Written by wecan

25 Feb 2013

Having a busy life with work and social outings my husband john and I don't always have a lot of time to spend time together doing the important things in life like enjoying each other, so I decided that we needed to do something about it so I organised to have someone (Allan) to come in and cook us dinner and be served so that neither of us had to worry about the stress of cooking for ourselves. So with that all organised I went and had myself a long hot bath before he arrived home to relax and get myself all dressed and sexy for him, so while in the bath feeling a little horny thought i would have a play with myself getting myself all soaped up all over just feeling my body felt really good my hand slipping down to my pussy and flicking my clity was getting me turned on and more than a little excited, inserting my finger in to my virgina as far as it would go in i could feel that i was hitting my G spot god that was feeling good, imagining my husband liking me was getting me to a quick orgasm just as was about to get to that I cant take anymore stage the phone rang what a bugger anyway I quickly finished myself of and then answered the damm phone thinking that maybe it was my husband i was going to do a little teasing and get him in the mood for later in the evening, but it was not him it was my boss what a disappointment i was all ready to get him all hot and horny before he came home and ready for me. Anyway not that i wanted to speak to my boss but seeing as i answered the phone did not have much choice he wants me to drive into the city for a meeting he cant attend and wants me to take care of things because i'm the only one he can trust on this one. Being the push over that i am got dressed left a note to explain what had happened and told him not to wait up as I was not sure how long I would be. Anyway having driven all the way into the city which is a nightmare at the best of times I get to the meeting to find no body there not in the least impressed, looking In my bag for my phone not there getting a little pissed of with all this went to the bar and lorded a drink and asked if I could use the phone anyway long story cut short meeting cancelled rang me no answer so left message which I didn't get so with that time to go home did not bother to ring home thought I would surprise him. Being a three hour round trip thought he would be in bed by the time I got home.

Driving into drive a little tired noticed a car in the drive I did not recognize never mind I was to tired to worry about it at that stage all I wanted was to get into bed, well to my surprise no husband to be found so just wondered up to the bedroom when I opened the door what confronted me was a little overwhelming I was greeted with my husband John on all fours with some strange guy fucking his arse, (it turns out it was the Allan i'd organized to prepare dinner as I was not going to be home hubby had asked Allan to join him for a meal and they got talking and this is where it ended up) Allan must have heard the door open and turned just as I entered the room not sure what was going to happen Allan looked a little worried anyway I made a very quick decision and put my finger to my lips to say keep it quite as obliviously John did not hear me come in, made the sign to say keep going, with that sat down to watch, having often thought of John being fucked by another guy (as he had told me when we first got together he'd had experienced male to male sex before we met) but never thinking to ever bring up the subject as I thought he was pretty straight little did I know. Anyway I settled myself comfortably to watch the show that was happening right in front of me not quite sure what Allan was thinking and him not having any idea what I was thinking just decided to get on with it , and boy did he, he was going to put on a real good show and let me know how much my John liked dick. From his grunting and groaning I could tell John was having a good time, Allan was really giving him a good fucking slamming himself into John's arse the noise of the slapping of the two bodies against each other most exciting and getting me very turned on, Allan was very good fondling John's cock and balls not missing a beat with his fucking saying things like "your a cock sucking little whore that love to be fucked" which John just replied "oooh yes god yessss" and seemed to get more excited encouraging Allan to go faster and fuck him harder he was so enjoying being fucked wonder what he would have thought if he knew I was watching, every time he wanted to move his head to see Allan just pushed his head into the pillow so he could not see anything, that seemed to turn him on even more being forced to do what he was told and not having any control over what was happening. It was really turning me on as well. Allan was really good to watch pulling his dick so slowly out of John's bum just leaving the head of his cock in and then slamming it back really hard which was making John squirm and wanting it even more. What a turn on, by this time I had pulled my skirt up and panties off, playing with myself which seemed to get Allan very excited watching me as he fucked John, so he was obviously into women as well not just men anyway John was getting to a stage of no return and nearly ready to cum Allan with what seemed one easy move moved back and holding John by the hips round him on to his back then took hold of John's leg pulling him to the bottom of the bed placing them over his shoulders and pushing his dick in started to fuck him again it happened so fast john never open his eyes. I decided to make my way to the side of the bed reaching out i took hold of his cock squeezing it hard saying to John loudly "so this is what you like is it" which made John jump and open his eyes wide with a guilty look on his face I told him now i know how much he enjoyed cock he'd better do as he was told or all of this mates would learn just how much of a cock sucking little whore he was. I then bent forward and took his cock in my mouth and started to deep throat him did not take long before he started to unload spurt after spurt of cum into my mouth i could not swallow the amount he was spurting in to my mouth and some leaked out the side and on to his pubic hair with the pulsing of Johns anus as he pumped out his cum push Allan over the top and he pushed in deep holding himself still just low groans as he emptied his balls deep in johns arse, as Allan was doing that i removed John's cock from my mouth still full of his cum turn and kissed him forcing my tongue into his mouth so he could share his spunk with me i then told him to swallow all of it and leaned close to his ear and whispered "your going to pay for this indiscretion" once he recovered enough to look at me and not sure what to say or do. I just watched as Allan softening cock slipped from John's arse and thought to my self i can see why John was enjoying that and smiled to myself. As Allan move to pick up his cloths i just said "I've not finish with you either" Allan stopped and looked at me I then told him to go shower in the en suite and make sure he washed every bit of himself as he moved towards the bathroom i checked him out properly for the first time mmm not bad i thought, then John spoke "suppose this is the end for us then" I looked at him and lent in and kissed him very softly say "NO I love you to much for that but now I know what you really like I think we will have a lot of fun" he looked confessed so while Allan showered we sat on the bed and talked i told him how much i'd enjoyed watching him and Allan say now that he'd had his fun it was my turn. Just then the en suite door opened and Allan entered I turned to John and told him to go shower walking over to Allan taking hold of his flaccid penis saying "so i employ you to serve dinner only to come home to find you servicing my husband some how i doing think that was in your contract so now you've broken the contract i think i'd be with my rights to ask if you think you could service me now." He looked and i felt his cock stir in my hand he then lent in saying it would be a pleasure as we kissed he unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor just as john walked in from the shower Allan started to unbutton my blouse i looked at John and told him to come and make this ready for me holding Allan,s dick out John came straight over knelt in the floor and took Allan deep in to his mouth as he did i told him that it was my turn to be serviced and that the both of them where going to pleasure me. My blouse and bra fell to the floor i was standing there in just stockings and 4" heels Allan stood back to admire me and John stood as we all moved to the bed where over the next three hour we all had fantastic sex i lost count of the orgasms i had and all i can say is that I have now found a whole new out look on sexual pleasure I never know existed which i'll tell you about another time.