Written by 69exylady

29 Oct 2012

My lover leads me by the hand, it's very dark, then again the dark shades he asked me to wear don't help but I am smiling, I am a little nervous, the anticipation is killing me, but I know that's half the surprise. My lover likes to keep me in suspense he knows my body better than I do. We arrive at a bar in a very dimly lit cellar, I can barely see the optics behind, but the barman's smile lights up the room. Hmmm I wonder if he is part of this evenings entertainment? That would be cool, he's handsome stud and smells good. "What will it be guys?" Is it me or is there a double meaning in there? We order a bottle of champagne, after a few sips, I ask the question that's been running through my mind, "so what's on the menu tonight?". My lover turns to me with his boyish grin, "I thought you'd never ask. Let's exchange the sunglasses for this mask and I will lead the way.". I swop the glasses and hold out my hand, you see I trust him implicitly, he has taken me places I have never dreamt off, knows my body more than I will ever know and he has only ever bought me pleasure.

I was being led deeper into the cavernous cellar, it was deceiving. "We're here" he whispers, nibbling my neck and pushing me up against the wall. He gently pushes my legs apart and I feel someone else silently clamp my legs in place, I give him one last hug and whisper I love you. I suspect it's going to be a while before I touch him again, this is going to be a long, fun filled evening. He steps away as I feel a stranger of each side of me pull my arms out and clamp my arms I am now forming a starfish shape unable to move and I feel the familiar tingle in my tummy and lower, the games are about to begin. Let me describe my position, I am blind folded wearing my scarlet red "hooker" lipstick as is the tradition when we play, a short white t shirt which pretty much hangs from my large pendulous breasts clearly showing the cupless bright red bra underneath it, my bottom is barely covered by a tight black short leather skirt, no pants, just hold up stockings on sky high heels, damn I can barely walk in them but apparently they make my bum look hot so who can refuse? I am at his mercy, his to do with what he chooses. It's such a rush knowing that I don't have to make any decisions, a strange feeling of freedom settles upon me, it's not always been this way, I fought it at first, it wasn't the normal, not what couples did but he broke me, in delicious ways, ways that make me want to touch myself.

For now I wait, not that I could do anything I am trussed to the wall, I wonder how many people can see me and I feel parts of me grow moist, the not knowing is all part of the game. I hear hushed voices, glasses being clinked in the cheers motion and low sensual music comes on. My hips want to sway but I am fairly well stuck in one place. Suddenly a large hand gropes my pussy and I hear a low growl of pleasure, I don't recognise this hand it's large, strong and immediately I am struck with the thought that his fingers will be thick and long too, well here's hoping, I grin to myself. His voice and hand has vanished though and I am left with a feeling of disappointment but not for long, he has lifted my shirt above my breast and he is gently breathing on my nipples, then taking little nibbles from each, oh this is so hot my inner muscles clench with the thought he could do anything, anything at all and damn I want it all. Snap, snap a soft leather flogger hits my nipples and I flinch, oops that's against the rules and I will pay for it later I know. It didn't hurt it was just the surprise of the change from gentle to rough, I hear a little chuckle from my large stranger, he slowly drags the flogger over my breasts still holding the t shirt with one of those strong hands, and I quiver again this time in anticipation, I am hoping he's going to share those long, thick fingers with me. He dips one in between my lips, I suck greedily on it swirling my tongue around the tip showing him my skills, learnt at the hands of my master and lover. A deep intake of breath from him tells me I hit the spot and I haven't even started yet. I grin on the inside, knowing if I am seen I will have to go back to waiting, hoping, wanting and I was already wet.

I feel the flogger trace a path down to my naked mound, two more quick flicks here and I hear the flogger drop to the ground. He first traces my outer lips with his index finger all the way front to back, not quite to my tight little rosebud and I feel a tremor of fear, no one but master has touched me there, did he give this stranger permission? did he give him instructions to touch me there? Is the stranger pushing the boundaries or teasing me to see if I squeal? I feel his large fingers continue their journey back again to my aching nub of pleasure, but again he circles it avoiding it, dragging out my desire, he's teasing me well, it's a real love/hate thing I love the anticipation it makes me wet, but equally I am dying to experience those stong, thick fingers inside me. He starts the journey again picking up pace back and forward, back and forward, each time skimming by my aching clit and my wet hole. Oh fuck me, fuck me with your fingers my inner voice screams, the rules state no talking and definitely no begging. Suddenly, unexpectedly I feel moist breath on my nipples but his hand is still teasing my wet pussy, now a warm breath skims my pussy lips, he spreads them open with both hands and I have both my nipples beings sucked on as he breathes on my hot achey clit. I realise one man can't be imparting all of these sensations, I try to count but lose track, I can't put these things together because he finally delves into my achey wet needy hole and I exhale, when did I start holding my own breath? Wow, his fingers are playing me like a piano, two fingers I think inside me stroking that rough spot on my inner wall, his thumb curling round to circle my clit gently brushing it from time to time sending electric jolts through my body, time and time again bringing me to the edge but not tipping me over. I still have the two mouths alternating licking, nipping and sucking on my nipples. Thick, long fingers pick up the pace and are now hammering all the way into, well, feels like my lower stomach damn, this is hot, hot, hot. I hear my lovers voice whisper in my ear "you can come now" and I do as the stranger continues his deep, punishing finger fuck of my pussy and strums my clit at the same time, he tips me over the edge and I feel myself gush over his hand. The mouths on my nipples move away and I wonder where they went but I am initially spent, a small smile appears as I feel my lover clean me up with a warm fluffy wash cloth and towel gently wipe my still sensitive love tunnel clean. As I said he takes care of me in every way.