Written by Trevor

23 Jun 2015

Predator Wife

There once was a happily married couple, let’s call them John and Jill, who had, well, developed a most …. Interesting …. Sex Life.

After a couple of years being married to John, Jill started to develop a curious fascination with other Women. Soon she discovered that she had Bisexual desires. Desires that needed acting on. One night, after a few drinks, she confided these feelings to John. This development intrigued him. He thought for a few moments and decided to allow Jill to indulge her desires. They joined a Swingers Club.

They soon became quite well known to the Swinging Community and regularly went to meets at their local Adult Club. But it wasn’t John who drove their amorous adventures. It was Jill. Soon she found a fun way to involve John in her Girl on Girl adventures …………

The Club was having a newbie’s Meet n Greet at a local Tavern. John and Jill went along to have a social night out, and, check out the new talent. During drinks in the Bar, they met up with a lovely Blonde Lady, let’s call her, Jane. She joined them at the table for Dinner. Soon they were getting along. Famously. Well, more than famously.

Over Dessert Jane said to them both, ‘I’m not doing anything afterwards.’ Jill just smiled and replied ‘Yes you are. You’re doing us ….. and, we’re doing you’.

‘Who’s doing me,’ asked Jane, eyes moving to John. ‘He’s cute.’

‘And a good fuck.’ Replied Jill. ‘Actually, I want to do you as well.’ Jill then winked and licked her lips. ‘Interested?’ she asked.

Jane then asked Jill direct ‘Are you bi?’ Jill just smiled and slowly nodded her head. Then took a deep pull at her Wine glass. Jane lifted hers and drained it. ‘Well, what are we doing here?’ She said in a soft purr. I came here hoping to play.’

Needless to say, they all finished their meal and drinks in quick time. They excused themselves to the others at Meet (to many raised eyebrows) and then settled their bills at the Counter. Soon the eager trio was out in the Car Park.

‘I’ll just follow you to yours.’ Jane said. But Jill had a better idea. ‘I’ll go with you just in case. Don’t want to lose our late night people snack.’ She took Jane’s hand in hers. ‘That OK, honey?’ She asked John.

‘Sure, lover. See you at home.’ He replied and gave her a peck on the cheek. Then he did the same to Jane. ‘Ha,’ he said, ‘I got the first kiss.’ He then smiled and they went to their Cars. John got to the house first. He left the door open and went to the kitchen and took a bottle of Wine from the refrigerator, and 3 glasses. He heard the girls come in and move to the living room. John picked up the drinks and went to join them.

When he got there, it was obvious that more drinks were not high on their priority. Jane and Jill were on the couch and well on the way to removing their clothes. First Jane lifted Jill’s dress slowly over her and kissed her passionately. Jill had been preparing the playground on the way home. Jill then slid Janes sheer green sheath off her. Their eyes met and Jill kissed her briefly on the lips, then moved down lower. Lips met nipple.

Jane gave a moan of pleasure as Jill’s velvety tongue caressed her swelling breasts. ‘Oh, God. Don’t stop.’

John had quickly put the drinks down, and slid out of his clothes as well. The Girls saw this and Jill invited him to come on in.

He went behind Jane and took a handful of breast. She was firm and warm to touch. He stood there watching his Wife working the Blonde’s breast. Things were starting to get hard below.

Jill suggested they move to the Bedroom. John and Jane eagerly agreed. The 3 of them untangled and took each other’s hands. Then entered the bedroom and stood at the edge of the King Sized bed. Jane knelt and gently removed Jill’s panties.

Jill asked her to stand then returned the favour. When Jane stepped out of them, Jill admired her smooth shaved pussy. She gave it a kiss. ‘Mmm,’ said Jane, ‘I was hoping you would do that.’ ‘I’ll do better than that.

She pushed Jane down on the Bed, then took her Pussy in a deep kiss. Both Girls moaned in appreciation of the act. Jill’s tongue flicked in and out of the moistening hole. ‘Ahhh.’ Came in a low voice from Jane.

Jill dined on Janes womanhood for a good while, while John just stood there watching. And getting harder and harder by the minute. Soon he had his fully hard cock in his hand, stroking slowly and awaiting his moment. His balls were full and heavy and eager to be emptied into female flesh. Jill final broke from her lustful snack. ‘Your turn, lover. Lick her out good.’

Between the attentions of first Jill’s then John’s oral ministrations, Jane was getting quite turned on. And moist. Very moist. John sucked some of Jane’s vaginal nectar into his mouth and savoured the sweet taste. Jane responded to his sucking by grinding her lips against his mouth. It felt sooo good. She rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until she felt a tingling thrill shoot through her body.

She moaned and her eyes seemed to focus on the ceiling. ‘Bingo.’ Said Jill. ‘You’ve made the first Janegasm of the night. Now, my man, fuck her for me. Get her good and creamy.’ John didn’t have to be asked twice. He stood up and parted Jane’s legs wide. Jill looked at her swollen wet nether lips and John’s swollen shaft of man meat and commented, ‘Yeah, you two are r-e-a-d-y.’ ‘Go to it.’ She urged them.

John closed in and slid the head of his shaft into Jane’s open pussy. She gave a short gasp as his swollen throbbing cock slid deep into her body. ‘Fuck me. Fuck me.’ Jane begged. ‘Fuck me HARD.’ John obliged. He started to thrust slow and shallow to start. As Jane became more and more moist, he slid his shaft deeper into her love tunnel. She started to moan in cadence with his thrusts. Her beautiful swollen breasts started to jiggle in time with the events happening below.

It was now Jills turn to watch. She was stooping on the edge of the bed beside the fucking couple, watching intently with voyeuristic fascination. Her hands wandered over her body and her tongue licked her lips, tasting the trace of Pussy Juice still there from just before. She was getting more and more turned on herself. One hand stroked her breasts and nipples. The other found her own Pussy and started to explore her own fleshy folds. She found her Clitoris and she gave a gasp of pleasure.

Jill looked at Jane, in the throes of being pumped by her man’s cock. ‘Having fun, Girl?’ she asked. “Wanna eat some Pussy?’

Jane gasped an OK back at her. John guessed what she wanted to do, and slowed his thrusts until Jane’s body was still. ‘Thanks’ Jill said. Jill then knee shuffled up on the bed until Her Pussy was level with Jane’s mouth. Then with a practiced move, she swung a leg over Jane’s head.

Jill’s lips opened like a flower, a flower with red wet petals. Jane didn’t blanch at the sight of what was coming down, but grabbed Jill’s legs and pulled her wet love patch to her mouth. She started to give Jill lip and tongue attention just like Jill had done to her shortly before.

The sight of his wife being royally munched by the woman under him spurred John to vigorous action again. He started to thrust again and again into Jane’s hot swollen womanhood, grabbing both her breasts at the same time. He could feel the walls of her Vagina close around his thrusting cock like a hot wet velvet glove. He knew she was getting really turned on. Soon it was the Fap, Fap, Fap sound again amid and a symphony of moans.

Jane’s body was now on fire. Jill hadn’t told her that John was that big or talented. Her head started to spin as she felt the hot man meat sliding repeatedly deep into her. And the smell and taste of the brunette’s beautiful pussy filled her with other lusts. She licked and sucked as she was being pounded. Jill soon realized Jane was also a skilled Pussy eater, and became carried away by the blonde’s skilled mouth and tongue.

The level of sexual excitement in the room was becoming extreme. Jill was now trembling, and so was Jane. But Jane also had to deal with John’s throbbing, plunging cock slamming deep into her. Her back arched as she had a deep body climax, her moan of pleasure resonating into Jill’s own Vagina.

The sight of this was too much for John to contain. With a final thrust, he thrust deep into Jane and exploded in orgasm. Spurt after spurt of semen exploded from his pulsing cock into Jane’s throbbing vagina. The sensation made her break contact with Jill’s pussy.

‘Aww!’ Jill said at first. Then she realized what was happening and turned around to look. Jane was wide eyed as she felt the hot thick juice flowing deep into her body. She closed her eyes and arched her back as she climaxed. ‘Oh, God,’ She said as her own orgasm took her to a very happy place.

John’s face was a grimace of out of control pleasure as he felt each Spurt into the delicious woman’s body. He was gasping and moaning at the same time. Jill looked at both of them and felt a voyeuristic thrill go through her.

No man could keep hard after that session and John soon had to pull his softening cock out of Jane’s pussy. It came out with a soft pop, followed by an ooze of semen. Yes, he had given Jane a noticeable creampie. Jill looked at it and said ‘Well done, honey. That was epic.’ She then looked at John’s softening member. ‘Gotta get the last bit out.’ She bobbed down and took John’s cock in her mouth, sucking noisily and milking him with thumb and forefinger. After several deep sucks and strokes, John was now fully flaccid.

‘Aww, all soft now.’ She said, opening her mouth to show off the man cream on her tongue. She licked her lips. ‘Nothing like the taste of a fresh fucked pussy. I want more.’ She said, looking at the cream oozing from Jane’s swollen pussy.

Jane thought she knew what Jill wanted to do. ‘What?’ She said. ‘You mean …. You want to go down on me again …. like this?’

‘Sure, honey,’ Jill said, crawling up Jane’s spread legs. ‘Nothing like the taste of a fresh fucked pussy. I’m a bit of a pervert.’ With that she gave a bit of a giggle. ‘I’m a spermovore. Just lie there and love it.’ She licked her lips and closed in on Jane’s oozing pussy.’

‘Ok.’ said Jane coyly. ‘I’ve not done this before.’ Jane closed her eyes and waited for the touch of Jill’s tongue. ‘Just be warned. I’m sooo turned on right now that I may squirt.’

‘Even better.’ replied Jill. She closed in on Jane’s pussy and started to lick the juices coming out of her. It was better than she expected. Jane’s sweet nectar mixed with the creamy meaty taste of John’s cum. It tasted delicious, and she proceeded to work her tongue up Jane’s butt cheeks and over her marinated lips, scooping up all the love sauce and swallowing it.

Soon Jane was all clean on the outside and Jill had to start sucking for more. She lifted and spread Jane’s legs and engulfed the exposed labia with her mouth. She gave Jane a moment to get used to the sensation then started to lick. Her tongue slurped the semen in the outer vagina. She again savoured the juices then swallowed. Jane started to writhe under the attentions of Jill’s skilled mouth. She wanted more and more. She reached down with her hands and pushed Jill deeper on to her gaping pussy. Jill sucked and sucked even more. The room started to fill with Jane’s moans of growing pleasure.

Soon even this source of love juice was exhausted. Jane new nothing of this, as all she could feel was the growing excitement Jill’s tongue and lips were giving. Jill raised both her hands to the spot on Jane’s belly, just above her pussy. She pressed down and pushed her mouth harder onto Jane’s pussy, driving her tongue deep inside. Jane gasped as the Jill worked more love juices out of her body.

The deep munch went on for a long time, as Jill sucked on Jane’s pussy like a woman possessed. It was like nothing Jane had ever experienced.

John had recovered and was watching his wife take her pleasures with the blonde. He started to harden up again, so good was the live show happening in front of him.

Jill was making appreciative moaning sounds as she sucked, and Jane was now starting to writhe like someone having a seizure. Jill was doing her own brand of sexual magic. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come.’ Jane was now almost screaming. ‘No, you dirty bitch, you’re making me want to squirt. I’m gonna squirt. Ahhhhhh.’

Jill broke away at the feel of the first tightening. Vaginal muscles violently contracted, sending a gush of nectar up and out of Jane’s Pussy. Jill caught some of it on her tongue then went down again on the throbbing slit. Jane contracted several more times and Jill took them in her mouth, swallowing greedily.

As she pulled away she was surprised by a final flurry of juices spraying out. Jane’s Nectar mixed with John’s semen. It splashed on Jill’s face, washing it with their spent passion. Jill looked up.

John was standing there, looking at the prone panting Blonde on the bed, and his Wife’s come washed face looking back at him. She looked down and saw his erection. ‘You look like you need some attention.’ Jill said. Jane had also looked up. ‘Wow.’ She said. ‘Hard again already.’

John looked at the two of them. ‘You two are better than Viagra.’ He said, cheekily.

Jane gestured to Jill to come up to her. She whispered into Jill’s ear. Jill gave a wicked giggle. ‘What are you two cooking up?’ he asked. ‘Not telling you until we’ve had a drink. Be a honey and get those Wines.’ Jill said.

John waddled out in to the Living Room (it’s hard to walk with an erection) and retrieved their drinks. He went back to the bedroom and found the 2 girls sitting on the bed, cleaning each other with a bedside towel. They stopped and moved apart. Jill patted the bed between them and said ‘Sit down.’ He complied with her request.

Both Girls took their drinks and took a deep pull on them. Jill drained hers and got Jane some water. “Here, Hun, you’ll need to rehydrate after that performance.’ Jane took the offered water bottle and took several deep swallows.’

‘See how she swallows, Darling.’ Said Jill. ‘That’s what we’re gonna do to you.’ Jill looked at Jane. ‘Yes,’ said Jane with a smile. ‘Two girls and one cock. How are we going to do this.’ She liked at Jill.

Jill took John’s hand and led him up the bed, then pushed him down. Jane followed. They had John prone with his hard cock sticking up like a periscope. Both Girls put a hand on the base of his penis and started to stroke. Not being satisfied with just that, Jill engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth and started to bob up and down. ‘Yeah, baby,’ said Jane. ‘Suck that cock. The Girls took turns at lip polishing his swollen shaft. This soon developed into one sucking his balls while the other his shaft.

They tag teamed him. Soon they could feel the swelling of his lower glans and knew there was a build up of Cum happening. It was only a matter of time before he gushed. The Girls were getting into the taste of his swollen cock, feeling it’s hardness in their soft mouths and the bumps and ridges rubbing across their lips. ‘Mmm’ said Jane. He’s delicious!’ Jill took his cock from his mouth. ‘Just got some pre-cum.’ She said. ‘Both tongues and lips time.’

The Girls started to lick either side of his hot, hard shaft. This drove him wild. He tried to thrust upwards, but they held him down. ‘Uh-ha,’ said Jill, ‘Girls doing all the work. Lie still.’ Their tongues simultaneously reached the tip of his penis. They started to swirl them around. ‘Oh Fuck.’ John said. More than a moan than words. ‘More, more, more.’

The Girls now locked their mouths around the top of his cock, massaging his swollen sensitive tip with their tongues. It was almost more than he could bear. Jill started to push him over the edge by vigorously stroking his shaft with her hand. They sucked on each other’s lips while they both jerked him off.

In almost no further time, he burst into the linked mouths and over the questing tongues. They gasped and broke apart. But he hadn’t finished. Several more big squirts gushed from him, arcing up and splashing on their cheeks and lips. Jane put her mouth back on his tingling cock and did the coupe-de grace. A few sucks to get the last drops out. She rolled his creamy juice around in her mouth, savouring the sweet taste his wife knew only too well. ‘You’re right. He does taste good.’ She said.

John’s cock quickly went all soft after the blowjob the girls had given him. They looked at each other. Both had cumfaces, all sticky with the issue of their lusty witchcraft. They suddenly felt the need to kiss. Semen smeared lips met and their marinated tongues slid across each other. Tongues licked clean, they started on each other’s faces, cleaning off the white dripping juices from each other. None was wasted, every drop was swallowed.

They now looked into each other’s eyes. They had shared something special. But things were stirring inside them. Their nipples were up and swollen and both of them felt a hot tingling flush in their loins. Jane was first to articulate their shared feeling. ‘I so wanna be fucked, bad!’

‘Me too.’ Replied Jill. She moved back up on the bed and lay down. With a smooth movement, she spread her legs and started to stroke her open pussy lips. She motioned to Jane to come closer. It was time for Jane to reverse the previous role, and she crawled up and put her mouth to Jill’s open slit. She licked Jill’s wetness and it tasted good. She started to suck on her Clitoris, feeling her love button bounce on her tongue. Jill moaned in pleasure as Jane licked her pussy until it was a hot wet puddle. When she had Jill all prepared, she looked up.

‘Now, it’s time for a little ride.’ Jane said. She got up and positioned herself between Jill’s legs. In a scissor position. Jane slid up Jill’s leg until their open pussies met. Wet spread lips touched wet spread lips. They started to grind on each other.

Jill lay back while Jane thrust down on her. Wetness was growing in both of them and you could almost hear the slap of fold on fold.

Both started little low moans that quickly grew louder. They were obviously enjoying the frottage session immensely.

‘You are a good Lady Fuck.’ Jill said, softly. ‘But, lets get some shaft into ourselves.’

‘Huh?’ asked Jane. ‘Surely John isn’t ready again?’

‘No,’ replied Jill. ‘Second draw of my dresser. A red bag.’ Jane went and fetched it, bringing it over to Jill. She opened it and drew out an 18 inch double ended dildo.

‘Oh, I like.’ Said Jane. ‘Lets…..’ Jill opened her legs wide. Her swollen lips fell apart, revealing a well dilated vaginal opening.

Jane put one end of the Dildo into the offered opening and pushed. A good length of the shaft slid into Jill. ‘Ahhh,’ Jill quietly moaned. ‘Put it in deep. Deep.’ Jane did as asked, then started to thrust it in and out, just like John had done to her shortly before. ‘Gooood,’ continued Jill. “Now, lover, you get on too.’

Jane didn’t have to be asked twice. She held the other end of the shaft upright, opened her legs wide and mounted it. She gasped as she slid her hot wet love tunnel down the shaft. It felt good and she closed her eyes. Slowly the amount of exposed plastic disappeared as they worked the toy deep into each other. Jane then opened her eyes up and gazed into Jill’s. They both began to thrust.

Soon the thrusts became more frantic and forceful. Clits were being massaged by their owners and by each other. By now both Jill and Jane were becoming very vocal, moaning and talking dirty to each other. Jill was the first to start to tremble. ‘Oh, FUCK! Don’t stop.’ She said in a loud voice.

‘Uh huh.’ Jane gasped back. ‘Like that, do you.’ Jill gasped again a couple more times, then arched upwards with a loud moan. It was obvious that she had just come. The thrust upwards drove shaft deep into Jane, exciting her a lot. She leant forwards and whispered into Jills ear. ‘Good girl. Now it’s my turn.’

Jane lay on Jill’s prone body while pumping her tingling pussy up and down the shaft. She raised her lips to Jill’s and started to kiss her slowly and deeply. The kissing and thrusting grew more and more and more. Jane suddenly locked in place and moaned into Jill’s mouth. She had climaxed on top of the woman below her. It felt good. Very good. Jane dismounted and removed the toy from both their bodies. They then kissed once more.

‘Thanks, that was so good.’ Jill said with a smile. They lay there glowing and recovering from their exertions.

John came back into the bedroom. He had taken a shower to refresh himself after the double blowjob. The sound of the Girl on Girl encounter had carried through the house and had been, well, stimulating to hear. He saw the pair of them lying there all sweaty and spent. This turned him on again and he suddenly felt the need to fuck someone. He hadn’t done his wife yet.

He moved to Jill’s side and said. ‘Hey, Babe.’ I wanna do you. Can you handle it?’

Jill’s eyes met his and she nodded. ‘OMG,’ Jane said. ‘You want more.’

John took Jill’s legs in his hands and spread them. Her open pussy gaped wetly for him. He took his now hard cock into his hands. It’s head was placed into the opening and he slid into her. She took it with a low moan. He pushed deeper and deeper into her as she lay spread back on the bed. Now, John had already came twice already that evening, and the Girls had well drained his balls. So this took a little more time that usual.

Not that Jill complained. She lay there appreciating all the action she was getting. Jane was amazed to see that John could get it up a third time, and keep it going. She just lay there beside them and watched and watched. Jane had been more than amply sexually satisfied that night, and was now satisfied just to watch. And she had something to watch!

The fucking became more and more vigorous. John now had Jill pushed up high on the bed, and had her hair held in his hands. She was moaning again in pleasure and giving out little animal grunts. The sound of flesh slapping on flesh rang through the room.

By now both were in the throes of passion, and Jane had started to gently stroke herself as she appreciated the show. ‘Come on, work it.’ She said to the pair of them.

John reached that delicious tipping point and burst in a gush of love juice deep into his wife’s pussy. She moaned in pleasure as she felt the throb of his cock and the spreading wetness inside her.

‘Fuck!’ was all she could say. Then a low moan and they both were silent. He slowly pulled out of her. As it was with Jane before, Jill now had a creamy trace oozing from her pussy. She lay there glowing and gasping.

Jane started to get up. ‘I should be going. Leave you two by yourselves. It’s been a great night.’

They both looked at her. John said ‘We’d love you to stay the night, Jane. Bed’s big enough.’

Jane said ‘Awww, that’s sweet. I’d love to.’

They all got up and got the bed back into condition to be slept in. She excused herself and went to the Lounge room and picked up her clothes.

When she got back to the bedroom, she saw that both of them had done the same and were waiting for her. They were in bed, waiting. A space was there between them.

‘No pyjamas here.’ John said.

Naked, like the pair she had made love to, she slid into the bed between them. They all kissed and snuggled down. ‘Sleep now, fuck more in the morning.’ Said Jill.

Jill switched off the lights. Arms wrapped around arms as they snuggled in each other’s warmth. Soon they were all asleep. Until the morning, but that is another story………