Written by Deb

27 Apr 2015

It’s a cold dark night and we had arranged to meet “him” for drinks. We have been chatting to him for a couple of weeks online and have swapped pic’s and are now pretty keen to meet in person. We have been so horny since our first contact with him, the thought of another male and the possibilities of what we can get up to in our sex play is soooo horny, it’s done wonders for our sex life and yet nothing has happened. I am dressed in a coat, with sexy lingerie, suspenders and stockings underneath, Hubby is dressed in his nice black jeans and a top, and we are both looking pretty good. We get to the front entrance and take a nervous but excited breath and go inside. The bar is dimly lit and there are booths around the room, it’s warm and inviting inside. We spot him at the same time as he spots us. Hubby goes over to the bar while I walk over to the booth he is sitting in, I lean over letting my cleavage peak out ever so slightly and say “Hi, can we buy you a drink?” He smiles and says “I’ll have a Bourbon and Coke”, at the same time, hubby looks back from the bar and can see the back view with my suspenders peaking out the bottom of my coat. Both guys are already on their way to getting excited and I love it. I walk slowly over to the bar and we order the drinks and bring them back to the booth. I slide into the booth next to him and hubby slides in next to me, so I’m the “sugar” in the pie. We sit there and sip our drinks over small talk, getting to know this guy and he getting to know us is the start of an exciting journey that we are hoping to embark on. Our small talk is going well and I know I’m starting to get horny, just thinking about what we might do together. After about half an hour, hubby slides his hand between my legs and slips his finger into my wet pussy, this is our secret signal that he is happy to proceed to the next level. I gasp with delight, I’m so horny I’m almost ready to explode and still not much has happened. Our guy is just perfect, exactly who we thought he would be, we have so much that we all want to do and are all on the same page, we feel very lucky to have found him. I have to give hubby the secret signal back so he knows that I also feel comfortable moving forward. I slide my hands up his leg and grab his package, feeling a very hard cock and he now knows that I am also ready to play. We tell our guy what we feel and ask him if he’s comfortable and as attracted to us as we are to him and thankfully he says it’s all go………..I tell the boys that I’d like to go to the motel room and freshen up first, so they let me out and off I go, slowly walking away, not looking back. They stay in the bar for about 10 minutes, and then hubby suggests they go back to the room. I make it to the room, it’s a nice room with a king sized bed, I turn on the lamps so the room is semi lit giving it a nice ambiance, make sure the heating is on about 23 so the temperature is just right, I then undress and go and have a nice hot shower. I finish my shower, dry off and rub my coconut cream on my body to make it smooth and silky, then when I’m ready I go out to the bedroom in anticipation that I would be waiting for the boys to join me. I walk out into the room and WOW the boys have not only come up to the room; they are lying there naked and stroking & sucking each other. This is so hot; I can’t believe they have done this. I stand there watching for a bit, they are smiling but also excited and having fun, and I think me watching them is making it even more fun. I can’t stand it any longer, the juice from my wet pussy is running down my leg and I’m quivering in anticipation, I get on the bed and start to suck their hard cocks one at a time, going from one to the other, I love the taste and smoothness of a clean hard cock. Yummmm, then hubby comes down to my end and both hubby and I start to suck our guys cock, licking and sucking his cock and balls while he’s moving his hips up and down, with hubby and I kissing each other in between, it’s very erotic and a big turn on for all, our guy is moaning in delight at this, he’s enjoying it very much and so are we. He reaches over and starts to stroke hubbys cock and then with his other hand he reaches over to me and slides his fingers up and down between my wet pussy lips. He feels my clit ring and that makes him even more excited, playing with that for a bit, he knows it’s the “spot” . After a few minutes, I stop sucking our guys cock and turn around and start to suck hubb y’s cock, this prompts our guy to come down and help me, we are then sucking and licking hubby’s cock and balls and he is gyrating his hips and loving it, there is no kissing between me and our guy, that is reserved for just hubby and I at this stage, but sharing a cock is still a very horny thing to do, I’m wriggling with excitement and anticipation, my pussy is pulsating with excitement. hubby then rubs my clit and strokes our guy’s penis while he is enjoying the attention. This goes on for a few minutes, then hubby and our guy get in a 69 position but side by side and start to suck each other’s cocks, OMG I’m in heaven, I have been longing to see this for so long and now it’s coming true, Hubby is fondling our guys balls while sucking and licking his cock, our guy is doing the same back. Because of the position they are in, I have easy access to both of their cute little tight arses so I insert a finger in each one and they go off on that, to the point of almost Cumming, that’s when I decide that it’s my turn to have some attention to try and keep this going a bit longer.

I get up and guide hubby’s head down between my legs, he slowly starts licking my wet pussy, I then guide our guy’s mouth to my nipples where he gently sucks them and plays with my boobs. They do this for a few minutes then I tell them to swap, they love that I’m leading them where I want them. Again a few minutes pass then I need to have some cock in my pussy, it’s aching with excitement. I get up on my knees and tell hubby to insert his hard cock into my pussy while I suck our guys cock, I love a guy at each end, and it’s such a turn on. They boys are facing each other, both of them humping me in each end and tweaking each other’s nipples. This is exactly how I wanted it to go and the boys both seem comfortable and happy and very very horny as well, so all is good. We hump and suck and everyone is feeling the fun, then the boys swap and our guy inserts his hard cock into my wet pussy and hubby comes and puts his hard cock into my mouth, I suck off my own wet tasty juices and he groans with delight and so do I. Our guy inserts his finger into my arse and I’m delighted, at the same time I’m doing this to hubby and he is getting hornier, his eyes rolling and his breath getting heavy, he almost cums, this is so much fun, we just want to go on forever, but there is more to try and it’s time to change positions before anyone cums, we are just not ready to finish yet 

Our guy and hubby give a knowing look and our guy pulls out of my pussy and inserts his hard cock into my horny arse. OMG the sensation is breathtaking, really, it takes my breath away, I can hardly suck hubby’s cock as our guy is thrusting in and out of me. Hubby sees that I’m so turned on, he nearly comes and has to stop me sucking him, he goes around the back of our guy and starts to fondle his balls, and then he starts to lick our guys balls and puts his finger into our guys arse while our guy is pumping my arse….Wow, this is so much fun, but hubby needs some penetration too, so the boys swap positions and hubby inserts his hard cock into my arse and I’m panting with excitement, when our guy sticks his fingers in hubby’s arse, I hear hubby quickly suck in his breath and I just know he is enjoying this as much as I am which then turns me on even more. Then our guy comes up my end and I suck his balls and then put his hard cock into my mouth. It’s now driven us all so crazy we need to cum before it starts to hurt and I really want to try Double Penetration, so we try a position that is comfortable for all, possibly our guy laying on his back, with me laying on my back on top of him, he inserts his hard cock into my arse again and then hubby gets on top and inserts his cock into my wet wet pussy. We are all humping, but it doesn’t take long for us all to cum, one at a time and each of us is getting off on the other one Cumming…..We all roll over, panting, enjoying the after warmth for a few minutes, then we sit and chat and laugh a while and talk about how much fun that was and talk about our next meeting…..