Written by Aussie004

16 Sep 2013

It was a hot summer's day and I was home doing some work around the house. It was so hot that I had removed my shirt and I was just wearing a pair of shorts. As I was working away I heard a voice come from next door. I was a little startled at first not realising that someone had moved in as I had been away for the week. It was the voice of a woman who I couldn't see because of the height of the fence however she had this soft sultry voice. She asked if I could come over to give her a hand to move some heavy furniture, at which I duly obliged and said I would meet her around the front of the house.

I walked around to the front of her house just as she opened the door. I was stunned to see this hot, sexy woman with shoulder length blonde hair who was wearing some short denim shorts and a singlet top with no bra. Her nipples were hard and I could see the outline of them through her top. Her nipples looked so large along with her breasts which were a little revealing in that singlet top. I couldn't help but stare a little as she said "Hi, I am your new neighbor Linda. It's nice to meet you and thank you for coming over to give me a hand". I was a little lost for words as I admired her beauty and was thinking what my hands would like to be doing". I regained my composure and said "Hi Linda, welcome to the neighborhood. How can I help you?" I noticed that Linda's eyes where checking out my body as she said "I have this heavy piece of furniture that I need to move as I didn't like where the removalist had put it"

We walked into another room and there was this other stunning woman there with brunette hair and wearing a short skirt and a bikini top. Linda said "this is my friend Sophie who had come over to help and have a look at her new place." Again I was lost for words as I couldn't help but run my eyes up her tanned legs to that short skirt and thinking of running my hand up the inside of her leg. My gaze then move up her stomach to her more than ample breasts that were overflowing her bikini top. We exchanged pleasantries and the girls were deciding where to move the heavy hutch. I just sat back and watched both of them and admired their beauty as they were deciding. I could feel my cock starting to get hard looking at sight of both of them.

Finally they had decided where to put it and we all got in and moved the heavy hutch into position. Linda said that I looked so hot and would I like a cold drink and to have a swim in her pool. Sophie and I chatted a bit as we waited beside the pool for Linda to bring the drinks out. Linda came out and joined us with the drinks and I couldn't help but notice how hard her nipples were again.It was nice and cool under the pergola next to Linda's pool and we all sat for a while and chatted, flirted a little and consumed a few cold beers and just relaxed.

Sophie got up and said ok let's go for a swim and feel that cool water. I said I would need to slip home and get my swimmers on, to which Linda replied "why don't you just go in your underwear, don't be shy". To which I replied that I wasn't wearing any. Linda said "that's even better". In an instant, she then slipped her singlet top off to reveal her large breasts and nipples. Sophie and I both looked at how hot she looked and then proceeded to watch her undo her shorts and slide them off. Linda stood there and let us both look at her body before she then dived into the pool. I could feel my cock getting hard as I watch her undressed and god she made me so horny.

Linda came up from under the water and then said "come on you too, the water is great". I slipped my pants down and revealed my semi hard cock and felt both the girls checking me out. I dived into the water and just to the side of Linda who's hand I felt brush my cock as I went past. I swam back near her and felt her hand grab hold of my cock which was so hard by now. I love the feeling of the cold water against my body and the feeling of the water flowing past my cock as I swim. It made me so erect which Linda duly grabbed a hold of and started to caress. Then we both kissed so passionately. My fingers couldn't help but feel Linda's nice big large erect nipples and start to tease them. I then took one of her nipples into my mouth and run my fingers up the inside of her thigh and started to rub her nice smooth pussy. It felt so soft to touch and as I slide a finger inside her I could feel more than the wetness of the water. I could hear Linda moaning louder as I licked and sucked her nipples while my finger was circling her swollen clit. I felt her grip getting tighter on my hard throbbing cock as she stroked it.

Linda and I worked our way across to the step on the side of the pool and she slid her ass up onto the edge of the pool and spread her legs to give me a great view of her shaven smooth pussy. We paused and looked across to see Sophie watching us in the pool. She had lifted her skirt and was rubbing her pussy gently as she watched us. She had also slipped one of her breasts out and was gently teasing her nipple which was so hard.

It was such a turn on for us to see her pleasuring herself as she watched us. I then proceeded to spread Linda's legs and pussy lips as I run my tongue around her ass, up between her legs and along her pussy lips. The taste of her sweet juices makes my cock throb harder and start to drip. As I slide my tongue deep inside Linda's wet pussy I feel a hand gripping my hard cock. I realise that Sophie has slipped into the water and come up behind me and is rubbing her breasts across my back as she teases my hard cock. Sohpie then starts to kiss my neck and ears then whispers in my ear that she wants to taste Linda. I stop licking Linda's clit and then start to kiss Sophie passionately so that she can taste Linda's juices on my lips. I then move out the way and watch Sophie gently start to lick Linda's clit. Linda had a look of extreme pleasure on her face which was heighten by me taking her large hard nipple into my mouth and gently licking and kissing it before moving up to her mouth and starting to kiss her passionately. Linda then whispers to me that she has never been with another woman and that she loves feeling Sophie's tongue on her pussy and licking her clit.

I then get out of the pool and position my cock in front of Linda's mouth so that she can lick the dripping precum from my cock before taking it into her mouth. My cock is so hard and throbbing watching Sophie lick Linda's pussy and feeling her sucking my cock firmly and with long strokes. Sohpie then slides her body against Linda's until their breasts are rubbing together and then starts to suck my balls as Linda is sucking my cock. Sophie then starts to lick along my shaft on one side while Linda licks along the other side and then both there tongues meet at the tip of my cock as they both lick before they start to kiss each other passionately. It is so hot and sexy watching them enjoy each others pleasure. I know that Linda hasn't been with a woman but Sophie seems experienced as she knows what she wants.

I go and lay on the outdoor lounge and Linda comes over and starts to lower her dripping wet pussy onto my hard cock. God it feels so good as I feel her pussy taking the full length of my cock. As she starts to ride me slowly Sophie straddles me and presents her pussy to my tongue which I duly start to lick deeper and deeper. Both Linda and Sophie start to moan louder and louder and i can feel that both are going to cum. Linda on my cock and Sophie onto my tongue and into my mouth. I lick harder as Linda fucks me faster and faster. Both start to tremble and cum all over me.

Linda and Sophie then hop off me and I get up before Sophie bends over on the lounge and wants me to take her from behind. I slide my cock deep inside her and feel her warm tight pussy taking my cock. Linda then slides down under Sophie so that she can lick her pussy as she watches my cock slide into Sophie's pussy. I can feel her licking my balls as I slide my cock in deep as well. God I am so turned on that I start to fuck her harder and harder. This makes Sophie lick Linda's pussy deeper and deeper. It is not long before we are all moaning louder and louder and I can feel that I am going to explode. Linda can feel I am going to cum and says that she want to see me cum and wants me to cum over her. I duly agree and then take my cock out of Sophie's pussy and then cum all over Linda's breasts. Sophie has turned around by now and also seen me cum all over Linda. She starts to rub across Linda's large nipples and breasts before rubbing her own breasts against Linda's. God it was so hot and sexy watching the two of them.

We then go and shower before having a couple of more drinks and another swim.