Written by frangipaniland

13 Aug 2012

She opened her eyes and yes, the next delicious drop was there, and more. She stared longingly at the tempting treat before her. She could tell he was watching her and waitng... his cock was visibly throbbing and it had grown and thickened in the few moments since she had laid back. She desperately wanted to taste him again, her own wetness continued unabated, and, as yet, unrelieved. She fought against her desire to reach out with her tongue again and reach down with her hand.

Instead, she wriggled under him, secretly pleased that she had thought to tie his legs sufficiently so that he was well splayed. She lay there watching and waiting for that luscious drop to fall. He tried to reach her, reach himself, but again she had tied him skillfully enough that he could reach out, but not reach what he wanted. She looked up into his eyes and saw the hint of surprise and an almost grudging admiration as he realized she had been quietly observing and learning from him. A guttural moan of frustration, and pleasure, broke from him.

She continued to lay there, watching that drop trickle down his hard hot shaft, admiring the way the subtle light of the room was trapped within it. It grew in size as more oozed from him. She couldn't bare it any longer... she raised herself up on her elbows slightly and licked him and his precum all the way from the base, where it waited for her, to his throbbing head, then running her lips and tongue up and down the underside of his cock, collecting, tasting and savouring every morsel she could get. His moan was more urgent this time.

'Fuck me, fuck me with your mouth' he insisted.

'Not yet' she replied.....