Written by petershome

15 Aug 2011

Plumber needed! I had a call the evening before, this lady tells me she had a few plumbing isues!, I knock at the door dressed in my overalls, Hi I'M Peter the plumber so your pipes are leaking and need fixing, she answer the door dressed in a very short and sexy lingerie that just covers your bum and have your nipples seen through the top they are erect and hard! Your wearing high heels, wow so sexy I’m almost lost for words, you ask me in to follow you, which is a sheer sexual delight my eyes are only focused on you! You lead me into the kitchen and open the cupboard under the sink! as you bend over you expose your breasts, you explain the pipes are dripping and you want me to go down and take a look, other things are on my mind by this stage, so I open both the doors and get down and crawl into the cupboard on my back, you walk closer to me and ask if you can turn the tap on to show me the problem, as you walk closer your legs are both apart and straddling both sides of me, you have given my the most perfect view of your shaven pussy with no underwear on, I am instantly hard you are now standing directly over me with nothing between my face and your beautiful shaven pussy, you ask me! Do I see it dripping  the thoughts going through my mind I can’t hold myself back any longer, i push myself up with my hands behind my back forcing my face directly towards your pussy my tongue touches your lips, you’re so wet your lips just part I raise myself higher to your clit and flick it with my tongue I roll it between my lips your knees are shaking you have a slight moan, I continue to caress your entire pussy that is just so wet and dripping, i now am sitting up straight with my hands caressing both sides of your ass cheeks your knees start to bend and you lower yourself forcing my tongue deeper inside you! Your moans are loud now, i spread your cheeks further and run my tongue and rim you, my cock is so hard your hand goes down and releases my blood filled cock you start jerking him up and down as i dart my tongue deep inside you flicking your clit, you now want to taste me, you drop to your knees and take me in your mouth and start to suck on my head before I know it you have me deep in your throat, the feeling it too much, I stand up drop my pants you stand and place your elbows’ on the kitchen counter your leg raises to the shelf in the cupboard and I come up behind you and with my cock in my hand I rub him against your wet pussy flicking my head across your clit the moans are loud from both of us I thrust my cock deep inside you! The feeling is so intense we both start to cum its exploding, we both let out a yell first round is over!