grasp and i moan loudly and shoot my first load inside ur pussy, mmmm such a hot feeling. then i pull out and i continue to cum as i pull my cock and i watch as my cum hits ur clit and sliding down ur pussy and inside u. again and again i cum on u, mmm u look so sexy. i then push my cock back inside ur pussy and with this i push more of my cum inside u also. i then fall down and rest on ur body. my hands creep up to ur head and i slowly stroke ur hair as i kiss u softly, passionately and slowly.

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