Written by 69exylady

13 Jun 2011

Another story from the Jane and John series - hope you like :)

She was mingling in her new party dress, which she had teamed tonight with black seamed stockings, and her new nipple rings. She was feeling hot and really needed to get home to release some of her sexual frustration, but she was fulfilling her social obligations on behalf of her and her husband who had managed to get out of the party due to “work commitments”. He knew she hated attending parties on her own, her self confidence just wasn’t that high, of course the champagne was flowing at this party which helped - she stepped down to the pool and took in the magnificent view of the fabulous boats moored up along side the property, a few people had arrived by boat this evening, I guess the risk of a breath test was less on the water and of course if they were too far gone they had their own beds to sleep in. She smiled, she had been able to tour a couple of them thanks to their kind owners and they were very well kitted out, large beds, kitchens, entertainment units, just like home from home, she wondered how it would feel to make love aboard. Taking one last longing look at the pool - she would love to have that to herself for a skinny dip in the moonlight, she turned and headed back to the party to mingle some more. Thinking she had better arm herself with some water to ensure she lasted the night out she headed towards the kitchen. Who should be in front of the fridge but John and Barry the host of the party, she shuddered she had been avoiding both of them all night but for different reasons. She hadn’t spoken to John since their phone call last week, her face flushed and her pussy wept just thinking about it, Barry was just a sleaze and had been dropping comments all night about her being here alone. She was sure she had managed to side step a grope or two earlier in the night. She was just about to swerve the fridge in exchange for a top up on her champagne when Barry spotted her and waved her over. Grimacing inwardly she pasted on a smile, “fabulous party Barry I don’t know how you do it, fun company, great food and of course the venue is to die for” She caught Johns face and he rolled his eyes at her - he was obviously having as fun a time as her. Barry missed the exchange and tried to pull her in for a hug, which she neatly side stepped again by holding out her empty glass, she knew he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to top her up again. She was right, “we can’t have a dry glass in the house can we” he chuckled “especially one belonging to such a hot little thing, eh John?” he winked at John as he topped up her glass. She smiled and tipped back a good slug she was going to need it to get through this conversation without becoming too unhinged, looking around for re-enforcements, the guys wives or anyone else she knew she could drag into the conversation she came up empty handed it looked like a game was beginning outside and the majority of the party goers had drifted off in that direction.

“So Jane tell me do those lines go all the way up and when do I get to find out for myself?” Barry smirked referring to her seamed stockings. “I’ve been telling her all night John that if she were mine she wouldn’t be let out on her own like that, sight for sore eyes she is, would you be letting her out on her own?” “no, I wouldn’t let her out of my sight” John said looking at her and discreetly winked. “How about we take her on the boat and show her a good time John, no one would notice and she’s clearly dying for someone to find their way around those stockings, they are stockings my dear, aren’t they?” She staggered a little shocked at his directness and she could feel her face flushing with embarrassment. John grabbed hold of her arm and gave Barry a stern look, “I don’t think she’s quite up to that suggestion, how much have you given her this evening Barry?” Barry shrugged “no more than I’ve had she’ll be right, she’s a good little drinker aren’t you sweetie? “

John whispered in her ear, “where’s, Nat tonight at work?” she nodded, Barry presumed she meant in answer to his question. “see, John she’s up for it come on let’s go I’ve been dying to get in her pants all night”. Horrified her eyes must have shown the shock and fear she felt, she fantasised about one of these men and often fantasised about sharing him but not with the great hairy brute that was Barry. Deep breathes, gave her the composure she needed before she found the retort she was looking for, “I don’t think you’re capable of getting in anyone’s pants tonight Barry, the kitchen counter top appears to be holding you up and my knickers are at home in my drawer so you'd certainly have a long trip to get into them” With that she swung around hearing John chuckling at Barry’s shocked face. He of course knew she liked to go bare he had felt her up a few weeks ago and look where that ended. Her pussy pulsed with the longing she felt. Oh, if only she could have taken Barry up on the offer of the boat minus Barry, she would have been undressed in a heart beat, John and she had shared two passionate “comings together” she smirked at her own joke. Both of them really shouldn’t have happened but they were fuel for her further fantasies. No one knew of them, she certainly wouldn’t be sharing them with anyone and she was fairly certain John wouldn’t either since neither of their partners would be too pleased. She mingled a little more wondering how soon would be too soon to excuse herself, then grimacing at the thought of the pleasantries she would have to exchange with Barry and his wife before leaving. She wasn’t looking forward to giving him another chance to grope her.

She was getting a little chilly when she felt someone wrap something around her shoulders from behind, she instinctively nestled into the body knowing it was John she could smell him, he had a distinctive smell, clean, male and almost a coconut smell. “Are you ready to go?” he whispered into her ear, she nodded again, what was it around him he made her mute. “Close your eyes and lean into me, don’t say a word” She did as he said and he led her gently through the throng, lifting her up into the waiting car, he tucked her in and shut the door gently behind her before jogging round and jumping in his side. “How are you feeling?” he asked kindly. “ I am great now” she smiled “You know I am not really drunk don’t you? A few of Barry’s pot plants may have a champagne hangover however” she grinned hoping his expensive orchids liked champagne. “Clever girl” John chuckled “and yes, I realised that but it was a great excuse to get out of there and have you all to myself” He tossed his phone at her, “just send a text to the missus and let her know to head home whenever she’s ready I’ll meet her there when I’ve taken care of you”.

Her fingers flew over the keypad as she typed “and just how are you going to take care of me John?” She asked noting her voice had gone all husky as it always did when she was alone with him.

“Oh I can think of a few things I want to do to you Jane and we can start by replaying that phone call we had last week but in the flesh this time”

John pulled up in front of her house, she didn’t give him time to take out the keys, she leaned over and frantically kissed him with all the banked passion she had held onto since the phone call last week, John kissed her back hard and she felt the need all the way to her clit, mindlessly she rubbed herself hard to ease the burn she felt there. John pulled back gasping in air as he did so, she could see pure lust in his eyes, yet he smiled softly and said “we had better get out of the car quickly before your neighbours get a show they will never forget”. She was too stunned to respond and wordlessly got out of the car hurrying to open the door, damn she hadn’t even thought about neighbours or anything to that effect she just felt when she was with John.

John ensured he locked up behind him before grabbing her from behind and lifting her effortlessly into his arms, kissing her face and neck he murmured gentle words of encouragement as she hummed her pleasure. He liteok her breath away, she urged him to put her down and asked him if he needed anything to take upstairs. “I have all I need right here in front of me” he growled. She smiled and wordlessly pulled out a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Knowing she wasn’t really going to need the glasses she smiled to herself and ran upstairs to join John. Who had made himself at home in the guest room. She put the champagne by the bed and bought through her “toy chest” just in case. She was pretty sure they wouldn’t need any help from them tonight but she didn’t want anything to spoil the anticipation. She lit the candles in the room and dimmed the lights before sitting on the side of the bed. She had dreamed of this night for so long, memories of all the times she had used this fantasy to complete her masturbation sessions flooded her mind, and her pussy pulsed in anticipation. She wasn’t sure how to take this further so she snuggled up to John and kissed him gently, starting with his ear, sucking gently on his lobe making little wet kisses lead over to his lips, quickly she brushed over them making her way to the other ear, grazing her nipples through the dress across his chest. Se felt them impossibly stiffen more than they already were begging for his touch. She heard a moan, from somewhere in the distance, it seemed to come from another place. John brushed his hand over her taught nipples through the dress and the moan came again, this time she realised it was her. She started pulling at Johns shirt desperate to feel flesh on flesh now. John gently pushed her away and she looked at him puzzled, her brow furrowed and her bottom lip stuck out like a child. “but I thought you wanted …” John stopped her question by placing a finger over her mouth. “Oh, but I do want you, so badly Jane, too much for you to be stripping me before I get a taste of you, I’ll go off like a rocket and where’s the fun in that for you?” His words sent shudders of anticipation from her nipples still aching and arching into his touch, through to her clit which felt hard, hot and needy. “stand up for me Jane, I am going to undress you, like I have been doing all night in my head. I have no idea what I said to most people tonight at the party. All I could think of was you and your hot little mouth on me, that phone call was so erotic and I never had anyone initiate such a conversation before, now its pay back” He stood up and slowly moved to her back holding her arms above her head with one hand and slowly unzipping the dress with the other, she sucked in her breath feeling suddenly very self conscious there was little else under the dress, it had a built in bra so all there was, was her suspender belt and stockings, oh and of course her new nipple rings, she smiled in anticipation of him seeing this naughty side of her she knew he would appreciate it. John seemed to understand her sensuous nature and her need to feel on the edge. The dress slowly slipped down her body and he helped her step out of it twirling her round to face him, he took a long look at her like he was drinking in the vision of all of her, like a thirsty man. As he got to her breasts he groaned and caught one of the hoops in his spare hand tugging on it gently, making her head rock back and that distant moan came from her throat again. Damn, he made her feel good all over without even trying - it seemed. Lowering his head to her ear he whispered “ we have lots more of that coming don’t worry sweetie we are taking this slow and easy, this first ones just for you” Jane’s eyes widened in shock, greed and she hummed in pleasure as he lowered her to the bed arranging her as he wanted, legs at 10 to 2 hands above her head and hair fanned all around her face. “Now Jane, do I need to tie those hands or are you going to promise me you will keep them there, remember no touching!” She nodded, she would have agreed to anything at his point just to please him. He kicked off his shoes and socks and tore off his trousers and shirt leaving just his perfect white, tight boxers, “protection” he smiled leaving them on but adjusting himself within them. She could see all his amazing manhood already very, very hard and begging to be released from the cotton prison. She was desperate to feel what he had planned for her and she gave her tush, a little wiggle, to ease the longing she was feeling there. He smiled at her but she could see a glint of evil in his eyes, he was going to make her beg for it. He leaned over and kissed her hard and she returned the kiss pushing her tongue inside his mouth licking around feeling his tongue doing the same to hers. He moved away and she felt lost but not for long as he alternated little hot kisses with little sharp nips all the way down her neck to her breast, moving round her areola, then across to her other breast missing the part that was begging for him, her nipples, they stood out and more erect than she had ever seen them before, she could feel her pussy beating hard, she was surprised he couldn’t hear it almost begging for him to hurry. She groaned and although she had promised she wanted to grab his head with both hands and hold him over her nipples “something you want sweetie?” John asked with a smirk. The bastard he was teasing her she knew it but she didn’t have the breath or guts to demand he do her as she wanted. Not just yet, but she nodded. He lightly grazed his fingertips over both nipples and was rewarded by another of those moans low and guttural. “Do you like it hard baby?” he asked tugging on one nipple whilst lowering his mouth to the other “yes” she cried arching her breast to his mouth. He chuckled and suckled on the nipple teasing the ring with his tongue. Oh boy, that felt so good she’d always had sensitive nipples sometimes she swore she could come just from a good play with them. He swapped sides and for the few seconds of no contact she felt bereft but here he was again sucking and teasing her hard rosy nipples. “so sweet” he whispered . “More John more” she begged. He slowly moved lower, keeping his firm chest in contact with her body as he slid down her, all the time rolling one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. He came to her naked freshly waxed pussy and slapped it with his spare hand, shit that shouldn’t turn her on but she felt her juices gushing and she was struggling to keep her hands above her head she had nothing to hold onto as her pussy voluntarily seemed to offer itself up for another spanking. “I knew you were a naughty girl Jane, did your pussy like that spanking?” he crooned at her slowly stroking the redness away before lightly spanking her again. A gurgled mmmm was all she could managed as he grabbed underneath her ass with both hands and pushed a cushion underneath her lifting her pussy closer to his face. Realising what he was about to do had her creaming all over again. John licked her outer lips first sucking on them all the way round, then gently holding them he seemed to just dive in and within seconds she was flying, his tongue was wicked, flicking and sucking on her clit, then as she was close to the edge pulling back and gently nibbling on her outer lips. Then she felt his tongue flick lower and he was licking her pussy clean of all the juices she had spilled before flicking his tongue in and out of her puss in a rhythm she had to force herself to stop her hips from pushing into his face. He moved back to her clit and she felt him spear her pussy with not one but two fingers. “Tight and sweet, just as I remembered” he muttered into her clit as he drove her higher and higher with his fingers. “Come for me Jane before I can’t stand it and drive my cock deep into this red hot vice.” She was close enough she didn’t need any further encouragement and spilled her juices all over his tongue, crying out and digging her nails into his shoulder before realising who she held and pulling back. She bit her lip hoping she hadn’t left a mark but John seemed not to notice or care. He was easing up her body kissing every inch of her, on his return to her mouth she could taste herself on his lips and this just seemed to make her horny all over again. She wiggled underneath him and he growled before rolling onto his back and holding onto her until she was on top of him, she pushed herself up desperate to make him feel as good as she did, but he gripped her ass tightly, “I can’t wait any longer I need to feel that tight wet pussy, wringing me dry” She smiled although she could feel her cunt pulsing in answer to his plea she wanted to make this, their first time enjoying full sex last as long as possible, she knew her will power where he was concerned was limited and he seemed to make any control she had slip away but first whilst she got her breath back from that amazing orgasm she was going to tease him just a little. First she stroked his huge hard on through the shorts, then slowly peeled the them away, his cock seemed to be spring loaded as it jumped for joy out of the tight shorts which had held it prisoner. She was pleased to see he hadn’t been unaffected by their foreplay she licked the small pearl bead from the tip, and her him groan, which made her smile. She lifted herself to a crouching position just above his cock which was eagerly lifting in her direction she held it gently in her hand and gave it a couple of firm strokes before positioning the tip at her moist entrance, she still held him at the base and dipped just the head of his penis in and out very slowly. Damn this was supposed to tease him but she felt herself getting wetter and ached to have his whole length inside her, breathing deeply she continued to move slowly up and down inch by inch letting more of him in before slowly lifting herself off of him. She could hear Johns breath changing and his hands were grabbing the bedding he was trying to let her have her own way but she could tell he was losing patience and his control. Good, she wanted him to feel the same excitement he drew from her, the wild, out of control feeling, like nothing else in the world existed but the moment. Suddenly, John gripped her hips and rammed his length into her aching pussy and she let out a scream, pleasure, pain mixed into one he was so much bigger than she was used to but she was so ready for him, she picked up the pace and rode him with the desperation of a sex starved woman, he was helping her, holding her hips in place at times to thrust his wide, length into her, he was balls deep in her pussy and she could feel the quivers of orgasm about to wash over her, she wanted to take him with her and she clenched her inner muscles, squeezing his cock tighter, forcing a groan of pleasure from his chest “I am so close John come with me, let go I want to feel you explode inside me” With that he tumbled her over onto her back forcing her legs around his neck, she felt him pulse further inside her he was going to split her in half but it felt so good, she heard herself cry out and felt him inside her she could tell he was about to come, she reached her hand around her bum and gave his balls a soft squeeze which tipped him over the edge and along with him she went too she felt herself convulsing around him and almost drifted out of consciousness, “that was so good, so good” she murmured to herself. He rolled off her but drew her into a spoon position. ‘I knew it would be good with you Jane, you’re so hot you melt me, but that was explosive you should come with a health warning” he chuckled to himself. She hugged herself, she couldn’t quite believe what she’d done but she knew she would do it all again in a heart beat rather than miss out on feeling so good it was like calorie free chocolate not to be passed up.

To be continued ........