Written by aussiefudd

14 Sep 2012

You settle in for the night. Laying warm and snug under you covers. Your thoughts drifting away to a time and place that seems so far away, yet it was only the night before last. That night of passion with the online stranger.

A tingle can be felt deep within, an all to familiar feeling, followed by the wetness beginning to build up below.

As you remember how it all started, quirky one liners, open ended questions and answers, both leading each other on, but neither game to make the first move. What a marvel of invention are these mobile phones...

Then the message that started it all, a wrong connection, a misplaced message. When the message came through, your jaw hit the floor.

A picture of a massively large hard cock. 'omg' you thought could that really be him. Instantly, a new message follows, 'I'm so sorry, that was meant for someone else, I pressed the send button before I realized where it was going'

Remembering this you pick up your phone and shuffled through the photos to find it again.

Ahhhhh, there it is, your mind racing, remembering how it felt as it entered you.

Without thinking, and before you realized, your free hand was caressing your breast. Your fingers pinching and pulling at your nipple.

Images of the giant member sliding in and out of your wet pussy, the fullness of his member as he entered you and held firm, the strong rhythmic movements of this master of love.

On it's own accord, and without any thought process, your hand gracefully glided down your stomach, tracing circles down lower and lower, circling your navel and down the the fine patch of well manicured hair.

You loose the gaze of the photo as you drop your phone and close your eyes. In your mind you see him above you, lowering himself to your womanhood. You remember your legs opening as if they had a mind of their own, opening to give him want he wants. You remember the feeling as his lips first touch. A gentle kiss placed just above your slit and another and another on your inner thigh.

Your hand lowers further gently caressing the areas he kissed, trying to emulate the feeling etched in your mind. Your other hand moves to your breasts squeezing and pinching as your nipples harden.

His tongue, OMG, his tongue. The lightest touch of his tongue as he licks from the lowest point of your slit and slowly licks up. Higher and higher he goes. The tip protruding just enough to disappear between the folds of your lips. Higher and higher it travels until it reaches your clit, where it stops. He reaches up with his hand to pull back the hood, revealing your throbbing button. With the tip of his tongue he flicks it back and forward ever so lightly but at an unbelievable pace.

Your hand finds your clit and slowly rubs it as your wetness becomes more obvious. Your second hand joins the action and opens yourself up as your other hand tickles you clit. Harder you begin to rub yourself. Your fingers reach lower and are coated with your juice.

You picture him as he takes his tongue and laps your hole, your nectar coating his mouth as his tongue dives deep, scooping out your juice as it runs down his chin and neck. Back to your clit, his mouth opens and sucks it in hard, his fingers find their mark and slide in deep. The sensation of this stranger fucking you sends you over the top. He feels you cum and starts to suck you harder and harder. His fingers fuck you faster and faster. He turns into an animal, no longer content with getting you off, he forces his fingers into you deeper and deeper, fucking your cunt like a wild man, biting your clit, enough to make you scream.

Your finger dive deep into your now soaking wet cunt. Looking for that excitement, that build up of untamed passion. Harder and deeper you force your fingers. You are so wet your fingers find little resistance to the onslaught you are giving yourself.

You go to grab his head to stop his madness, to be met with he evil glare. He grabs your wrists as he rises above you. Lifting your arms back above your head. With one hand he pins both wrists down stretched above your head.

That hard cock that look so nice in that photo, now only inches away from entering you. You feel the head of his cock touch your inner thigh, leaving a trail of pre cum as it edges closer and closer. You couldn't stop him, even if you wanted too. Stopping him was the further-est thing on your mind. You wanted him to take you, and take you now.

A flashback as his cock parted your lips in one full thrust and stretched you open. In one full thrust he entered you to the hilt, you wanted to reach out and claw at his back with your nail, but he had you firmly pinned down. There was no niceties, about what he was doing, he wanted to fuck you and that's just what he did. His cock rammed you time and time again like a piston out of control. Each thrust was more forceful then the last. With his free hand he pinched your nipple hard, twisting them every way he could. He'd take a nipple in his mouth and bite hard. Every time you let a squeal  out he'd bite harder. All the while fucking you harder then ever before.

Your hand was not enough. You reached into the bedside table draw and retrieved your trusty vibrator.

You waste no time in getting it deep inside you. You spread your legs as far as you can as you mimic the feeling of the punishment you received. You turn it on flat out and the vibrations instantly make you cum hard. But your cant stop, you keep the vibe fucking you as deep as it will go.

As the vibe fills you, your mind goes back to this stranger. His cock deep within you, pounding you deeper and deeper, harder and  harder. His mouth finds you neck and sucks your flesh into his mouth. He bites at you as he grinds his cock hard into your wet cunt.  Higher he moves his mouth and finds your lips. Your mouth opens as he mashes his lips to yours. Your tongue darts out to enter his mouth and he sucks it deep into his. His cock is relentless in it's assault, until he pushes into you one final time as he sucks and bites your lower lip. You feel the eruption fill you inside, it's such a feeling you climax with him.

You remove the vibe from you hungry cunt and place it on your clit. The tender bud throbs harder and harder. You feel it building inside you once again, as you close your legs, clamping them tightly closed trapping your vibe in the most sensitive spot. At that moment, the whole evening flashed before your eyes and in that instant, you came harder then you ever thought possible.