Written by shanemichaels

28 Sep 2010

I must say, I never expected Michelle to go for the whole idea of a 3 some, however she sure did take to it completely and fucked as hard as she was fucked. As we lay they exhausted the 2 guys said they never experienced any woman quite like my Michelle and they'd love to meet up again, next time with their girlfriends in tow. Michelle wasn't so sure but didn't say no. Next thing there's a knock on the door, its 3am and who is knocking, maybe we disturbed the neighbours! (Maybe? shit I bet we woke the whole damn motel block.) Before I could stand the door opened and a head peeked around and said hi, it was one of the group from the bar, I figured they had gone their own way home, but no, here they all were the other 2 guys and the couple who had been thrown out we we left. Shocked as we were none of us made any attempt to cover ourselves and the new eyes roamed around the room stopping at each of us and starring for a moment before moving on to the next naked body. All eyes locked onto Michelle who lay on a pillow, boobs flattened and falling to one side, one leg straight the other bent and parted flashing her sodden pussy pubes covered in cum. Michelle became uncomfortable at all the eyes starring at her and crossed her legs and covered her boobs with her hands. everyone knew one another except Michelle and I, so introductions all round. It appeared our 2 guys Russ and Byron had laid the ground work early in the evening and now their friends wanted to join our party. Michelle was unsure if this is what she wanted, esp now she had sobered up a bit. Our new friends Tony and Bart and the couple Leanne and Greg wanted to party on, they had been waiting outside the room and could hear everything going on. Bart was up and stripped down in a few seconds and had the thickest cock we had ever seen, he just walked over to Michelle and pulled her head to his cock and told her to suck him off. Now Michelle was going to protest before Bart straddled her neck and stuffed his cock in her mouth, like in 2 seconds flat she was sucking away. Russ and Byron got up and pulled Michelles legs apart showing her cum dripping pussy to all.Much to my surprise Leanne whipped off her top to display a magnificent set of tits and then dropped her jeans to the floor stepping out of them and somehow remaining in her high heels and g string. I was getting hard just looking at the beauty when she walked to the edge of the bed kneed down and began licking Michelles cum soaked pussy. Michelle had no idea who was licked her but she sure did react raising her hips and grinding into Leannes face. I was about to step up and feel Leannes arse when Greg pushed my away and said Leanne was his and Michele and I were theirs for the night so I was to lay next to Michelle on the bed and watch and wait. Greg bent down and began to lick Leanne from her pussy to crack, pulling the g string down to her ankles as he fingered her hairless pussy, all the while licking her anus. This seems to get Leanne off and next thing Greg is ploughing up Leannes arse like no tomorrow. Now all this time Tony stood to one side,we had forgotten him in all of this action. Yet Tony had stripped naked and was stroking the longest yet thinest cock I'd ever seen. As he walked over to the bed I wondered what he was going to do. Michelle was very comfortable sucking on that fat cock while being licked out but Leanne, the guys had stopped holding her legs apart long ago and now were sucking on her nipples and pulling them hard with their fingers and thumbs. She must be loving it big time as she made no effort to change position at all. Suddenly Tony has gone down on me and is sucking my cock, now this was a first for me and I considered myself straight and not the least bit interested in guys. It kinda felt nice with a warm mouth over my cock, but I pushed his head away in protest. Russ and Byron jumped up and held my arms down and Tony continued where he left off. Now Russ straddled me and shoved his cock in my face and told me to suck it. I turned my head awaybefore his hands gripped my head and face and turned it back facing his hard cock still crusted with my Michelles juices from earlier. Russ dug his thumbs into the corners of my mouth and forced open my mouth, pulling my cheeks apart and shoving his cock in my now forced open mouth and began to hump my face like some whore. Tony continued to suck my cock and Byron well who knows what or where he was. Now I was turned on by this happening to Michelle I wasn't so sure about my situation. I could hear Michelle moaning with pleasure just before Bart called out he was cumming and Michelle coughing as he unloaded down her throat, mouth and dripped cum over her pretty face. Next Greg shot his load in Leannes arse and as he did she bit down on Michelles clit causing her to jeck about. Bart stepped off Michelle and she glanced over to see me being throat fucked my Russ. Shocked at this site she looked away only to see Leannes long blond hair bobbing between her legs. As Greg pulled out of Leannes arse cum dripped our of her puckered hole and Leanne crawled up and over Michelle and began licking those hardened nipples and kissing her cum filled mouth. Now we all imagine some girl on girl action, but never realy do we expect our girl to take to it. Michelle sure did. Tony lifted my legs and began licking my anus and I must say by this time I didn't care, actually I enjoyed it,hopping his tongue would probe into my puckered hole. Now Byron had had his way with my Michelle earlier and wasn't all that interested in her pussy so he motioned to Tony come get some pussy. Tony needed no invitation and in a flash was between my Michelles legs cock ready at the opening. A couple of quick rubs and in he went, now long and thin may seem harmless, yet in a few strokes he was al the way in,balls slapping on Michelles arse, I'd reckon a good 8 inches and it showed on Michelles face. But Tony was not satisfied, he pulled out, stepped back and grabbed Michelles ankles, lifted them up and spread them wide, bring her feet togetherso she was kinda crab like in appearence. Michelle was rendered motionless like this and Tony gave her a few quick shafts with his cock before he placed his knob at the enterence to her butthole. Now until now this was my territory, Tony just lent his weight down on Michelles feet and legs and in one quick thrust entered my Michelles puckers butthole. Michelle cryed out, yet Tony slowly began to thrust in and out, fucking her arse like it was his and always was his and always would be his. Slowly Michelle began to return the thrusting and begged him to take her arse and cum inside her. Leanne in the mean time had squatted over Michelles face and was squeezing the cum out of her arse dripping it over Michells face. The sight of that made me horny as hell until someone grabbed my ankles and lifted them high in the air and forced them back, exposing my arse and cock. Now a cock with pushing at my arse and I never knew what to expect until it torn through my hole and began fucking me like I was someone's home boy. i don't think I enjoyed it like Michelle, but we both ended up with a arse full of cum. Turns out Byron had fucked my arse and Russ blew in my mouth and over my face. We awoke about 9.30am in the morning alone,just Michelle and I, the others had gone. No note,nothing missing except our dignity. Michelle confided in my she realy enjoyed the gangbanging and loved seeing me getting screwed side by side with her. Me I'm not so sure.

A few weeks later a CD arrived in my post box, I played it in my laptop and was shocked to find most of out evening had been recorded. Michelle too had recieved a copy, with a little note thanking us and looking forward to our next tuesday at the bar drinkies......