Written by Sunshine99

8 Oct 2016

I reach out to touch you to fondle your cock only to find your side of the bed empty. This will not do where have you gone. I need my morning fuck. This is not allowed. I then hear the shower running and so get out of bed.

I quietly enter the bathroom and slip inside the shower cubicle. I grab you by the ass and surprise you. Pushing my naked body up against yours. Reaching my hands around your front to gently grab your cock. "Good Morning! You do realise your in big big trouble".

You go to turn around "Oh no you don't mister. Turn around and put your hands on the wall next to you and don't move". I step back admiring the view of you naked, hands above your head on the wall. You slightly bend forward, your ass sticking out, standing with your legs far apart so I can easily view your balls hanging down. I reach between your legs and cup your balls in my hand and gently caress them. You let out a moan of pleasure. The words "Oh Fuck" escapes your lips.

I move so I am now standing side onto you. You turn to look at me and go to say something but I stop you and kiss you passionately. I run my nails down your front. My aim is to grab your now very hard cock. My other hand grabs your left ass cheek and squeeze. Your cock is nice and slick from the soap. I start to stroke your cock nice and slowly from cock head to base slowly.... wanking you. I want to bring you to the edge of cumming.... but I won't let you cum... not yet. I instruct you to tell me when you are close.

Your breathing quickens and within a few minutes you grab my hand to stop me. Mmmm I love doing this to you giving you the pleasure of my touch. I duck under your arm and stand in front of you. You go to move your hands "uh no that's not allowed you can't touch me, I am the one doing the touching, caressing and pleasuring right now". You smile at me and nod.

I rest my hands on your chest and start to kiss you. I run my lips down your neck as my hands move down your front I reach behind you and grab your ass and pull you towards me so I can now feel your hard cock pressed up against my pussy. I grab your cock and place it between my legs so I can rub you against my pussy lips. Fuck that feels so good having your rock hard cock pressing against me. I need to keep myself under control and not grab your cock and shove you deep inside, I am not finished yet. I step back, remove your cock from between my legs, reach up grab you by the wrists and turn you around and push you back up against the tiles.

I rest your hands on my breasts, you squeeze them gently. I kiss you as you fondle my breasts and gently squeeze my erect nipples. I grab your hands and tell you to place them behind your back palms against the tiles. I proceed to kiss you down your chest, stomach and hips. I run a hand up your inner thigh.

My fingers brush across your balls. You suck in a breath as I start to caress them. I get down on my knees and as I look up at you I wrap my lips around your cock head and slowly insert your cock into my mouth. I start to fuck your cock with my lips. I reach behind and grab your ass and gently pull you forward to insert your cock in deeper. You start to moan as my lips pleasure your cock. Again I will stop before you cum. I can taste a drop of your precum hit my tongue. I instantly stop and pull your cock out of my mouth and squeeze you to stop you from cumming. I stand back up and ask you "do you want me continue giving you head until you cum or do you want me to change positions, bend over so you can fuck me hard from behind"?.

You don't answer me but grab me by the hand drag me out of the shower over to the bead bend me over and push your cock inside me so hard I fall flat onto the bed. I let out a scream of pleasure as you fuck me hard and deep holding onto my hips and pulling me back against you as you thrust forward.

It's my turn to moan in pleasure as you fuck me. I beg you to not stop until I cum all over your cock. I clutch the sheets as I feel myself building up quickly to my first orgasm. I can feel my pussy tightening around your cock. Fuck I am so close. You all of a sudden pull out. I am about to tell you off when you flip me over and push your cock into me hard again. You lean forward and whisper to me "I want to look at your beautiful face as you cum".

You don't have to wait long within the next few thrust of your cock you make me have a screaming orgasm. I grab your ass to hang on as my body shakes. You stand back up its your turn. After all I started this. Its your chance to continue fucking me and cum. You fuck me nice and hard with deep hard thrusts. I can hear our bodies slapping hard against each other. You start to moan loudly as you are about to squirt your warm creamy cum inside my pussy.

A few more hard thrusts and you cum. As your thrust slows down you kiss me. Smiling you apologise for getting out of bed without giving me a chance to fuck you and tell me "but if this is my punishment I think I may have to do that more often". I slap you on the ass, you pull your cock out and bend down and start to lick my pussy and clit hell bent on making me cum for the second time, which you will