12 Jul 2020

My wildest fantasy - part 1.

This is not a true story, but is one that I have fantasised about a bit in my dreams over the years. Each time, the fantasy seems more and more realistic and the more I think about it after, the more I want it to happen.

So the fantasy starts that I am out with friends in a city. It is obviously a weekend because there are people everywhere, but, it is not the city I live in. There are 10 of us and we are walking around, going from pub to pub, club to club. We are tipsy, but not rip roaring drunk and everyone is having a great time. There is an even mix of males and females, but no one is a couple (yet). We are all friends, but there is so much flirting going on it is intense. We are laughing, flirting, having a great time when we round a corner and come across a rather large adult / sex shop. It has all the flashing neon lights and display dolls wearing skimpy lingerie in the front window.

One of the girls grabs me by the hand and says, “come on, I have always wanted to go in one of these”. She drags me inside in an instant and we are closely followed by everyone else. Everyone is laughing and giggling as they walk in, but soon everyone spreads out and are perusing the goods. I am no stranger to sex shops, I have been to a few, but every time I go to one, I find myself getting a little excited and swelling up down below and tend to leak a lot of pre-cum.

Anyways, so this girl I am with, she is a girl I have personally known for a number of years. She is smoking hot, great body, lovely innocent face, dark long hair and probably around a size 8 to 10. She is always dressed nice and conservatively, not revealing much of her body and she gets embarrassed easily. She kind of has that librarian look about her. I will call her Dee for this story (not her real name). The only problem in real life is, Dee is with someone, and they are really in love. I am happy for them both, I just wish I had had a crack before she met him.

SO anyways, back to the fantasy. Dee is still holding my hand and we are walking around the store, checking out lingerie, stripper pole dancing shoes, lubes etc when we come to the vibrator section. Dee whispers to me “I have always wanted to buy one, but never had the courage, can you help me choose one?” I respond with “Umm, Sure, what type would you like?” trying not to seem too keen and eager. “Um, probably one like Charlotte got on Sex in the City”.

I rack my brain, trying to remember, then I see it right in front of me “Like this one?” pointing to a pink rabbit vibrator that has ‘Made famous by Sex and the City’ written on the front of the box. We both laugh out loud and she grabs hold of it, taking a closer look. “Oh yes, I think this will be just right for my first one” she said, “I hope it fits well” she added. “I am sure it will work just fine” I add with a couple of quick flicks of my eyebrows.

She takes me by the hand and walks me through some more aisles whilst holding her new, soon to be purchase behind her back so our friends don’t see. After a few minutes, our friends yell out across the store that they are moving onto the next pub and they will see us there when we are finished. We all laugh as they leave and before long, we are back to it. Dee starts looking at Lingerie and costumes, picking up a naughty nurses outfit. “Oh I like the look of that” I say with a big grin on my face, “me too” says Dee.

Just then, a female shop assistant comes over and says, “You can try it on if you want and see if your boyfriend likes it”. Before I could say that we weren’t together, Dee said “Ok” and was off to the change room. She handed over the Vibrator to the shop assistant and disappears behind a purple satin curtain. After a couple of minutes, the curtain opens and there is Dee, standing in the outfit. It is a see through chemise top, white G-String with red edging, white stockings and the little nurses hat. The shop assistant gives her some platform stripper shoes to put on and they fit perfectly.

“What do you think” asks Dee as she does a little spin around. I couldn’t believe it, I could see her tits, clear as day through the see through top, and her landing strip through her see through G-String. I was hard as hell in my jeans and I think she could tell as she kept looking down at it. “I like it” I say, which is obviously a major understatement. Dee says “Excellent, I will take it” to the shop assistant. Instead of going and getting changed, Dee keeps it on and we walk over to the counter. The assistant looks at me and says “$200 please”. I am standing there dumbfounded for a second, but reach for my pocket, because, hey, it is the gentlemanly thing to do right. Dee stops me and says “These are for me, he isn’t my boyfriend” and then ends with a quiet “Yet”.

After Dee pays, the shop assistant says to us “Would you both like a complimentary entry to our private function area tonight? It is out the back”. Dee and I look at each other and both respond with an overly eager “Sure!” Dee collects her new Rabbit Vibrator and the sop assistant leads us to a door at the rear of the store. Dee grabs my hand and I can feel her shaking with what I assume to be anticipation, excitement and nervousness. I am walking behind her, watching her arse jiggle in the nurses G-String and am too shaking for the same reasons.

The shop assistant opens the door and we walk in to a narrow hallway about 10 metres long. The door closes behind us and we walk slowly down the hallway. We arrive at another door which say ‘Welcum – Please Cum In’. We both giggle at the sign and Dee slowly opens the door. There is soft music playing in the back ground. The music is almost drowned out by the sound of people talking, laughing and having a good time.

We walk in and close the door behind us, and everyone stops talking and looks towards the 2 of us. Dee steps back, her bum pushing against my hard restrained cock that is bursting to get out of my jeans. All of the females are either naked or in lingerie and the males in tight undies or naked. I have never seen so many naked / half naked people in my life. Suddenly, there is a big “WELCOME NEW COMERS” from everyone and 2 people come over and welcome us. “Hello, I am Simone and this is Paul, We are the hosts of this establishment, welcome. There are 2 rules here tonight. Number 1. Anything goes. and Number 2. NO means NO.”

We are handed a drink of champagne each and people come over and start chatting to us. I am assisted out of my jeans and shirt by 2 lovely ladies and am left only in my light blue Bonds Trunks. Now, these don’t hide any of my leakage and Dee notices this straight away. I got a little red, but she says “Feel mine, they are soaking”. She takes my hand and puts it between her legs into her crotch. It is so warm and wet down there, my finger tips are instantly wet. I couldn’t help myself, I instantly started to work my fingers up and down her slit and onto her clit.

Dee looked at me with her mouth open, almost like she was saying “What are you doing?” But before she can say anything, I make my move and go for the kiss. It is hot and passionate and lasts for about 30 seconds before we break away. Dee asks “Are we doing this” and I respond with a simple nod of the head.

We move to a couch and continue to make out, kissing, fondling and grinding. We look around and see there are people everywhere either watching us or having their own fun. There are girls giving blow jobs to multiple guys, girl on girl action, guy on guy action, MFM, FMF and others just masturbating whilst watching.

I slowly take the lead and work Dee onto her back, working my way down to her tits, sucking on her nipples through her chemise and getting them rock hard. She is moaning in pleasure and slowly pushes my head down further. I work my way down, kissing and licking all of my way down to her sweet smelling pussy. I kiss all around her thighs, tasting her wetness on the inside of her thighs and on the G-String she is wearing. I slowly remove the G-String to reveal her glistening wet and ready pussy. I take a moment to take in the sight and can’t believe what is about to happen. I dive in, going to town on her, slowly at first, but quickly building up the momentum. She grabs my head with her hands, pulling me deeper into her pussy as she gets closer. She grinds her pussy and clit against my chin and tongue and wraps her legs around the outside of my head as she orgasms and explodes a squirt directly into my mouth.

I come up for air, as she lays there catching her breath. Everyone around us applauds and give encouraging comments as Dee lays there heaving, trying to catch her breath. I move back up and give Dee another kiss. “I think it is time for this” I say, as I pull out the Rabbit Vibrator. Dee looked a little embarrassed, but nodded. I gave it to her and she says, “I have not used one before, can you help me.” It was at this time, Simone comes over and says “Let me help you with that”.

To be Continued …