29 Apr 2020

Miss and i snuck away to our favourite getaway spot just an hour up the coast. As we sat this afternoon drinking and laughing the afternoon was getting away fast, we decided to wonder up to the local for a few schooners and dinner.

Sitting in a corner we continued to chat play some Keno while deciding what to have for dinner, I noticed Miss seemed a little distracted by two younger looking fellows sitting a few tables away. The odd eye contact smile made my heart race a little could this be the time we pick up random in a pub.

Dinner was ordered and eaten still with the odd smile from Miss and wondering eyes over to the two guys. Thinking nothing would come of it we went outside for a smoke.

Within moments there was a voice asking if we minded if they could share our table, was rather full outside. It was the two guys from inside, quickly Miss was pushing out a spare chair agreeing quickly. They sat down introduced themselves as Mick and Rick a couple of local tradies.

An hour later getting rather tipsy with the boys the conversation had turned to sex with a lot of flirting between Miss and the boys. It was suggested we move back to our veranda away from the crowds and noisy band playing.

It didn't seem long sitting on the veranda the flirting got serious with Miss and the boys at one stage miss had her hand in my crotch and her foot rubbing Ricks crotch. Finally, Mick asked if he could use the loo and check out our villa.

While Mick was away Miss asked Rick if they were both interested in seeing the bedroom. Rick agreed and we soon found ourselves checking out the bedroom.

It did not take long before Miss was undressing Mick and Rick making sure to pay a lot of attention to both their rising cocks. I took up position on the bed to watch what I knew would be our dream evening. Miss gladly stroked one while sucking the other alternate between both, they both stood at attention, Mick a clean-shaven fella about 7 inches, Rick was massive must have 9 inches.

Rick pushed Miss back on the bed lifted her skirt beyond her hips, pulled her panties to the side and started licking her already wet pussy. Mick stood to the side while Miss rubbed his cock and thankfully mine too with the other hand.

We all changed spots over time, when it was my turn I could see the wet spot appearing on the bed under Miss she was dripping more than the three cocks in the room, my cock was busting, pre cum dripping from all cocks.

Mick slipped in Miss first, she gasped her fingernails scratched his back as he slowly pumped away, the moans coming from both was a setting for a porno.

The harder Mick pumped the harder Miss pulled at mine and Ricks cocks I felt like I was going to cum so pulled away to kiss Miss while she was being fucked. Her breath so deep, she was loving it and so was I. I could hear Micks breath change from slow to a more rapid pace his hips slammed Miss harder and harder. There it was I almost cum myself the shudder from Miss Mick stopped and grunted I knew he just pumped a good load into Miss.

Mick rolled off exhausted his cock covered in his cum, Miss rolled over doggy style and beckoned Rick for his turn, he immediately come round to shove his cock into Miss wet creamy and now dripping pussy. Micks cum was starting to bubble out, her panties were soaked.

Rick slowly pushed and rubbed his cock on Miss swollen Pussy making her squirm and force back to swallow his cock. Micks cum slowly dribbled out bubble by bubble causing a bigger stain on the bed.

The rhythm was slow to start, but the sound of wet cummy pussy was unmistakable as Rick pushed in and out, Miss reached round to cup his balls and slowly masturbate herself, as she rubbed her now engorged clit the rhythm from both Miss and Rick fastened. Miss was holding my arm with her other hand now squeezing and digging in her nails into my arm. Her face now bright red she looked up at me with her lip between her teeth pushing hard against Micks thrusts in the moans become loader. Miss let out an almighty scream as she quivered and flooded the bed and floor with her cum, one more quick deep thrust and Mick spilled his hot cum deep in Miss. Mick pulled out to reveal a beautiful pussy red swollen and oozing now two loads of cum and a mix of miss as well.

A white foamy mess saturated her panties her inner thighs glistened with a mix of cum and pussy cum. Miss gazed at me as if to say it’s your turn here’s what you wanted. With out hesitation I took up position the sight was how I imagined Miss pussy swollen red, strands of cum down her thighs white frothy cum bubbling from her pussy, I couldn't resist but to finger her pussy. Miss squirmed and bit the pillow,my fingers covered in a white foamy mix of cum rubbed her very swollen clit. The rhythm fastened until a scream again come from Miss a waterfall of cum streamed out over my legs floor and bed. I couldn't wait any longer a long strand of precum hung from my raging cock I knew I wouldn't last long. I held my cock just under her flaps and dragged outwards between them my cock now covered in thick creamy cum, Miss yelled put it in I Thrust in with one hard push. All that cum and pussy fluid pushed out covering my balls dripping down hitting the bed sheets I was in heaven and so was Miss. That velvet feeling was way to much for me and let what felt like a gallon of cum into Miss, her pussy was pulsating around my cock. My cock was pulsating in her pussy while I stood there to get my breath. Slowly now three loads of cum pushed passed my cock and dripped down her legs, I pulled out a very creamy white cock and saw the most beautiful pussy swollen pulsating in pure enjoyment.

Of course there was the obligatory pictures taken of such a beautiful scene before a nightcap, and maybe discussion on dogging....

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