Written by shanemichaels

27 Sep 2010

We'd been exploring the boundaries of our sexuality for 6 months or more when the discussion moved to our fantasy's. I was keen to see Michelle in a 3 some with 2 guys, she was not so sure. She had tried a few different guys but none turned her on. We decided to book a motel room up the coast for a tuesday night and head off to "Caseys Nightclub" nearby. The night proved to be very quiet, hardly a soul there and only a few couples and small group of ladies from a girls night out. we decided to move down the road to a small bar. Michelle was still nervous but a bit confident nothing was going to happen tonight. The empty motel room awaited us regardless and we would stil get down and dirty on our own regardless. Well this bar was just as quiet with about 6 guys drinking at the bar and a couple playing pool. After a few drinks Michelle surgested a game of pool and we put our money on the table and waited. A quick game win to me followed with another. Now Michelle was getting pissed and her game showed it. The 2nd game was over quickly and we headed back to our table and another round of drinks. We were getting a bit frisky under the table and Michelles tongue was flicking into my mouth. Suddenly her fav song was played on the juke box and she wanted to dance. Now Michelle was pissed and horny and rubbing her hands and body all over mine. She was onheat and I needed to get her back to the motel room asap. Michelle would have none of this and wanted to dance, so off she went and dragged a guy from the bar and began to dance with him, rubbing her body on his and holding him close. A bit of kissing began and this guys hands fondled her tits and rubbed her arse cheeks. This made her wilder and her began to pash him right there in the middle of the bar. Then over walked his mate and he joins in rubbing her arse and lifting her skirt and feeling her cheeks. Now Michelle became the centre of attraction at the bar with everyone watching,including me. It was getting late and the bar manager wanted to close up, however no one wanted to leave. He insisted and pushed us out and locked up. Michelle on the other hand was pissed and horny now and wanted more and reminded me of our room. She whispered in my ear we should bring these 2 guys back to the motel with us and live out my fantasy. Now the 2 guys were with a group and we invited the 2 of them back. They jumped in the back of my car and Michelle dived across them and squeezed between them for the short journey to the motel. In the rear view mirror I could see Michelle's top being lifted and tits squeezed as she pashed one of the guys, I could her her moaning and next thing she is going down on the pashing guy while the other guy had his hands up her skirt and inside her panties playing with her butt. I could see lights following us until we turned off at the motel and pulled into the space infront of our room. I hopped out and opened the door and waited for the 3 of them to get out of the car. Eventually they did, Michelle stummbled out tits hanging out of her top and skirt all ruffeled up around her waist, I could see her panties still on but pulled to the side, pussy all showing. We all went inside the room and in a matter of seconds the guys had stripped Michelle naked and were feeling her up. The guy she had gone down one wanted his cock sucked so he pushed her head down and shoved his hard cock into her mouth. The other guy, had slipped his finger into her wet cunt and was frigging her trying to bring her off quickly. I surgested they move to the bed and before long Michelle was on her knees on the bed sucking off one guy while the other decided to shaft her doggy style. It wasn't long before the guy behind shot his load all over her arse cheeks and crack and he was spent. Not satisfied she climbed up onto the 2nd guy and began to ride him wildly, grinding her clit on him, humping up and down with that beautiful arse. Now I had behaved myself up unto now, but the sexy arse bouncing up and down was just too tempting. It doesn't take me long to drop my gear and I just stepped up and wiped some of that spare cum into Michelle's arsehole and pushed my cock into her. She clearly wasn't expecting it and turned around and told me to fuck off. I pushed her head down and proceeded to shaft her until I exploaded deep in her bowels. I then pulled out and left her to ride the guy until she was exhausted. Before long we all collasped on the bed and chairs needing a good cold drink to revive us.