Written by Miss_B

22 Oct 2011

We were both sweating, he was on top of me ramming in and out

of me as hard and fast as he could. I lay there and tried to

be interested. The room was hot, dusty and smelt stale. Finally he finished, delivered his load and rolled off

me. I sat up, gathered my breath, dressed and left him on

the bed still panting.

This was my second for the day. the car was parked out the front as promised and as I approached

the back door opened. I slid onto the plush leather seat,

my skirt sliding upwards as his hands reached for me.

He pulled me close, his hand sliding inside my sheer top

as he held me tightly. He didn't speak and I wasn't allowed to speak unless

he spoke to me. that was the deal.

He crushed me against his chest as his hands explored my

breast, pulling and pinching my nipples hard as I remained

silent and still. He pushed me back against the seat, one hand holding me by

the throat as the other pushed up under mt skirt. My damp pussy greeted his fingers as he slid the flimsy thong

to the side and he smiled. Pushing deep inside me he scooped

the contents out and wiped them on the panties that were

laying on the seat beside him. Again he pushed inside me, my legs wide apart as we sped through

the streets and another scoop was wiped off on the cotton


We screeched to a stop outside another sleazy hotel. Handing

me the panties he made me change into them, they were white,

cotton and could be clearly seen under my black mini skirt.

He gave me my instructions. I left the car and opened the

door to the bar of the hotel. the room had about 6 men inside

it, there were stools at the bar and tables against the wall.

there were no other females in the room so I made my way to

the table that he instructed me to go to and sit down on the

red chair. I sat there with my back to the room when he voice told me to

get up and follow him.

The room was tiny, the bed barely fitted in between the walls.

I was placed on the edge of the bed and my legs pushed wide

apart. the room was hot and dimly lit but it didn't matter

as long as I called him ' Daddy' while he sniffed

the cotton panties before slowly sliding them down my leg

and pushing his face against my pussy.

He lay me back on the bed, as I thanked 'Daddy' for

treating me so well. He licked and tongued my hole until

I shuddered with orgasm and he slurped my juices that poured

onto his face. That was naughty he told me, so I had to go over his knee and

be spanked.

My arse cheeks were still stinging as I pulled the cotton

panties up under my skirt. he released his juice onto them,

they were wet and sticky and the sensation was horrible

as I walked from the hotel to the car once again.

This time I was pulled into the car head first. he roughly

pulled down the panties and saw the spanking welts for himself.

he was furious. I wasn't permitted to cum with anyone

else but him and I was going to be punished.

He pushed me onto the floor and unzipped his trousers. I sucked him to hardness and was face-fucked while the car

sped home. The driver was finding it hard to concentrate

and would be rewarded later on. I swallowed his juices before we stopped at the house. The

driver closed the automatic garage door. I remained kneeling

and silent as I waited until he opened the door and got out,

I lay up on the back seat and waited for the driver. He opened

the door holding his thick, hard cock in his hands and told

me to roll over. He pounded my hole hard from behind. Taking his time to cum

he made sure that I was tender by the time he had finished

with me.

I went to the door that led to the house and knocked on it.

I wasn't allowed to enter without his permission.

He called me inside.

He was still angry with me so I made my way to the bathroom

where I showered and cleaned myself up. he liked me to be naked inside the house so once I had finished

I came out to find him sitting watching TV. I sat beside him on the lounge and he poured me a glass of wine.

He was silent as I sipped my wine and he stroked my breasts.

He stimulated my nipples until they were hard and sensitive.

leaning down he sucked each nipple firmly, they bulged

outwards and he continued to pull and stretch them.

He took a large rubber band and twisted it around each nipple

tightly. the stinging sensation rushed through each nipple

as the circulation was cut off but once each nipple was banded

tightly he relaxed back against the lounge and handed me

my wine once again.

I desperately wanted the bands off but when he saw me anxiously

glancing at him he laughed and told me that they were staying

there for at least 30 minutes. The pain was intense but i was getting turned on by the sensation

that I was feeling. he was hard, his cock pushed against his trousers and when

he finally released it and began to stroke it I found myself

very horny.

He stood, pulled me to my feet and turned me around. he pushed

me over so that my hands were on the couch and he moved close

behind me. My breasts were swinging and the nipples hurt

as they jangled back and forth. he entered my pussy with a hard thrust, sliding in and out

of me forcefully before pulling out and lining up my arse.

I closed my eyes, i didn't particularly enjoy anal,

it hurt me for a start but I knew that he wanted me to do it so

I had to take it. He pressed the tip of his cock against my hole until it began

to open. Pushing more and more he finally slid inside me

as I clenched my teeth and took a deep breath. He told me to stay quiet and I was determined to do my best.

He moved in and out of my tight hole with more and more urgency.

As his thrusts became harder and faster he reached around

and took each nipple in his hands. With one quick flick he

pulled the bands off and plunged deep inside me as i screamed

out in agony. He came hard, my arse fully accommodating him and his juices,

shuddering and moaning as he emptied the last drops inside


He withdrew his cock and moved to the bathroom to wash himself.

I remained bent over the lounge until he returned. He took my hand and led me to the spare bedroom. I lay on the

bed as he tied my arms and legs to the frame.I had to stay in

there alone tonight as punishment. I was restrained so

he could access me at any time throughout the night.

I was crying. My bladder was full but I couldn't ask

for the toilet. He turned out the light and the room was dark.

Dozing on and off i woke to his hands between my legs. He climbed

onto the bed and fucked me hard. Without a word he climbed

off me and left the room. Three times he came to me during the night, by morning my

bladder was ready to burst but I couldn't go in the bed.

He came and untied me finally. I staggered to the bathroom

to relieve myself as the blood flow returned to my wrists

and ankles.

He called out to me to hurry and dress. the car was waiting

and I had a man to go and see.

Another sleazy hotel room and yet another sweaty old man

on top of me. This was my day over and over, fucking strangers

as my task to see if he will take me in to be with him permanently.

I lay there as he uses me again. wondering if I will pass and

he will let me move in. Then it hits me that I haven't

been to my own place for weeks. He finishes with me and I leave the room. Sitting in the back of the car as I am driven to the next place

i realize that he has already accepted me. On my knees taking the stranger in my mouth my thoughts are

with him. He must want me in his life. This is what he wants me to do as

I kneel on the bed and he takes me from behind.

I smile as he cums and I pull my thong back on. He is in the car as I come out of the third meeting for the day.

He smiles and I smile back as he pulls me close and fingers

me. the white panties are there but today i wear them with pride.

The wetness is a sign of his affection for me and sharing

me around is his way of showing his pride in me.

He joins me to do the last one. he is in my mouth as my pussy

and arse are fucked by the two men. They take turns in my holes

as he ensures that I look at him while he takes my mouth. He

smiles at me and I open wider for him. One of the men is finished

and he smiles again. his cock swells and I open as wide as

I can while the other man fucks me hard. Looking into his eyes as he fills my mouth with his syrup

and the man fills my hole with his juice I swallow it all down.

he passes me my panties, they are saturated after he has

scooped the juices from me. I put the on and we leave. The driver is pleasured in the back of the car. My legs pushed

high over my head as he licks, nibbles and finally fucks

my pussy.

Tonight I am in his bed again. We enjoy our dinner and wine

together, he allows me to chat with him, the first time for

three days and I am happy. He uses all my holes before we sleep and I dream of happiness

in his arms.

Waking to the sun streaming through the windows and his

hard cock pressing against my back I slide myself onto him.

He smiles and takes me. Its a new day.