Written by Happydazz

16 Mar 2017

Making your way down the ramp leading into the foyer of the floating restaurant you quickly scanned the dining room, looking for the wavy silver hair of the friend you’d not scene for a number of years.

There sitting at the back, in the corner, the refined and apparently still well-built professor of economics.

It was not through work or study that you remember him, his late wife was a good friend and you and your ex had spent many hours together as friends, together in their cabin by the lakes.

But life had dealt him tragedy and you an emotional re-adjustment, as someone once called it.

But it had been a cathartic exercise, discovering who you were as an individual, learning to love who you were, and not being answerable to anyone.

You smiled to yourself, making your through the maze of tables to where he was sitting.

He stood as you approached, extending his hand in a warm greeting and a gentle cheek to cheek kiss.

He appeared just as he was when you last saw him, what was it now, the better part of ten years?

The waiter came poured the water and offered the wine list.

It was somewhat hard to get the conversation started, even though you had so much to talk about.

Of course both your lives had taken a different course.

Maree, his wife had died in a tragic accident, while you had grown out of a relationship.

The red arrived and things got a little easier and after half an hour you had both adjusted to the new level you found yourselves on.

Yes you both had a lot of common memories, but you were not the same people, life had moved on.

The meals came and went and the talk interspersed with laughter went on into the evening.

Eventually the crowd in the restaurant started dwindle and reluctantly it looked as if the evening was drawing to a close.

As you both began to make your way out, a hint of a familiar face caught your eye at the table nearest the entrance.

His head was down slightly concentrating of the meal.

You and Stephen both looked at each other then back at the mystery diner.

“Is that? No surly not” It was, it was another of the happy campers from all those years ago.

It was Jeremy, one half of a couple who were members of the old summer crew. In fact he was a carpenter by trade and had actually helped build the cabin.

To the cries of oh my god what are you doing here, grins and hugs, a quick 60 second run down of Jeremy’s last ten years had revealed that he too had lost his wife, only two years ago.

As the restaurant emptied someone said, “Let’s go and get a drink somewhere”

A couple of blocks down the ride a cosy little wine bar seemed to be just the place. The lights were dimmed and the room sort of swayed to sexy South American jazz played low.

The wine flowed, and that was something for Jeremy, he was usually a Tooheys man through and through.

The alcohol loosened up the usually reserved Jez. Paula his wife has left him for someone else after 19 years of marriage.

You listened intently over your wine.

We were living in the season of change, no doubt about that.

The conversation flowed as everyone related their experiences over the last decade until you realised, that you all had consumed way too much alcohol to drive.

You were the one that lived locally so it was your invitation to come back for coffee, it was your shout.

Back at your apartment the coffee and cheese came out and the conversation continued.

It’s surprising how much you find out about other people and how much you are willing to reveal about yourself at one in the morning after a couple of bottles of wine.

It was obvious the guys could not drive. So you managed to come up with a foam mattress and bedding.

Stephen and Jeremy looked at each other and OK what side do you want with a bit of a chuckle.

With that you said “I’ll leave you boys to work out your sleeping order” laughed and disappeared into your bedroom closing the door behind you.

Laying there in the dark with total silence you played the nights conversations over in your head. The memories of those stolen days from summers long ago.

As you lay there your senses felt so incredibly heightened, you were not sleepy at all , you mind was fully alert, the very touch of the bed clothes on your bare skin sent a shiver through your being.

You thought for a moment and realised your cycle was at that point where nearly every part of you was incredibly sensitive.

Your mind now drifted to Stephen and Jezz just a few feet away in the other room.

You lay there with sleep more elusive that ever, you could just make out the sound of the boys voices, obviously not asleep either.

You sat up, hesitated, then threw on a robe and tentatively stepped towards the door. Going through your mind was God knows where this is heading, but drawing on all your logic and discipline, you said to yourself, ‘no-where, we just can’t sleep, we’ll talk a bit more and perhaps I’ll make us a hot chocolate.

You entered the boy’s room and the talking stopped and you remarked you can’t sleep either then. No he keeps snoring Jez said. Stephen in reply said “Jez won’t keep on his side”.

Well I’ll get between you two and keep you apart. Laughter.

You settle down between them and the inane conversation continued for a while then drifted off into silence.

The quite was interrupted by an accessional wriggle to get comfortable.

As you lay between them you could feel as least one part of Stephen and Jeremy’s muscular thighs against yours.

They were both in their jockey shorts while you were naked under the robe and the bottom part had come away exposing your legs from mid-thigh.

Their hairy thighs against the softness of your legs sent a shiver through you.

The physical sensitivity of your body was starting to trigger all kinds of physical reactions; you felt blood rushing through your body and a distinctly moist feeling between your legs.

The air was now starting to fill with your scent. Stephen and Jeremy could sense your arousal but did not move, in case they were misreading the signs, and of course who should leave.

The waiting went on for some time when eventually you undid the robe, pushed it aside, and reached over and took their hands and placed them on your belly in such a way that they both knew that you had put their hands there.

They slowly started to caress you with their fingertips, tracing the outline of your body as if creating a fine drawing.

They found your breasts, circling and teasing your nipples, now very erect and incredibly sensitive.

There was now no pretence as to what was happening, it had been so long since any of you had enjoyed any sort of physical intimacy.

Bed clothes were kicked off the boys got out of their shorts and you completely gotten out of the robe and were laying there naked,

There was the half light of a table lamp from the living room illuminating the mattress and the bodies of those who were on it.

Once their eyes had become accustomed to the light they could make out your now swollen lips and your chest rising and falling in anticipation of what you were about to experience.

As they ran they ran their hands over you, with your eyes closed, you tried to come to grips with the amazingly erotic fact that over the next hour or so you would experience both these men inside you.

At that point, you were now very dilated and were becoming soaked in a very warm smooth oil.

You were at the point were considered thought was now disappearing and complete lust was taking over.

You reached up and put your arms around Jeremy, who was nearest and pulled him onto you, cradling him between your thighs you felt him very thick, hard and long throbbing penis at the entrance to your vagina.

You pushed hard against him as he pushed forward. His entry was exquisite. The entire length disappeared inside you.

You held him tightly inside you, straining to get every last inch of him. Pulling him down you gently bit his ear and whispered “for god’s sake pump me”

And he did. Starting slowly at first then working up to a hard fast rhythm. Both your bellies and thighs were covered in your wet sticky oil as he neared his climax.

He was full of stored up passion, he had been celibate from the time his wife left.

When at last he let go there was and enormous sense of being flooded, he groaned and ejaculated for what seemed like minutes.

He collapsed on you exhausted then after a time lifted himself off and slid out.

As his still half erect cock came out, his seed and your juice flowed out onto the sheets.

Stephen was hard and pulsating and you needed to cum. As you pulled him toward you he briefly went and tasted the sweet combination of you and Jeremy.

His tongue slid inside you, between your lips and over your swollen clitoris as you pushed your pussy into his face.

You rolled him onto his back then climbed on Top facing away lowering yourself down onto his erection.

You were still for a moment enjoying the feeling of him inside you.

You started to move slowly back and forth then leaning back.

In the full length mirror on the wardrobe door, you could see his cock moving in an out of you, Jeremey was now fully recovered and had a clear view of Stephen inside you.

You came soon after. All that passion supressed over so many years was released in series of high pitched groans; your body went into a series of uncontrolled spasms with Stephen still right up inside you.

You relaxed and lay on top of him, eventually getting up, with your legs still shaking, you made your way to the kitchen, as you took a glass of water you were aware of the white pearls of the semen gliding down the inside of your thighs, curling around behind your knees and down to your calves.

As you stood in the kitchen oozing the seed of these two men, a tingle came over you again at the realisation that the night was still young and Stephen and Jeremy were not going anywhere just yet.