1 Aug 2019

I had been in this house for over 5 years. One side had no neighbors. The other; yes. A younger couple. I had seen them quite a few times; on and off. He, out the front mowing or whipper-snipping. Her down the street. She was very very sexy. I needed to control myself when I was in her presence. She was married. Well. Not married. But in a relationship; yes. He; on the other hand; I knew about. Why? Because I knew the girls that he spent time with, when she was away. I had also spent time with them. Whenever he was on his own he would get them.

One night; I was outside, doing my shit. I heard them arguing. It was hot. I was in shorts only. I went to the fence and listened. "You don't care about her. You don't even try to do anything about her" It was her, talking to him about their daughter. I tried to ignore. But she was very loud. "I'm done. Leave me. Get out." Silence. I listen fora bit longer. But it remains still. Later than evening. I was snoozing. Then I hear screaming next door. A woman's screaming. Then a man's voice at strength, What that voice said; I have no desire to repeat; other that to say; it mobilized me to act. I got out of my front door and over to the next door. It was silent by now. I knocked.

Nothing. I knocked louder and harder. Footsteps. The door opens. It is her. She is dressed in a black negligee. It showed everything. This took my breath away. "Adrian. Why are you here?" I took a moment. "I was worried. I heard noises. Are you OK?" "He is on sedatives. He won't wake until lunch time tomorrow."

"Are you OK, really?" She drops her head. "No." "Would you like me to come in?" "Yes" I enter. She walks. I follow. We get to the lounge. She flops down and sighs. I sit next to her. "Tell me." She hesitates again. "I don't know how to say this." She is visibly nervous. "It's ok. Tell me. If you don't want to. That's ok too." She rests; then finds some courage "He has been cheating on me for years," She bursts into tears. I hold her. She cries and cries. Big baby sobs. I hold her to my chest and give her my arms. "Let it out girl. That's it." Her body wracked with more sobs. Tears were running down her face. I held her, until she started to calm. Her breathing slowed. She crawled against my chest and wound herself into a ball; letting my arms cocoon her against my body. I was wearing shorts only. She fell asleep.

I layed there with her for what seemed like hours; listening to her breathing. Smelling her hair and the various scents of the wider her. It was horribly erotic. The birds woke me a while later. She was still asleep in much the same position. I had morning wood. I needed a piss. But I didn't want to disturb her. I held a while longer. Then she stirred, lifting her head to look at mine. She smiled. "Thank you for caring for me" she whispered. I returned her smile. The way she was laying meant is was not possible for her to fail to notice my erection. "Hmmmm. Do you have a problem?" "Yes. I need the loo. Hop up" She unwraps herself. "Where is it?" She points. I go. For those who don't have a penis, it is impossible to piss, standing up with an erection and aim properly (lol... thought I'd throw that in....). I sat down and did what I had to do. Washed my hands and returned. She wasn't there. I sat down and waited.

A few minutes later, her footsteps were audible. She went to the kitchen and fired up the coffee machine. I went over and sat at the bench, watching her. "Everything ok?" "Yep. I slipped him more sedative. He will sleep all day. My mum is coming shortly to take my daughter for the day. "Do you have something planned?" She grinned, not responding. "I'll go home for a bit. Have a shower and let you get things sorted here." "Good plan". I departed.

An hour later, there was a knock on my door. It was her. She was dressed in skimpy denim shorts, bikini top and thongs. To describe her: Shoulder length brunette hair. Angelic looks. Full lips. Brown eyes. Full C Cup boobs. Flat stomach. Healthy thighs and bum. About 5 6 and around 30.

I closed and locked the door. She wasted no time by standing close enough, that I could feel her breath on me. She looked up into my eyes. (I am 6 3). Her eyes revealed a deep longing. A need; that had not need satisfied for a long time. Her gaze went to my mouth, then back to my eyes.

Then I hesitated. I was thinking about him and how I would feel, if I was in his position.

"We can't do this." Her gaze shifted. She frowned. "Why? What's wrong?" "My body very much wants to; but my heart and mind are saying it is wrong. You have a partner. If we got it on, it would be cheating. I wouldn't want that done to me." "But he does it all the time!" "That may be so; but it doesn't make this right."

Her shoulders slumped. "Lets have a coffee." She followed me to the kitchen and sat at the bench, while I made our coffees. "Don't you want me?" She was starting to get a little needy. "Of course I do. I just have a rule about these things. I have already over-stepped, even now; by you being here." It was clear my stance wasn't helping. If anything, it was making her want me even more; which wasn't my intention. My brain was sending me warning signs. Walk away ... walk away ... But my libido was arguing ... find a way ... find a way.

At that point; I remembered a conversation he and I had had; some time ago. He had popped in for a beer and a chat. The conversation had turned to sex. He had commented that he would love a threesome; but she always refused to even discuss it. Hmmmm....... My brain joined in and started formulating. "You know there may be a way." This got her attention. "Have you ever heard of cuckold? "

A few days later; I was mowing my front lawn, when she approached along the footpath, holding her daughter's hand. "Hello Mr Ade" from the daughter. She was a cutey and very intelligent. I love kids. Mine were all grown up. I frequently missed the old days when they were little and needed me every day. "Hello there little miss. Are you having a lovely walk with mummy?" "Hrrr hum" She responded.

"That plan we discussed?" "Yes." "He is in. This Friday night. Our place for a barby." She turned and walked home. Little miss waved to me. I waved back and kept mowing.

Friday fast approached. I had run into him a few times. We had bantered about Friday night. "Looking forward to the show" he had said. That had completely put my mind at rest.

It was Friday. I was excited. The idea of having sex with another guy's partner in front of him and he was permitting; was getting me so hot. She was so fucking hot and she wanted me. Yep!!! I went over there at beer o'clock. They greeted me at the door. All normal. Just another barby with a neighbor.

We went out the back to their entertaining area. She was looking at me like I was a rib eye. So was he. Hmmm. I wondered. Any way. Back to the story.

We ate. We shared. We partied. Little miss loved it. Then she was put to bed. It was a short time for him and me to chat. "Are you ok with this?" "Yes." "Do you remember the other nig..." He stopped me. "Yes. I know all about it. " I relaxed further.

When Little miss was finally asleep, she came back. She was dressed in that same bed outfit from the other night. The one that showed everything. He said nothing. She entered and sat between us. This was the turning point. I looked at him. He nodded; giving permission. I turned to her and took her head into mine. I held her head with my two hands and kissed her; deeply. She responded. She reached for me. I was rock hard. She massaged my cock through my pants. I turned my hands to her boobs. Such wonderful boobs. Her nipples were erect, I focused on them. Her breathing quickened. "Are you two gonna get it on or not."

I stood her up and removed her clothing. her nipples were so hard. I kept mine on. I layed her on the couch and spread her legs. I got on my knees. I went down on her. She was so wet. I grabbed her clit with my tongue. Oh yes. So young and lovely. I ate and ate. She started having orgasms. I went harder. She came harder. He had his cock out and was watching. I moved her upwards back to me. My cock was so hard. I was aching. I needed to do something. I picked her up in my arms and lay her on her back; spead her legs and got her knees back behind her head. Her pussy was glistening and swollen. He was working his cock like there was no tomorrow; watching her.

I knelt between her legs. My cock was bone bone hard. I entered her without mercy. He came first. She came second. I came third.