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Naughty bday surprise

"Video booth"
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5 min
Published 2 years ago
On your b day I organise a day of fun for us. Started with the wake park, but it was nice to get u in your bikini?. Next stop was some shopping I bought u a nice short silky nighty, And some nice underwear. But the real fun started in the afternoon wen I stopped by the adult store. Still in your tight shirts and bikini top. Looking dam fine. Entering the store we both seen the video booth sign. As we walked thru the door. Looking around at toys and bondage gear having a laugh and also firting with some ideas that as we looked at toys, but the massage oils had your interest the most as I whisper in your ear would u love a good erotic massage and kissed your neck. U didn't say a word but picked a large bottle out. Lol. Moving around the store we started looking at videos, taking every chance we had to grind against and touch each other. U picked up a that cought your interest and started reading and looking at the back cover. As I walked up and looked over your shoulder I noticed that it had pics of, hot younger girls sucking cock and being fucked. Some even in threesomes with two guys. With both hands on your waist I pull u against me as bit your neck teasing u as my now semi hard cock pushes against u. then told you that looks hot. What's the name. As u turned over to the frount cover to show me it was called " home wreckers #1". married men getting seduced by teens. Turning around to look at me I can c that u were horny as u groped my cock thru my jeans. Grabbing u by your hand I pulled u into the video booth. It was dark until we tried the Video and started to watch. Now fully gropeing each other as I pinch your nipples and twist then gently. U already have my zip undone and pulled my hard cock out stroking it. Turning u around to face the screen, making u watch the scene unfold as this hot busty brunet teen was cleaning a pool for her rich naboure. She knew her naboure was married but didn't care as she bent over every time he and his friend walked past. In sort she ended up on her knees with two cocks buried in her hot mouth. I now have two fingers in your super wet pussy and whispering dirty thoughts in your ear like. " u wish that was u don't u slut, u like me fingering u while u watch porn" ect ect. U just moan and push back on to my fingers over and over. Wen your orgasm hits o u cover your mouth to stop yourself from screaming and arch your back getting my fingers deeper in your pulsating pussy while I bite your neck and ear. Seeing u like that was so hot so I decided to pick another movie that was #2 of the same thing but the title read "hot hot wives seduced" And head back to the room. I still had one more surprise for u. It's a little fantasy of mine but I hope u wouldn't mind. Entering the motel room there was a massage table set up with candles, after a hot shower u put your short nighty on and laid on the table as asked. The nighty let the bottom part of your ass. wen the door bell rang u got nervous but I kissed u and told u that I got u a massur for u. I opened the door and let him in. He was much bigger then what I thought but looked strong. I left the room to pure some drinks as he started to massage u. His hands were warm and smooth on your legs and feet. Then rubbing higher and higher as he went till he was massaging your thighs and bum. U started to relax a little as he lifted the nighty off over your head and started rubbing your back shoulders and neck. As I entered the room handing u a drink and then sitting in front of u to watch. He rolls u over xposeing your hard nipples as his hands quickly covers them with his hands and massages them softy puring more hot oil over your body as u look at me and I notice the look in your eye of pure x t c. He begins to massage your inner thighs and ass every now and then I noticed your eyes would close and u biting your bottem, sure give away that u were turned on. He removes his shirt so u can c his hot body as he rubs u. U look at me waiting for me to say something, but wen his fingers touch your wet pussy u softly moan, as your mind races, being so naughty and felt up in frount of your bf only turns u on more, u want to stop but can't as u part your legs wider as his fingers your pussy. Looking at me with pure lust, as u know that u were being a little sluty. U see my hard on and wink at me. He removes his jeans and frees his hard cock , your mind says no but your eyes and body says yes. Looking at me again wanting permission but as I had my cock out and stroking it. It's all u needed. As he climbs up and kneels placing his cock u your clit. Teasing u as he rubs it over your wet pussy. U r now moaning and scratching his back, even beging for him to fuck u. Wen his cock pushes into u, u scream knowing that u r now our little slut for the night turns u on even more. U motion to me with your finger to come closer. Grabbing my cock and pulling it into your mouth. I moan as u moan, as his vainie cock fucks u and I fuck your hot mouth. It's all to much for u as u back arches and pussy pulsates with your first orgasm squeezing his cock tighter makes him cum all over your pussy. Seeing u covered in cum like a hot hooker turns me on as I cum deep in your throat. U take a hot shower and put a naughty outfit on Knowing u r in for a long night.

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