20 Nov 2015

You and I have been chatting on and off for nearly 10 years now since we first met at the Office Christmas party. A couple of weeks before this day we had met for coffee at the Goodwood Hotel and had a good chat and perhaps a little flirt. We had discussed how we both enjoyed running perhaps needed to do a little more so we had arranged to meet up one Saturday afternoon, just after lunch in a park near your house.

I arrived at the park nice and early, I would hate to be late for our first run. I'm wearing a pair of close fitting running shorts and a running vest as it's quite a warm day. After a few minutes of waiting at the arranged spot I see you across the park, bang on time. You give me a little wave and jog over, as you run over I take the opportunity to eye you up a bit before you are close enough to notice. You wearing a loose fitting sports top, a short sports skirt and cute white sneakers, just the sort of outfit that really turns me on. As you reach me you give me a little peck on the cheek, "ready to go are you" you say. "Sure" I reply and I turn and run quickly to catch up and jog by your side.

We chat a little as we run through the park together but then have to change to single file along a narrow track by the side of a dry creek bed. As I run beside you I'm able to run my eyes from your cute feet, up your legs and have a good fantasise about your butt. I'm soon off into my own world, undressing you with my eyes and thinking about all the rude things that I'd like to do with you. I remember back to that drunken night on Glenelg beach all those years ago, where just for a moment you had let me slide off your knickers and put my head under your dress and give your pussy a little lick. It really did feel like I didn't fulfill my end of the bargain that night, you let me lick your pussy but I didn't have the time to make you cum. All this thinking was starting to create quite a bulge in my shorts and to be honest was making running a little difficult especially as we approached the rocky creek crossing. You went first clambering over the rocky crossing, then all of a sudden with a crash you slipped off a big rock, not falling but looking like it was an uncomfortable landing.

"Are you OK?" I ask "I think so" you reply but when you stand up the pained expression on your face tells me that it still hurts. This distraction, fortunately, has allowed the swelling in my pants to subside. I help you up and to limp back onto the path. "I think I've sprained it a little" you say "that's me done for running today, my house is just around the corner can you give me a shoulder to lean on to get home."

Within a few minutes of limping we get to your house and you unlock the door and lets us in. I help you to your lounge room and you drop onto your lounge. I get down to my knees and undo the laces on your sneaker and slip it off, next I pull off your sock and hold your foot in my hand and roll it about a bit seeing where it hurts. I hold you foot in my lap and start gently rubbing the sole and around the ankle to soothe the pain. "It feels a bit better now, thanks" you say, but I insist you put some ice on it to help with any swelling. "In the kitchen in the freezer" you direct, I get the ice and wrap it in a tea towel and press it to your ankle. Hold that there I say whilst I work on your shoulders. You turn your back to me, hunch your legs up to your chest so you can hold the ice. I rub my hands together a little to get them warmed up and then lay them gently on your shoulders just next to your neck and then slowly but firmly knead your shoulders, you lean your head to one side and groan gently. "How's that?" I ask, "mmmmm fabulous" you reply. "here", I say "it's all real tight in there, lay down and I'll do a proper job, but I can't do it through that top, are you OK with taking it off. You hesitate a little and then smile, "sure, I've got a bra on" you reply "I know I can trust you to be on your best behaviour", did I sense sarcasm? I help you pull it off over your head taking a moment whilst your head is in your shirt to have a good perve at you sweet boobs in your sports bra. It wasn't just your ankle now that was starting to swell, I'm lucky enough to have a pretty big cock and it was really starting to make itself known in my shorts.

You lie down on the lounge and I start to rub your back, starting at your shoulders and moving down. "You tell me that your back is a little sore between your shoulder blades, but of course your bra is in the way. You quickly wiggle out of your bra, hardly getting up and certainly not letting me glimpse any more of your boobs. Shame. I get to work rubbing your back firmly in circles, working all of your muscles. You are lying on the lounge now in nothing but your little sports skirt and this is driving me wild. "I can't do an all over body massage without touching your legs" I say "mmmmm, you murmer". I take that as an OK and move down to your calves, firmly squeezing and massaging your muscles and slowly working my way up your legs to your thighs. Again you moan quietly and part your legs just ever so slightly so I can massage a little further up your thighs and just under your skirt, just far enough up so that I can see your panties. I keep moving my hands up just a little at a time and there is no response from you that I'm going in the wrong direction. You open your legs a little further and allow by hand to slip up your thighs and onto your knickers. I rub the gusset of your panties gently tracing the outline of your pussy with my finger. You moan again. "You give a good massage" you say "but don't you have some unfinished business from the beach?"

"Absolutely" I reply. I slip both my hands under your skirt, grasp your knickers. You lift your bum a little and let me slide them down your legs and off your feet. I toss them aside. As you lie there, face down on your lounge, I slide my hand back under your skirt and begin caressing your pussy with my fingers, gently rubbing your labia. As I run a single finger between your lips I can feel how wet you are down there. You really do seem to be enjoying yourself. I continue to run my finger through your pussy to the top until I reach your clit where I slowly start circling it with my finger. This is an instant hit with you and you open your eyes and smile at me, "that is nice" you say "please don't stop". So I continue slowly circling your clit whilst with the other hand I extend a couple of fingers and ease them gently inside of you. Again, another deep moan as I start to fuck you with one hand and tickle your clit with the other. I just love playing with your pussy with my hands but we both know what I really want. I just want to eat you and now after 10 years it was time.

I take both hands from under your skirt, you look up as if something might be wrong. "Roll over" I say with a smile. You giggle and roll onto your back and place your hands behind your head and watch as my head, once again, disappears under your skirt. Your legs are wide open to welcome me as I slowly run my tongue up your thigh, teasing you as I go. As I did with my finger I lick gently along between your labia stopping just short of your clit and circling back down again and around. I can hear you sigh and then I feel your hand on the top of my head, your clit is obviously busting for some attention too, I've held off long enough to make you really want it. You pull my face in between your thighs, pushing me tongue to your clit. I take the hint and slowly circle around your bean with my tongue occasionally flicking across the top of it making your squirm each time. I then slide my right hand up again under your skirt, extend the same two fingers and slide them into your extremely wet pussy. You groan as I start to fuck you with the one hand whilst flicking your clitoris with my tongue. The double approach seems to be having the desired effect. You are lifting your butt to meet each thrust of my fingers and I'm loving licking you and enjoying your wetness.

You are moaning continuously now as I increase the pace to meet your desires, your head is well back and your mouth open panting, breasts heaving. You put both hands on my head and pull me tighter into you, I know soon that you are going to cum. I flick your clit like crazy and fuck you with my hand for all I'm worth and within moments you cry out, a huge and long moan, your body spasms as you go into the full throws of orgasm and cum furiously on my face.

I love it, finally, job done!

Slowly you relax and I emerge from under your skirt with a big childish grin on my face. "Ha, you got your way in the end didn't you" you laugh, "can't knock you for persistence!"

"It hardly seems fair though" you say, "I think you need some kind of reward for all that hard work" ..........

You sit up on the lounge and have me stand up in front of you. You rub your hand up my thigh and across my cock bulging in my tight running shorts. You stand up, reach up and kiss me passionately. I return your kiss and at the same time I feel your hand sliding down the front of my shorts and then your fingers search out my cock and wrapping around it slowly start wanking me inside my shorts. "mmmm" I groan. You kneel down now in front of me and at the same time, with your other hand, pulling down the front of my shorts allowing my rock hard 8 inch cock spring out in front of your face. You pull down my shorts just far enough that my smoothly shaven cock and balls are held tight by the waist band under my balls. "whose a big boy then" you say "I think you need some ice too for that swelling." You reach down to the ground where the ice is still wrapped in the towel and take out a single cube. Carefully you place the ice at the base of my testicles, I shudder it's cold but arousing. Now you are moving it all around over my balls and I feel them becoming wet from the ice melting on them. Then you move the ice up, starting at the base of my penis running it all up the length of the shaft and then with your left hand you roll back my foreskin and place the ice right on my helmet. It feels fabulous, this attention makes my cock twitch with excitement.

You take a couple more ice cubes and starting rubbing them on your breasts and across your nipples making them go all pert and hard. This is really blowing my mind with arousal as you pop the ice cubes into your mouth and pull me closer to your face by my cock. I feel your warm lips followed by your ice cold mouth engulf my cock. The two sensations are contradictory but highly sensual as you start working me with your mouth expertly up and down and flicking your tongue across my helmet and tasting the pre-cum already leaking from my cock.

You keep this up for a few minutes until all the ice has finally melted in you mouth, then you pull away from my cock. "Lie down on your back" you command. I obey and lie on the carpet, you climb on top of me and lean up to kiss me again. As we kiss I can feel my cock rubbing on your pussy, your still wet from all that head I gave you and obviously still very much aroused.

I'm busting to fuck you.

As if reading my mind you sit up looking down on me and reaching for my cock with your hand, wanking me again and at the same time grinding your pussy into my balls. Your sit up a little, just enough to move my cock back and rub my helmet across your labia, then in one movement you sit down taking me all the way inside of you. The feeling is amazing, you are so soft, hot and wet all at the same time. For a moment you pause, look me in the eye and hold both of my hands, then you begin sliding up and down on me, pumping my cock full lengths in and out of you. You moan a little, you are obviously loving it just as much as I am. You begin fucking me, slowly slowly at first but we just can't help ourselves and are soon picking up the rhythm. Your sliding up and down and I'm pushing up back at you to meet your thrusts. The pace is quickening and your head is back as you moan, I see your hand now between your legs, your touching yourself to get all the pleasure you can, I love it and really don't feel I can hold on much longer but that is of no consequence now as I can feel your pussy starting to tighten around my cock, you're obviously just starting to cum. With a harmonious groan we both begin our orgasms, our bodies stiffen and I half sit up as my cock twitches and starts to shoot my cum deep inside you. My cock spasms as if out of control for a few moments and then the feelings relax. I can tell that you are now also just finishing your orgasm and you lean forwards onto me again to kiss me.

"I enjoyed then run" you say, "want to do a marathon next week?"