12 Jul 2020

My Wildest Fantasy – Part 2

Welcome back and I hope you enjoy reading all about my wildest fantasy dream.

So we left off with Dee on her back, her pussy dripping wet after I had been down there working my magic, panting deeply, trying to catch her breath. Everyone around us, clapping and offering encouraging words towards us both. I pull out the Rabbit Vibrator she had just purchased and say “I think it is time for this”. Dee is embarrassed, but nods to me. As I give it to her, she says “I have not used one before, can you help me?” It was now that Simone, the club chaperone interrupts us and says to Dee “Let me help you with that”.

I am sitting there at the end of the couch in my tight light blue Bonds Trunks. By now, I am so hard it is starting to hurt. The trunks are so wet at the tip of my cock because of all of the pre-cum, it looks like I have wet myself. Dee hands Simone the vibrator as she kneels down beside her. The stare into each other’s eyes before Simone moves slowly in for a kiss. The kiss appears to be in slow motion, but is the hottest thing I have ever seen. There is something about 2 ladies kissing that gets us guys all excited.

Simone is wearing a bright red satin Corset and matching satin G-String package. She has the matching bright red satin suspenders and fishnet stockings on with black shiny high heel shoes. Her long blonde hair is pulled tight, up into a ponytail halfway up the back of her head and she is wearing black rim glasses and bright red lip stick. Her body is amazing, tight, fit and natural. Her tits aren’t huge, just over the size of a handful.

As Simone is kissing Dee, I can’t help myself, I have to remove my Bonds Trunks before I rip right through them. Out bursts my cock, standing straight to attention. Pre-cum dripping from the end and glistening in the soft mood lighting. Everyone’s eyes are fixated on Dee and Simone as I look around. Single guys are rubbing their cocks, single girls are pinching their nipples and playing with their pussies. Couples are watching, with the girl at the front, guys hands around the front rubbing the pussy whilst the girls rubs her arse against the guys cock. It is hot to watch and hard to control my focus.

I look back toward Dee and Simone, and Simone has her left hand working away on Dee’s pussy and clit whilst they are still kissing. Dee is completely naked at this point and writhing on her back, back arching and falling, arching and falling as Simone moves between the 2 spots. Simone slowly pulls her hand away from Dee’s pussy and stops kissing her. She puts the fingers from her left hand in Dee’s mouth and Dee wastes no time in licking up her sweetness. Simone leans in towards Dee’s left ear and whispers something, and Dee nods eagerly.

Simone clicks her fingers and 4 naked, well-built men bring out what can only be described as a double sized massage table. People make way as the table is placed in the centre of the room. The table is covered in a bright pink silk sheet and pillows. The 4 men walk over to Dee, lifting her up off of the couch and laying her gently onto the bed. They strap Dee’s wrists above her head and ankles to the corners, leaving her completely naked and exposed. Dee is in a star shape and locked tight onto the bed, with little to no movement. Simone walks over, holding the vibrator in her right hand and everyone crowds around. I am taken by the hand by a female whom I have never met. She says to me “You better get in there or you will miss out”.

A gap opens and I am ushered right to the front, right beside Dee’s head. She looks into my eyes and mouths something to me which I couldn’t hear. I lean in and she whispers to me “I want you in me after this”. I reply with “Me too”. Simone then turns the vibrator on, running it over Dee’s tits. Her nipples are so hard, they look like they could literally cut through glass. She slowly teases Dee, running it down her stomach, to her legs and inner thigh, before moving it back up towards her tits and to her mouth. Simone runs to tip of the vibrator over Dee’s lips and Dee lifts her head, taking in the head and shaft whilst looking me in the eyes. She moves back and forth on the vibrator like it is a cock, making groaning and slurping noises. She lowers her eyes towards my cock, then back at me and raises her eyebrows a couple of times. My cock contracts at the thought, and I feel more pre-cum dribbling out of the end of my cock and onto the floor.

Simone slowly removes the vibrator from Dee’s mouth, grabbing me by the hand and moving me further down the table towards Dee’s dripping wet pussy. Simone then grabs my cock, giving it a hard but slow pull, forcing out a generous amount of pre-cum onto the end of the vibrator. “Natural Lube” she says. She then places the tip of the vibrator onto Dee’s clit and turns it on. The head of the vibrator squirms around and around on Dee’s clit, sending her wild. She is instantly at climax, screaming out “OH, OH, OH MY GOD, OH, OH, OH MY GOD” as she cum’s and squirts a gushing squirt all over the table. Everyone around me murmurs in excitement and Simone announces, “Ladies and Gentleman, WE have a squirter”.

Dee lifts her head to look at me and say’s “I have never done that before” and looks a little embarrassed. I reply with, “Don’t worry, it is hot”. Dee lays there, catching her breath for a minute. Her pussy is dripping wet, her nipples a hard as could be. She has her eyes closed but has the biggest smile on her face. Simone, without warning, pushes the tip of the vibrator against Dee’s open pussy and it slides in without any hesitation. Dee instantly opens her eyes, lifting her head, looking towards her pussy. She has the biggest smile on her face, looking at the vibrator being slowly moved in and out of her pussy. She flops her head back and lets Simone work her magic. The noise of the vibrator going in and out makes a wet slurping kind of noise. Dee starts to contract and convulse on the bed and orgasms again. She screams out once again “OH, OH, OH MY GOD” over and over again and again lets out another squirt as Simone removes the vibrator from her pussy.

The sheets are soaking wet as Dee lays there. Simone comes over to Dee and ushers me over to lean in towards her head. “Now honey, I didn’t even turn it on, do you think you can take another one?” Dee looks at me and smiles, then tilts her head towards Simone “Of course I can!” she says eagerly. Dee then looks back at me and with a smile on her face says “You better put that cock in my mouth this time”.

I get up onto the bed as Simone announces “ROUND 4, HERE WE COME”. Without hesitation Dee turns her head, taking my cock in her mouth. It is so warm and soft. She starts off only working the tip of my cock, but slowly and gently grabs hold of the tip with her teeth, pulling me closer towards her head and taking more and more of my shaft. It is the best blow job I have ever gotten. I look back towards Simone, who is standing watching. She mouths to me “Are you ready?” I reply with a simple nod and wink.

Simone places the tip of the vibrator against Dee’s opening once again and I watch as it slides in without hesitation. I feel Dee get distracted for a second or two as it enters her, but she is back at it, sucking on my cock like her life depended on it. She is grunting and groaning, slurping and sucking and it sounds and looks amazing.

Simone turns the vibrator on and the buzz could be heard in the air. I feel Dee start to squirm instantly, stopping on my cock for a few seconds to release an “OOOHHH MMMYYYY GOOOOODDDDD” between heavy panting breaths. She returns to my cock, sucking it harder and faster as Simone lifts the vibrations and pace. I am on edge and the sounds, sights and feelings before me. I too am squirming and writhing and am struggling to hold my load. It doesn’t take long and Dee starts to cum again, this time with my cock in her mouth. Her screams of pleasure are muffled by my cock. We are looking straight into each other’s eyes as she cums the biggest orgasm she has had yet. I can’t control myself and announce, “I am cumming, I am cumming” and try to pull out of Dee’s mouth. She sucks and holds onto my cock harder, looking deep into my eyes. I release my load into her mouth and she takes the whole lot, swallowing the entire load whilst she keeps me in her mouth.

The crowd applauds loudly as I slowly remove my cock from Dee’s mouth and she says “Thank you”. I have a little giggle and say “No, thank you.” The 4 men appear from the crowd and release the restraints from Dee’s wrists and ankles. I help her up and she gives me a big hug and kiss. I am still rock hard and Dee whispers in my ear “Please fuck me now”.

I lay Dee back on the table and enter her without any hesitation. The feeling of her wet warm pussy is sensational. It is the wettest pussy I have ever felt and accommodates my cock easily. We spend the next hour fucking our brains out with an audience watching us. We can see others in the audience joining in and having fun. We start off in missionary, moving to 69 for a bit, before going onto Cow Girl, Doggy, Spooning etc. During our session, we are joined by Simone and Paul. They join us on the bed, playing with each other, before Simone asks Dee, “Can I try him?” Dee nods her head and says eagerly to Simone “Only if I can try him!” Simone winks at Dee with a smile and the deal is done.

I pull out of Dee and Simone takes me straight into her mouth. I watch as Dee crawls over to Paul, taking his cock in her mouth. I watch as 2 fine ladies are taking guys in their mouths and can hardly believe my luck. Simone pulls off my cock and lifts my legs up, working her way down my shaft to my balls and perineum before giving me a rim job and yanking on my hard cock. The sensation is amazing, nothing I had ever experienced before. She slowly raises my legs down, working her way back up my body and kissing me on the lips. I look over towards Dee, and she is already on top of Paul, riding him hard. Her head is back, her hips forwards and chest out as she slides up and down on his cock. She looks like she is having the time of her life.

Simone whispers in my ear, fuck me doggy style and climbs off of me, onto all fours. As her pussy is thrusted towards me, I see she has a pink diamond butt plug inserted in her arse. “That is hot” I say as I position myself behind her and enter her dripping wet pussy. She feels just as wet and warm as Dee did as I thrust away. Simone starts to orgasm within minutes as does Dee. I manage to hold my load and Simone pulls off my cock. I am dripping wet from her love juices and my cock is twitching for more. Dee looks over to me and climbs off of Paul, crawling over to me, taking me in her mouth and sucking in all of Simone’s pussy juices.

She turns around, positioning her pussy towards me and without hesitation I re-enter her in doggy. I am thrusting away when Paul lays down in front of Dee and she takes his cock in her mouth and before I knew it, Dee was being spit roasted. She seemed to be really enjoying it and so did Paul. Simone then sits on Pauls face, facing towards Dee and holding the vibrator. “You better not forget this” Simone says to Dee, handing it to her. Dee reaches back, handing it to me. Without hesitation, I take the vibrator, which is dripping wet and push the tip against Dee’s ‘other’ hole with the vibrations set on low speed.

Dee jumps a little, but pushes back on it after a few seconds. She lifts off of Paul’s cock, licks her fingers and rubs them on her hole before inserting her middle finger. She pumps away a few times and turns to me and says “Be gentle”. I can’t believe it, is there anything she won’t do. She turns back towards Paul and continues sucking his cock and I slowly work away at Dee’s arse. It takes a little while, but the tip eventually pops in and Dee lets out a little “Oh” as she flinches. It doesn’t take long and the vibrator is mostly in, sliding in and out of her arse as I fuck her pussy. I can feel the vibrator and the vibrations at the same time and Dee is squirming and contracting. I look over to my right to see a mirror on the wall I hadn’t noticed before and what a sight it is to see Dee on all fours, with every hole filled, getting fucked hard.

As Dee starts to contract faster and harder, I too am feeling like I am ready to blow. Simone is grinding on Pauls face, Paul is squirming with Dee’s head moving up and down quicker and quicker on his cock. Dee is pushing back hard against me as I am thrusting forwards and the vibrator is set on full in her arse. We all come hard at the same time, I release my load into Dee’s pussy as I feel an immense flow of wetness and warmth from her pussy rolling down my inner thighs. Paul releases his load directly into Dee’s mouth as Simone cums and squirts all over Pauls face.

We all collapse onto the bed in a heaving, sweaty sticky and orgasmic mess. We lay there as the crowd once again applauds us, trying to catch our breath and recover. AS we lay there, the crowd quickly disappears out of sight and before long, it is just Dee and I laying there, naked, sweaty and sticky. We sit up, looking at each other and smile. We find our clothes, get dressed and slowly walk towards the door that says ‘EXIT’. Holding hands, we push the door open and walk straight into the pub where our friends are waiting for us.

“You guys took your time, what happened, did you get lost or something?” one of our friends ask. We both look at each other and respond at the same time “Or Something” with a big smile on our faces.

I normally wake up around this point, my cock hard as, pumping / contracting and dripping a lot of pre-cum and I am usually covered with sweat. It doesn’t take me long to finish off and crawl back to bed after the clean-up and hope to continue with the fantasy dream. Unfortunately, to date, this is as far as it gets.