Written by Kitty

21 Jun 2013

After weeks of communication and learning all my sensual erotic thoughts and fantasies, a meeting was arranged. We organised to meet in a coffee bar for a friendly chat, and to see if there was any chemistry.

1st time nerves hit me as I was preparing to get ready , I chose a silky camisole and matching french knickers then dressed in a modest knee length wrap over dress, stockings and kitten heels. I had taken my time with my long hair, twisting it teasingly into a loose bun. My makeup was carefully applied as I wanted to look my best, finishing with a little bit of red lipstick. This was only a coffee meet, but appearances counted.

I thought over the email messages where I had shared my inner thoughts and fantasies, still surprised that I had been so forthcoming, when asked. I hoped I would not disappoint.

I had met C online, whereby he had flirted and I felt relaxed flirting back. He was aware that I was married and was content with that, but stated early on that if I was to have a sexual relationship with him, he would have to be exclusive and no other men, other than my husband could have sex with me. I was turned on by the 'ownership '.

I had told him that I loved sex and was open to learning new things. He had suggested many scenarios which we played out within our emails. These had sometimes surprised me but turned me on immensely an I was excited to meet him in person.

So here I was, walking into the coffee shop, I see C sitting at table in the corner and he waves at me, so I consciously walk over. He stands and offers me a seat, so courteous and respectful. Coffee is ordered and we start to chat. I relax in his company. He is much taller than me and has short light brown hair with grey/ blue eyes which I find mesmerising. He is very attentive and compliments my appearance. I am sat opposite him. As we chat he tells me that I am exactly as he expected. I m pleased he likes me.

When it's time to leave , we walk to the car and he stands in front of me while I Start to say goodbye. I'm surprised when he pulls me close to him and kisses me deeply, pushing his tongue between my open lips. I respond wholeheartedly leaning into him and returning the kiss. We pull apart and I am all flushed at the excitement of the kiss. He looks at me seriously and says that I should follow his car to his house. 

I drive behind him, following him home. My mind is all a flurry wondering what the hell I am doing, but I am unable to stop myself. I have been well and truly seduced by him and want more. We pull up outside a house and he gets out of his car. I nervously get out of my own car, and he leads me into his home.

Inside he asks me to take a seat in the dining area. I sit down nervously, feeling stupid and vulnerable, but curious at the same time. He offers me a glass of water then walks over to me, placing the water on the table at my side. 

He pulls out a chair and sits directly in front of me, his knees mere inches from mine. He can see I'm very nervous and reassures me that he will stop if I say no.

He starts touch my knees and slowly pushes my dress up so my he can touch my lower thighs. He strokes me gently, teasing me with his touch. Suddenly he pushes my legs apart, my dress rides up high, revealing my knickers. I'm really turned on by this and welcome his hands stroking my upper inner thighs, I can feel the warmth of his hand. He leans over to me and starts to kiss me passionately. I am in heaven, enjoying the depravity of the situation.

He starts to caress my Pussy through my silky knickers and looks at me and asks me if this is what I want..... I gasp 'Yes'.. He looks intently at me and says you are now my slut................