Written by maz_1

19 May 2011

Jay left, as he had arrived. My body was still tingling from the totally earth shattering time we had spent together. But he had to leave. He had his committments to attend to.

It was two days later that he returned. We had talked to each other, but his work kept him busy. I longed for him. I needed his touch. My body ached for him. I knew that this would be the ultimate in our rendevous together, as this was most probably to be our last. I really wanted for us to go out with a bang, the biggest bang ever.

It was well after lunch that he arrived, and as on the last occasion, I watched him walk up the driveway. His body looking magnificent in tight jeans and t-shirt. My heart started to race. It was in my mouth, and my mouth had gone quite dry. This is what he could do to me, and I had only seen him once before in the flesh. And what wonderful flesh it was....mmmmmm. I raced down the stairs to open the door before he knocked. I wasn't speechless this time. I looked up at his face. Those smouldering eyes and inviting full lips. I stepped up to him, and kissed him, even before the door was closed. He responded immediately to me, but then pulled back, looking at me with some concern. "Hey, what's going on?" he said. I told him that there was nothing to worry about and I had wanted to kiss him first as I thought it was my turn to be in control. I had been taken much by surprise on that first visit, so I wanted to take the initiative. I looked deeply into those striking brown eyes. Those eyes could melt anyone, as they had melted me. I took his face into my hands and placed my lips on his. I kept thinking if this was the last time, please let it be the best. And I wanted to make sure it was.

He followed me up the stairs. I had purposely put on a short skirt, and under them lacey knickers. He touched my butt, and the chills started down my spine. "Mmmmm. That looks yummy," he uttered. I smiled to myself, thinking that I was still attractive enough to captivate someone as young as Jay. We reached the top of the stairs and I turned at the top, which made him have to stop on the step below. It was my turn to take him. He looked at me, a surprised look on his face. "Why so surprised?" I asked. He looked at me with those eyes...dammit...I could not afford to let them melt me just yet. I needed to be in control for a little longer. I took a deep breath and looked at him. I held his face in my hands, and leaned in and kissed him deeply. There was no going back now. The electricity between us was incredible. I pulled back, just long enough to see a startled expression on Jay's face. I don't think he realised just how much passion I had. But I was transferring it to him, and drawing him in.

Our lips were locked together. We were hungry for each other. My tongue in his mouth, his in mine. My hands moved from his face to his strong neck, and my lips went there too. He was groaning as I sucked his neck and licked it. Gentle kisses, and little bites. I pressed against him, and I could feel how excited he had become. I wanted this to last as long as possible. He had his hands on my butt, making sure I could feel his hardness. Ohh, that weapon, I want to remember that forever. He was pulling up my skirt and squeezing my bum. I was dripping already, and my breath was becoming ragged. The kissing had become frantic now. Neither of us wanting to move. I could feel his cock throbbing through his pants.

We took a few steps in, still joined at the lips, hands all over each other. The kitchen bench was in my back and Jay grabbed my bum, and lifted me on top of the bench. This made me just the right height. There was no slowing in the touching or kissing. He lifted me slightly, and removed my undies. There I was, legs spread and pussy dripping. Damn, I thought I was going to be in control!!! Jay stepped back and looked at me, my face first, down to my breasts and then to my pussy. "Ohh my," was all he said. He unzipped his pants, and his cock flew to attention as if it was spring loaded. It was loaded all right, but not with springs. He pulled me to the edge of the bench and his cock slipped in easily. I gasped, as I had done the first time he had entered me. I clung to his shoulders, as he slowly thrust in and out. He was buried to the hilt, and I was already to the point of orgasm. He knew being in this position, the tip of his cock would be rubbing on my g-spot. Jay had to hold me, or I would have fallen off the bench!!! I had my legs around his waist and he pushed me down to my elbows but held on to my shoulders. His thrusting had become a little more urgent. I was now dripping. Orgasm after orgasm. He could feel my pussy squeezing his cock, and I knew that he wouldn't be far from blowing as well. Both of us were in ectasy. We were as one again. He opened his eyes,and looked at me. I knew that look. He was ready to explode. I said "Cum in me babe. Cum hard." With that, his thrusts became faster, and with a low groan, he exploded. I squeezed every drop I could out of him. We were both breathless, but ended up holding each other until Jay's orgasm has subsided. He was having trouble standing. His legs were shaking. I could still feel his cock. His erection had not yet diminished. He slipped out, but only to scoop me up and carry me to the bed.

He lay me down with a gentleness that I had never felt before. He quickly stripped off his clothes, which were saturated with sweat, as were mine. He took off my skirt, top and bra, to leave me totally exposed to him. His erection had not subsided at all, in spite of his huge orgasm. He pulled my legs down, and he was kneeling by the side of the bed. He lifted my legs a little, just enough to slip his arms underneath. He went straight for my clit. It was as hard as his erection from the pounding on the bench. I squealed. "Mmmm, salty," you say. He was tasting his own cum for the first time. He licked and teased my clit. Sucked and licked my juices as they oozed out. He slipped fingers in to find my g-spot. Damn, the orgasms were unbelievable. My legs were shaking, my hips bucking. But he kept at my clit, knowing that I have a huge orgasm ready to explode. "Oh my god," I scream, and I squirt, but he is fast enough to lick up all the juices I'm pumping out.

I look down at him, his face soaked with my cum. He kissed me, from my navel to my face, slowly and methodically. He reached my lips, and I look in his eyes. I have melted again. He kisses me, deeply, just the way I like. I am throbbing, and he rubbed his beautiful cock between my legs. I squirm up the bed a little so he can kneel on the edge. He slides in. I am so wet that there is no resistance. He pulled my legs up to rest on his shoulders. He knows that this position hits my g-spot, and he grinned at me. "Damn you", I say, but he just chuckles. Jay kept a slow tempo, but buried himself in me as far as he can with every stroke. He increased the pace every now and then, just to get me to the point of orgasm, but then slowing again. He was grinning down at me, because he knew exactly what he was doing. I begged him to let me orgasm finally, and he looked at me with those eyes again. His body is glistening with sweat in the afternoon light. "It's okay," he said.

He rolled me over and pulled me back to his hips. I can feel the knob of his cock throbbing against my dripping pussy. This was it. I knew we were both going to go right over the edge, as doggie was Jay and my favourite position. He started slowly, just easing his thick cock into me. Oh my god. I could feel every inch of him slide in. He was so awesome. He pushed himself deep inside, and was grinding his hips into my butt. I moaned. This felt like nothing I had felt before. My whole body was felt like it was electrified. I was buzzing. I had another orgasm, and I'm sure that I squirted again as I could feel the cum running down my leg. This turned Jay on no end. He was holding me by the hips, and pulling me onto him. We were moving as one, me pushing back as he pushed into me. We had perfect rhythm together. The pace was just enough to keep us both on the verge of blowing our brains out.

It was as if we both didn't want it to end. I had continual orgasms, but I knew that Jay was holding back. We both slowed and just kept a pace enough to feel the warmth and wetness of each other. I slipped out from him, and he laid on the bed. I immediately straddled him, and the look on his face was priceless. It was him that gasped this time, as I drove myself down on him. I wanted to be impaled by that beautiful cock. I moved up and down slowly at first, as I wanted him to see how much I enjoyed being in control. This was more like it. He grabbed hold of my hips and started to lift his to meet them. We were grinding together. I wanted to have every part of him in me, as far as I could inside of me. I looked at his face. It was as if he was in heaven. And I think I was there with him. I knew this was going to be a monster of an orgasm, when both of us eventually reached the point of no return. The pace increased, and he was making soft moaning noises. The noises became louder as he came closer to climax. Now there was no turning back. I rode him with all the skill of a jockey. We were as one, he raising his hips to meet mine. Both of us were so close. Then finally, with both of us in total ecstacy, I felt a gush of warm and wet liquid. My own juices contributed to the puddle that was now forming on Jay's pubic area. It was running down his leg. I collapsed next to him, as both of us were totally spent. We lay for sometime, just holding each other. Jay started to speak, but I put my finger on his lips. I knew he had to leave, and soon, but I didn't want to think about that. I looked deep into those brown eyes. "I know you have to go," and with that I kissed him lightly.

He got up and showered, and I knew this was possibly the last time I would see him, the last time I would enjoy his body. I walked him to his car. We embraced before he got in. Neither of us said anything, we knew that no matter what we said, it would only trivialise the time we had spent together. He leaned down and inhaled me, as if he wanted to remember that smell forever. We kissed, knowing that this kiss would have to last for a very long time. I couldn't bear to watch him drive away....