Written by Mrs_tri_jon_1

21 Jul 2010


I’ve had this male New Zealand pen pal for about two maybe three years now. We’ve never met. All our correspondence had been through either phone calls, letters or e-mails on the computer. All of that was about to change. Jon was coming here for a short holiday. He was visiting family; well that was the excuse he was using.

Jon had told his family he was getting a lift from the airport with a friend, and because his flight would be late in he’d spend the night with them then catch up with family the next day. Actually his flight was due in at 10am. We hadn’t sent each other photos, we thought it would add to the excitement of it all.

We’d gotten pretty hot and heavy in letters and phone calls and we both felt comfortable with that. Jon had said early on that it was not how a person looked that was important but how well two people got on that was. It was agreed that when Jon landed and had his luggage he would come out the front door and using his mobile call mine. It was all to add to the excitement.

When I arrived at the airport it didn’t seem that busy. Picking a guy out using a mobile wouldn’t be that hard, or so I thought. I stood across the road from the main door, standing near a shelter type construction; it was where you paid to get out. Having arrived early I knew standing in this particular spot, Jon would not get a direct view of me unless I moved. Just about every single good looking guy that come out through those doors had a mobile phone.

And then I saw him! Being from New Zealand, Jon was half-Maori. This gorgeous Adonis emerged from the main door. He had beautiful brown skin, sort of like that of someone who lived in the sun. He was superbly dressed without going overboard. Dark pants and a gorgeous two-toned jumper and wrap around sunglasses. As soon as he hit the pavement he went straight for his mobile phone.

I held my breath as I waited for my mobile to ring. It rang twice before I answered it. There was that sexy voice on the other end, and with that Kiwi accent I felt instantly moist.

“Hey girl, I’m standing here looking around, where you at?” he drooled.

My heart was racing; he was better looking than I thought. Something like a male model from a men’s catalogue.

“I’m here baby, how many women can you see talking on a mobile phone?” I asked with an equally sexy drool I thought.

“Girl don’t do this to me!” he pleaded. “I see about four women talking on mobiles, which one is you?”

“Babe, you got a one in four chance of finding out, why don’t you tempt fate and start walking towards the one you think is me. From where I’m standing I can see you and if you start going in the wrong direction I’ll let you know.” I said matter of factly.

“Ah darlin that ain’t fair,” he said ever so softly. “With all the calls lately I just wanna grab you kiss you and take you back to the hotel and make love to you until the early hours of the morning. Come on girl give me a clue?” he pleaded again.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the second, the mixture of his accent and his courting words were getting me horny. I turned around so my back was to him. His sexy voice began again,

“Tell you what, you tell me what you’re wearing and I’ll tell you what I’m gunna do to you once we hit that hotel.” He said almost begging.

“Tell you what!” I emphasised, “Why don’t you tell me what you want to do to me, and then if I’m horny enough I’ll tell you where I’m at!” I said cheekily, but before I had the chance to add anything I felt this strong arm around my waist.

“Don’t turn around” he whispered, “I’ll tell you everything I’m gunna do to you right here”.

My heart almost stopped beating and my knees became weak. I assumed that by turning away I’d given myself up. I looked down at the phone and turned it off. His arm around my waist was almost enough to make me explode into orgasm, added to that was the warmth of his breath on the back of my neck, and the knowledge that after two years he was here in person, touching and holding me.

I couldn’t let him excite me anymore, not here! I spun around looked into the brownest eyes I’ve ever seen and smiled. I quietly said his name, and he mine, then he kissed me with the softest lips I’ve ever kissed. After what seemed like an eternity but in reality was no more than a minute, I put my hands against his chest and pushed away.

“Not here, not now. I’m so horny I could fuck you while we’re standing here” I begged.

His response was simple – why not? I grabbed his hand and we headed for my car. We made small talk from the airport to the hotel. The whole drive I was thankful for the closeness to the hotel.

When we arrived, Jon checked in and made small talk with the Manager. When he was given his room key my heart began to beat faster, and my pussy became wetter. Jon handed me the key while he carried the luggage, and with the Managers instructions guided us towards the room.

I put the key in the lock and held the door while Jon walked in past me, I then followed. The room was slightly dark, and as I latched the lock my other hand preceded towards the light switch. Jon now standing behind me pinned my arms against the wall. It was the stance you see when a police officer wants to search someone.

I knew instantly that the waiting was over. He started kissing the back of my neck, I was again thankful that it was a warm day and I had put my hair up. The soft kisses and nibbles on my neck were sometimes like a direct line to my cunt, this was one of those times.

As he kissed and nibbled my neck I began to arch my back so that my arse was rubbing against his crotch. While my hands now steaded me, Jon’s hands were fondling. One on my breast the other between my legs. He stopped kissing my neck and gently grabbed and turned me around. As I opened my eyes to look at him, he was kneeling down in front of me.

I leant against the door as his hands went up the inside of my thighs; his hands went up the inside of my thighs towards my mound. He was gently and softly kissing the inside of my thighs, his hands going to the outside of my thighs and then around to my arse. As he grabbed my arse I thrust my now soaking cunt into his face.

Through my wet knickers I could feel his warm mouth licking at my swollen clit. I was now so close to orgasm. He gently pulled my wet knickers down, and as I stood out of one leg, he just thrust his mouth straight onto my pussy. While he was sucking at my clit he guided my leg to rest on his shoulder. His hand then followed the contour of that leg up to my arse and then around into my pussy.

As he inserted his finger into my cunt his sucking on my clit didn’t stop. I placed my hands onto either side of his head and gently pulled him closer. He removed his fingers and began tonguing my cunt. I couldn’t hold on any longer. My moaning must have indicated I was ready to cum. He re-inserted his fingers and using them like a cock started thrusting harder while still licking and sucking at my clit.

My whole body shuddered into climax. I could feel my juices flowing and as they did Jon just licked it all. As I let out the last sigh I looked down at him and saw him smiling up at me. This was the beginning of what I knew was going to be a fuck feast.

Jon took my hand and guided me towards the bed. In a matter of seconds we seemed to be fully naked, kissing and hugging and fondling all at the same time. His roughness excited me. Before long we started again. This time I took the lead. I started kissing and gently sucking on his neck, then moved down his chest. Leaving little nibbles here and there.

I took his nipple in my mouth and sucked, he gently arched his back. I knew instantly that this excited him, so did it again on the other side. He had placed a hand gently on my head. All I wanted to do was suck his cock and fuck all night long, but I knew I had to take it slowly.

I moved down his body, kissing here and there. I didn’t have to look to know he was erect, I could feel it against me. When I reached his cock, I looked up at him and smiled, took a deep breath and then lowered my mouth onto his cock.

I sucked with a passion. I just couldn’t seem to get enough. As I sucked I knew he was getting ready to cum, I hesitated, I didn’t know if I wanted him to cum in my mouth or fuck me. As the thoughts danced around in my head, the decision was taken out of my hands, he let out a low moan and I knew he was ready to cum.

With that I preceded to suck harder, and in an instant felt the warmth of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, not wanting to spill any. I moved up to his chest and laid against him, he wrapped his arm around me and said to give him alittle while to recover, and we’d do it all again. I closed my eyes to rest; I thought it best to make the most of the break.

I was gently woken by the sensation of Jon sucking softly on my breast; I felt an instant wetness between my legs and knew that we were going to end up fucking. When I opened my eyes, Jon smiled and said hello in the softest of voices; I could hardly hear him.

His hands were gently touching everywhere as he continued sucking on my breast. His finger slipped in and out of my wet cunt several times and I gently felt his cock growing in my hands. His mouth was close to my cunt and as much as I wanted him to eat me, I wanted him to fuck me even more. As soon as I felt he was just about ready to start licking me I moved. He looked at me as if to ask what I was doing.

I motioned to him to lie flat on his back. I then started crawling up his legs until I squatted over his cock; I guided it into my wet cunt and leant forward to kiss his soft lips. He grabbed at my arse and began pumping. All I could do was enjoy.

I then slowly arched my back, doing this his cock went deeper into my cunt. I then rested my hands against his chest and started to rock backwards and forwards. He must of known that I wanted to fuck him, so he stopped his pumping and let me fuck him.

He grabbed at my shoulders and gently turned me over onto my back, his cock still inserted. He thrust inside once then twice before he then grabbed my legs at put them over his shoulders. This made his cock go so very deep inside me, I moaned, I was so close to cumming, and I think he sensed it because he just fucked quicker.

He moaned and without warning I could feel my pussy filling with his cum. As soon as I felt the first thrust of his cum inside me, I came as well, excellent timing I thought. He rocked back once or twice more before lying down beside me.

I woke a while later to a darkened room. I dressed and wrote a little note to Jon thanking him for the few hours we had just shared. I also wrote my address down and suggested that after he had spent some time with his family, he should drop in, and that was the last time I ever saw him.

A few weeks later I received an e-mail on my computer from Jon; he was back in New Zealand. At first I thought I’d be mad because he didn’t contact me, but when I read his mail, I smiled remembering everything we had done. I wasn’t mad at all, I had written, its nice to have a pen pal that has been a fuck buddy.