Written by In2ittwo

26 Mar 2016

It’s Saturday afternoon as I get back from picking a few things up from the shops for dinner tonight. I think, I will just quietly drive up, sneak around the back and scare you through the window for a lark. When I left, you were in the kitchen making a snack and were going to watch TV but when I get around to the patio, I can hear you talking to someone on speaker phone, I duck down and creep over to the window and quickly lift up and look in the window, you are in front of the computer, no panties on with your singlet hanked up exposing your tits. One of your hands is massaging your left breast, softly circling your hard aroused nipple while the other is fingers deep in your pussy. You are staring mesmerised at the screen and I can hear you talking to a guy while watching him stroke what looks like a decent size cock, I realise you are talking to the stranger while he wanks.

My cock goes hard instantly, I quickly look around to make sure I can’t be seen by the neighbours or anyone walking past and slip my hand into my pants and start stroking my erection while watching you fingering yourself. Then to my surprise, you pick up your big dildo, the one I brought you and start licking and sucking it like it was a real cock, you take it out of your mouth and say on the phone, “I wished that was your cock”, the penny hits and I realise you are on the website, watching and talking to a guy who contacted you off the site.

I listen and watch as I pump my shaft, stroking the length, I decide to quietly go back around to the back door and sneak inside, dropping my clothes off in the laundry as I go. My cock is super hard and I am horny as fuck, I quietly tiptoe into the main room and see you from behind, you have leaned back in the chair with your feet up on the computer table. I can’t see from behind you but know he is looking right at your open and wet fuck hole as he jerks his cock for you, I hear you say into the phone, “fuck your hand with your cock, I want to see you cum for me”. I think you are talking to him but you turn around and look at me with your sexy smile and say “did you think I didn’t know you were home”, I laugh and walk over, waving to the cam.

You push me down in front of you and tell me to eat your pussy. I can see it is sopping and wide open; your pussy flaps are engorged and pouting, desperately inviting my tongue into your warm love hole. I can’t help myself, I gently lick up your flaps, up on side, down the other, your legs are back on the table and you are rubbing your tits with both hands while I chow down on your awesome wet pinkness. I dart my tongue into your dripping slit, tasting your juices as you tell him to jerk his cock harder, I am madly stroking my cock, the pressure is building as the sensation increases. I feel your pussy titch on my tongue as I hear him say he is close to cumming, I know you are not far away either; I slip my index finger in to my mouth and lick off your juices, and then gently and slowly, work my wet lubricated finger into your beautiful horny arse, slowing fucking your arse with my finger while fucking your cunt with my tongue.

You are close to cumming now, I hear him groaning through the phone as you tell him you want to see his cum spurting. I am close to cumming to as I jerk off while still licking and sucking your clit and tongue fucking you. I hear you moan and know that you have reached your climax, your pussy contracts and squeezes out your lovely lady nectar over my face. I gently increase the speed of my finger in your arse while increasing the pressure of my tongue. I hear the guy grunt and you yell, “yes, yes, yes’ as his cum erupts from his knob head on the screen. Your cunt spasms as you cum and you growl that sexy moan that I love from you.

I withdraw my finger from your relaxed pucker and stand up, moving to the side so he can watch as I jerk off my cock. I feel the rush as my balls pump my cum up the shaft of my cock, my hand is going up and down my rock hard shaft as I spurt my man juice over your pussy and upper thighs, blowing my load over your lower body. As I finish and the last drop has been squeezed from my cock head, you reach up and pull me down for a passionate sexy kiss, forcing your tongue inside my mouth, searching for my tongue and a taste of your love juice. I kiss back, tasting your warm breath until we are sedated, we break apart and both say good bye to your friend and thank him for the entertainment. I look down at your sexy and flushed face, body pink with arousal and cheekily ask you if you want dinner now.