Written by lookout

5 Dec 2013

I had gotten my self quite worked up on the climb to the lookout. Jane's arse and leg muscles working as she climbed the hill just head of me kept me going, that and it had been weeks since we had been together. We got to the lookout a bit before the sun set over the city. It was the first time we had been up there alone, but Jane spurned my advances and got to taking photos while I started bbqing our dinner. We had dinner and wine while the sun set over the city, sitting on a large tree stump polished smooth from years of use.

As darkness dropped over us so did Jane's inhabitions. She ground her arse into me as she sat on my lap, my hands up her top tweeking her nipples as I nuzzled into her neck and enjoyed the sensation of her pressed against me. 'It's dark enough now' she said. 'Shot down' I thought as Jane moved away to set up the camera on a tripod for some timelapse photos of the city at night. I packed up our food, but topped up the wine and thought about heading in to the bush to 'relieve' myself while Jane focused on her art.

Distracted by a flash, not normally used for time lapse, I turned around another flash exposing Jane laying naked over the stump, camera pointed at her and the remote in her hand. 'Fuck me' she said. I was naked and over there in an instant. Jane lay back on the stump like a sacrifice on and alter. I stood between her legs and lifted her ankles to my shoulders, I ran my hands down her legs to her pussy. It was wet and ready for my cock. I slid my cock into her, the camera flash going the whole time. I slid in and out of her, thinking more about my pleasure than hers as I pumped her hard. The flash kept going, exposing our bare bodies for a split second then cloaking us in darkness. Jane kept the camera remote in one hand while Thanks other hand roamed her body, exposed in a different position each time the flash went off. Sometimes on her tits, sometimes in her mouth, sometimes holding her ankle she was putting on a good show for me and the camera. Seeing her fingering her clit for the first time as I fucked her holding her ankles high sent me over the edge. I came hard inside her as the camera flashed.

I collapsed onto her, I always got weak at the knees when I cum. 'Are you enjoying yourself?' she asked, 'That was awesome' I replied. 'Good, I've got some more photos I want to take'. Jane positioned me kneeling on the stump then went and adjusted the camera. She returned to me and started massaging my limp cock. The camera kept flashing as she controlled it by remote. The flashed showed her lips hovering just beyond the end of my dick as her hand worked it hard again. It stayed dark while a felt her take me in her mouth. I felt one hand working my balls as her lips and mouth took me deeper and deeper. A flash revealed she was deepthroating me. 'i'm going to cum' I said, she pulled away. 'I want a cum shot' she replied as she worked my cock with her hand. 'Cum on my tits' Jane raised her large breasts to my cock and angled herself toward the camera. The flash went fast as she rubbed her tits against my cock and fingered my arsehole. I came on cue like she knew I would. My cum on her tits made them shine under the flash bulb.

We swaped positions. She was sitting facing me, I licked my cum off her tits then kissed her deeply, transfering the cum to her mouth. My fingers worked into her, finding her g-spot she moaned and asked me to make her cum. As I dropped to my knees the flash revealed my cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. My tongue worked her clit while my fingers curled up to work her g-spot. Two fingers up her cunt while my pinky probed her arse. Jane came quickly like she always does when I do that to her, her shreiks like some wild beast in the night.

'Are you hard again?' she asked as she rolled onto her belly. 'What do you think?' I replied as I slipped back into her cunt and started fucking her doggie style. 'I want you to fuck me up the arse' Jane demanded. We had talked about it but she had always backed out. She reached into the camera bag and pulled out condoms and some lube. She was serious and she had planed this. My dick seamed to have grown a couple of inches and was rock hard as I rolled on a condom. I lubed up my cock then lubed up her arse getting two fingers in when previously I had only managed my pinky. Jane was moaning and squirming, she was going to cum with my fingers in her arse. The camera kept flashing.

I rolled her onto her back and move her ankles up to my shoulders. I wanted to see her face as I penetrated her anus for the first time. The glimpses I got from the camera flash showed want as her eyes locked on mine. I positioned my dick over her hole and gently increased the pressure. As my dick slid in for the first time, Jane's face and moans showed pleasure and pain. 'Yes, fuck my arse slowly' she whispered. I kept a slow pace sliding in and out of her anus as she moaned and squirmed. The camera flash revealed her free hand working her clit and her eyes fixed on me. 'Now faster, fuck my arse hard, I'm going to cum!' she yelled. She moaned and the flashed exposed her gushing as she climaxed. I came deep in her arse and collapsed onto her.

Jane put down the remote and wrapped her arms around me. 'I've been wanting to fuck you up here for ages' she whispered into my ear. In the darkness we made slow passionate love.

As we walked down the hill we decided not to look at the photos until we could be alone together again. Jane was back living with her parents and I had house mates with no sense of privacy. When we did open the files a week later we got quite a suprise, we were not alone in the hill. In the background of many shots were a couple of walkers wanking to our show. When Jane realised we were being watched her hand dove between her legs and she brought herself to climax in seconds. I didn't realize she was such an exhibitionist, but we have since discovered dogging and may put a show on for you some time.