Written by aussiefudd

14 Sep 2012

There’s a knock on the door.

You look at John, “Suppose I’ll get that then?” you say with your lips curled up, annoyed your food has taken so long.

“About time, we’ve been waiting for ages for these pizzas”. Just what I needed to hear, after the day I’ve had.

“I’m terribly sorry about that, I’ve had car issues”

‘ look like that’s our problem? We’ve called the shop three times to complain”. Great, another reaming when I get back….

“I’m not paying for those if there cold either”. Yep, here we go again….

 “Your manager said you’ll do any deal required to keep us happy or you don’t have a job, and the way I see it, you owe us big time”.

“Well if that’s what he said, what can I do for you?”

“For starters, get your arse in here, I’ve made sure you have no more deliveries tonight. You will be serving us our dinner.”

“Not a problem. The way my car is at the moment, it probably won’t start anyway”

I enter your house, thinking, I can play along with this.

“Good evening, sir” I say to John, who still hasn’t moved from the lounge.

“My name is Malcolm, I’ll be your waiter for this evening” Fuck it, I might as well make the most of it.

You guide me to the kitchen and point to where the plates and glasses are and return to the lounge.

“Now fucking hurry up with the food and drinks” .

I serve the pizzas onto plates and take them to you. I approach John to hand him his plate, but he doesn’t move an inch. He lowers his eyes to his lap to indicate where it should be placed. I look down to his lap to notice a bludge in his shorts. My eyes dart back to Johns face to see him sitting there with a cheesy grin on his face.

“Go on” said John. “Put it down so I can begin my meal”

I leant forward and placed the plate on his lap, though it wouldn’t sit flat, I left it there. I stood and proceeded to serve you. I didn’t even bother checking your reaction. I just placed your plate on your lap and returned to get drinks.

As I handed you your drink, I noticed John’s plate rise on an awkward angle. I couldn’t take my eyes off how high in the air it was sitting.

The next thing I know, you’re screaming

“Fuck me! You’re useless”

OMG! I just spilt your drink all over you. Liquid was covering you from head to toe.

“Well don’t just stand there, clean the fucking thing up…”

“where will I find a cloth?” I ask you.

You place your plate beside you and stand. You grab a hand full of hair from behind my head and slam my face into your tits.

“Just lick the shit up, arsehole”

With that, John stood, grabbed my arm and tipped the second drink over the bludge in his pants.

“Best you hurry up and clean her, you have another job here to clean now”

“Fine” I said. “Well cant you make it easier and lose the cloths”

That’s all it took. You and john removed your clothes and just stood there smiling.

You pick up the remains of a drink and with one swift movement, you threw the contents over me.

“Mmmm, looks like you need to get thoses off as well".

I immediately got to work. I started at your neck, licking any and all remanence of the spilt drink. John stood behind you, caressing your sides as my licks turned into bites and sucking. John reached around and cupped your tits in his hands, so I headed straight to them sucking your nipples into my mouth and chewing them. John continued the attention on your neck with biting and sucking.

I ran my hands down your side and around to your inner thigh. I felt the heat coming from your cunt as you part your legs and moan.

While licking and sucking you all over, I lower myself to your stomach. You raise your leg and rest you foot on the lounge. I drop to me knees and bury my face in your cunt. Lapping and sucking like crazy. 

Johns cock was rubbing against your arse as I ate your cunt for all it was worth. He reached down and angled his cock lower to rub between your legs. I stretched my tongue to bury it between your flaps and was met with Johns cock rubbing back and forth against your open lips. It was already covered with your juice. I lowered myself even more so my tongue could lick his hard shaft while he rubbed you. 

Deciding to move, you swung your leg over my head and stepped away, to leave John standing I front of me with his thickly coated cock, left with nowhere to go except my mouth.

I opened my mouth and John just kept fucking away with out missing a beat.

I could feel every ripple of his throbbing cock as you stood behind me holding my head and pushing it onto the swollen member that's fucking my mouth. As John thrusts forward, you push me head as hard as you can and hold it there, forcing me to take all the cock that's on offer. I start to gag, you hold me there for a moment longer, before releasing your grip and allowing me to breath. 

You laugh as you pull me back and make me lay on my back.

"let me show you" you say as you lower yourself on my face and John steps forward.

If one swift movement, John is deep in your throat. You grab his arse and pull him closer. You dig your nails into johns cheeks making him fuck your face hard and fast. 

Your dripping wet cunt is inches from my face, my tongue, catching the ooze that's gushing from within. You lower yourself down until my lips suck your clit into my mouth and begins to suck it as hard as I can. 

John places his hand on your head and skull fucks you like there's no tomorrow. Your eyes have gone to water, but you don't stop sucking that hunk of meat that's being fed to you. 

You raise your arse and reach down, spreading your arse cheeks, slightly moving forward and lower yourself back down, this time my tongue hits its mark. Your arsehole is lowered straight over my mouth as my tongue darts out and flicks your tight bud. More and more my tongue licks at you, until a stick my tongue into your arse. I feel you tighten around my tongue as a begin to fuck your arse as deep as I can. You let go of your cheeks and reach for my cock. 

You take a hold of it and begin to stroke it, as you do, you sit down with all your weight on my face enjoying the sensation of your tongue fuck and the cock in your mouth. 

John steps back and you lean forward to take my cock in your mouth. You start to lick the pre cum from my cock and lick my length, before taking me to the back of your throat. 

John moves to the back of you and his tongue joins mine. Two tongues licking your arse, wetting it, lubbing it, getting it ready for a treat.

John tongue touches mine, and you move yourself away, all the while never losing contact of your mouth on my cock. 

John tongue darts into my mouth and I suck it deep into my own, our mouths join and we kiss hard and deep. I have never been so turned on then right now.

You turn around to face us and straddle over my rock hard cock. You hold it firm and lower yourself down, until my cock has empaled you. You lean forward for a three way kiss and John stands and walk behind you. Be bends down and licks my cock as its pumping you from underneath. His tongue finds my balls and he licks one after the other, before you grabs them nice and tight and sucks both balls into his mouth. 

He sucks my balls hard, as I fuck you from below. Your cum is gushing freely and covers my cock and balls. John takes your arse cheeks and roughly spreads them wide as he has one last attack with his tongue. 

While hold your cheeks apart he moves his cock closer. I stop pumping for a moment and John guides his cock to your already full cunt and rams it in to join my cock.

We begin a slow rhythm of fucking you together. Not a single word could be understood that escaped your mouth. In unison our cocks fuck your cunt, giving you time to adjust to the assault.  

Then it was quite clear. " do me you fuckers" is all we heard...

I pushed my cock in as far as I could and held firm as John started fucking you hard and deep. The feeling of another cock rubbing against mine and the spasms coming from your convulsing cunt was getting me closer to blowing my load deep inside you. 

You came more than I have ever know anyone to cum before. 

John was relentless, he just kept pounding and pounding, with every thrust came a grunt of satisfaction, in knowing his slut was happy.

His pace eased and he pulled out. The next minute the head of his cock was pushing at your arse. Slowly he pushed his cock in until the head popped into place. Your arse was so wet from the onslaught it slipped straight in.

John just kept pushing deeper and deeper until he was all the way in. 

Your cunt did not stop twitching once as his monster cock took your arse.

With out any notice, John just started fucking your arse like crazy. The only thing to do was match his strokes and fuck your cunt in time with him. Harder and harder those throbbing cocks fuck your holes. As we thrust in, you pushed back, to make sure every inch of cock that could fuck you, did.

John pulled out and pulled you to your feet. He led you to the table and bent you over. 

"your turn buddy, come fuck my sluts arse, and fuck her hard" John said.

I was happy to oblige and stuck my cock deep into your arse and began to fill your back fuckhole with my cock.

Moments later I felt a cold sensation on my arse. John smothered my arse with lube. He went straight to work with his finger and stuck it in nice and deep. He worked a second, then a third finger in, until he could fuck my arse with ease.

"hold still" said John as he stood behind me and guided his massive cock to my back door and pushed in. 

I pushed back to get more of his meat inside me. Then rammed my cock back into you.  Johns cock stretched my arse as he began to fuck me deep. Every thrust John gave carried on to make me thrust into you. He was a possessed man, he grabbed my hips and fucked me hard and fast deeper and deeper, pushing my cock harder and faster, deeper and deeper into you.  

"my turn" said john, as he pulled out.

John handed me the lube and i coated his arse and began to fuck him with my fingers to get him ready. You walked off and returned with a dildo. You laid on your back on the table, your head hanging over the edge. You grabbed your knees and held then close to your chest as Johns cock entered your mouth once again. He took the dildo and shoved it deep inside your well fucked dripping wet cunt. I stood behind him and guided my cock to his arse. He was no stranger to this as he arse sucked my cock deeper and deeper into him. 

As I slammed my cock up his arse, his cock slid deeper down your throat and he rammed the dildo as hard as he could into your cunt. 

For an arse that was used to being fucked, he was still tight and could squeeze my cock every time I fucked him deep. Your cunt didn't stop squirting. It was spaying cum everywhere. John found your clit and pulled and twisted it as he fucked that dripping cunt. He was in his own world with a cock ramming him from behind and a mouth swallowing his cock.

With out a word, John pulled his cock from your mouth and shot the biggest thickest load of cum all over your face. You went crazy trying to lick and swallow as much as you could. As John came his arse tightened more then I could take. I pulled out of John and jumped onto the table, removing the dildo and slammed my cock deep into your cunt. 

The sight of your face covered in cum and Johns cock still dripping into your mouth was all it took. My cock exploded deep inside you, filling you with my hot sticky goo.

Exhausted, I lay forward, licking John cum from your face and taking turns with you sucking his cock clean. 

As John walked away, I kissed you hard and deep, only to find you had saved johns cum in your mouth and spat it into mine as our mouths mashed together. His cum was swapped back and forward between us, with each pass, I little less was swapped each time, as it was slowly consumed between us.

I went and sat on the lounge and you stood on the lounge, one leg either side of me and placed your cum fill cunt on my mouth. I wasted no time in eating every bit of cum that was dribbling out. 

John sat in front of me and wrapped his lips around my cock and began to lick and suck my spent cock clean. 

The cum was oozing out of you faster then I could lick it up. It ran down my chin and covered my face. 

As John was cleaning my cock, my cock began to stir back to life. 

John raised my arse higher and stuck his fingers in. He grabbed my cock with his fist and began to pull my cock harder and harder while his tongue continued to lick and suck the head of my cock. You lowered your self down as john stood and you sat on my cock once more. You and John began to lick my face clean, making sure not to miss any cum that was covering it.

You jumped off my cock and laid on the lounge. I made room for you and started rubbing your cunt. I stuck three fingers inside you and started pumping them in and out. A forth joined in and then my thumb. Each time I twisted and pushed my hand, further and further my hand would enter you. 

By this time John got back to work on my cock sucking my cock with the same animal instinct as before. His fist slamming up and down my fuck stick his mouth bobbing up and down in time with his fist and his fingers fucking my arse.

My hand was getting deeper and deeper as John walked away and returned with the dildo. He gave it to me and went back to sucking my cock and fucking my arse.

I closed my hand making a fist and pushed it all the way into you. You came again with your legs shaking and trembling. I took the dildo and pressed it against your arse and let it slide in while I fist fucked your cunt. The sight was to much, my fist fucking your cunt with your dildo frantically fucking your arse, John pulling and sucking my cock while he fucked my arse with his fingers, I blew another load straight into John mouth. He removed is fist from my cock and sank his mouth down to his throat and completely swallowed my load.  He stood and watched your body contort as you came time and time again. He grabbed his cock and started pulling it at a frantic pace, walked to your head and again rammed it down your throat as he came again. My motions slowly eased and removed my fist and the dildo from your quaking body.  We collapsed in a heap and rested. Nothing was said, just smiles from ear to ear.

We cleaned up and got dressed. It was time to go.

"We'll be ordering pizza again next week,  make sure your late, won't you" you said as I walked out the door.