Written by Sunshine99

15 Oct 2016

I just can’t behave myself. It’s a need in me to be naughty and luckily for him he knows me all too well. I reach over and rub his cock through his pants. He looks at me and smiles. He is busy concentrating on the road ahead. I adjust myself in the passenger seat so I can look at him. I want to see his reaction as I stroke his cock which is already nicely erect and hard. I slowly unzip his pants and gently push my hand inside. I want to stroke his cock, feel how hard he is and let him know I plan on taking full advantage of his hardness.

I lick my lips in anticipation of licking him, tasting him and pushing his cock between my lips as my tongue traces a line down his hardened shaft. I want to lick the bead of precum that will appear on his cock head. I want to shove his cock deep inside my nice warm mouth.

We stop at the traffic lights, I lean over and I kiss him long and passionately whilst stroking his cock firmly, running my thumb around his cock head and spreading the pre-cum which I am about to lick off. I bend down and gently lick across his tip. He takes in a breath at the touch of my tongue. I take this as a sign to continue. But unfortunately the lights turn green and I have to sit back into my seat… after all safety first.

He reaches over and runs his hand slowly up my inner thigh. I part my legs a little. I need to feel his fingers touching my pussy. He squeezes my inner thigh teasing me and not going any further. I grab his hand to move it further up my thigh but he removes his hand instead – teasing bastard. I gasp in disbelief as he put’s both hands back onto the steering wheel. He smiles and chuckles quietly as he again concentrates on the road. He knows that is going to drive me insane.

Well fuck him. Two can play at that game. I don’t touch his cock which feels like an eternity to me and I am sure to him as well. I keep looking at his cock pointing skywards - his cock head gleaming wet with his pre-cum. Fuck I want to jump into his lap and fuck him… ride his cock hard to make him cum inside of me.

I lift up my skirt to give him a good view of my pussy. I slowly run my hand up my inner thigh and part my pussy lips, I insert two fingers inside of my wet pussy and make my fingers nice and slick. I finger myself for a little while. Fuck… it feels so good. My breathing deepens as I get turned on pleasuring myself. I remove my fingers and insert them into my mouth tasting my pussy juices. Mmmm tastes so good. I go to touch myself again but this time he grabs my hand to stop me.

I turn to look at him. There is no disguising the look of lust on his face. He wraps my fingers round his cock, holding my hand as he pumps both our hands up and down his erect cock, holding my hand tightly so I can’t remove it, pleasuring himself in unison with mine. He lets go of my hand knowing I will not stop stroking him. I pump him faster and my grip gets firmer. Fuck! I need a red light so I can devour his cock with my lips and tongue.

He starts to groan and move his hips with every stroke of my hand getting as much pleasure as he can whilst I stroke him. I am going to throw caution to the wind. I undo my seat belt, lean over and start to give him head. This time I won’t stop until I can feel his warm creamy cum squirt down my throat. I hold his cock with a firm grip as my lips slowly slide down his shaft, ensuring his whole length is inside my mouth. I fuck his cock with my lips, keeping a firm grip sliding my tongue along his cock as well. Fuck I can feel my pussy juices dribbling out of me. I am so aroused right now. I love to give a guy head. Once his cock is in my mouth it is mine to do with as I wish.

I slide my lips up his shaft… nice and slowly stopping at the rim of his cock head I run my tongue around and around licking him needing to taste him. I make him nice and slick to run my hand up and down his shaft. I want to make him leak… leak his precum and let it run down the side of his cock so I can slowly lick it off.

I look up at him as I lick him and slowly make his cock disappear into my mouth. He sucks in a breath as his cock head hits the back of my throat. I push his cock in deeper - deep throating him. He gently thrust his hips forward. He grabs a hold of my hair gently to keep me still as he thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth. I moan as this turns me on… the fact he is enjoying me sucking his cock so much.

I feel the car change direction. He stops, we have pulled off to the side of the road. He removes his cock from my mouth. Tells me to get out of the truck. I obey and meet him around the other side. He opens the back door and instructs me to lay back, he pulls me forward positioning my arse at the edge of the seat. He grasps my by the back of my thighs and lifts my legs and spreads me wide. Pushing my legs back to give him access to my pussy.

His kisses my pussy and tongues my clit. Oh Fuck I nearly cum at the first lick of his tongue. I am so fucking aroused. I clutch the back of the car seat as I scream out in ecstasy as he licks me and tongue fucks me.

His grip gets firmer on my thighs as he licks my clit, circles it with his tongue. My hips start move in unison with his licks… pushing my clit hard up against his tongue. I cradle his head with my other hand holding him deep in my pussy as I get closer and closer to cumming all over his tongue. I can’t hold on much longer his tongue feels so good buried inside of me. My moans getting louder and louder. I beg him to not stop licking me.

He licks my clit faster. I can’t hold back any longer. I grab his head with both hands and grind my pussy and clit against his tongue as I explode hard. I scream out as each orgasm hits me making my whole body shake.

His licks slow as my orgasm ebbs. My breathing slows down. I let go of his head. He gives me one last long lick from clit to pussy hole. He lets go of my legs. I sit up and kiss him long and hard tasting my pussy juices all over his warm lips. He tells me to get out of the truck, turn around and bend over. He slaps me on the arse, I giggle. That is quickly changed as I feel his fucking hard cock push inside of me nice and slowly and very deep at the first thrust.

Mmmmmm…. oh fuck he is so hard, my pussy convulsing feeling him inside of me. He slowly pulls back and thrusts forward nice and hard reminding me how good it is to have his cock inside of my now very wet pussy.

He grabs a fist full of hair to enable him to steady himself ready for the onslaught of his hard thrusts as he fucks me seeking is own release. I feel him his balls slapping up against my clit with each hard thrust. Hearing our nakedness slapping up against each other as he shows me absolutely no mercy and fucks me hard and deep. He grabs my hip and pulls me back into him as he thrusts forward seeking to get deeper and deeper inside of me. His cock feels so good inside of me. I can feel every inch spreading me wide as he fucks me.

I can feel myself building up to my second orgasm. I don’t want him to stop I want him to fuck me like this for hours. I can never get enough of his cock inside of me - his tongue pleasuring my pussy. I want him… need him… crave his cock.

His moans tell me he is getting close to cumming inside of me… squirting his warm creamy goodness inside my pussy. His thrusts quicken and get harder. I start to push back against him as he thrusts forward. OH fuck… my pussy starts to convulse telling him I am about to cum. I reach back and clutch his hip as I explode again. He stops thrusting. He wants to feel my pussy squeezing his cock hard as I orgasm.

He slaps me on the ass nice and hard. I squeal in pleasure… I fucking love that. He grabs me and holds me steady. This time he will not stop fucking me until he cums.

His thrusts are hard and deep… pushing his cock inside of me fucking me. Mmmmm… I love to hear his moans of pleasure as he is close to cumming. He holds both of my hips and pulls me back into him as he fucks me hard. I feel him shake as he explodes inside of me… holding me tight. Fuck… this man can cum hard

His thrust slow as he empties himself inside of me. He collapses onto of me… resting… catching his breath. He kisses the back of my neck... . it feels so nice.

He stands up and removes his cock. I turn over and slide out of the truck. I push him back onto the seat to lay down so I can lick his cock clean. The best way to finish off fucking… gently licking his cock with my tongue and running my lips up down his shaft. He sits up and kissed me for the longest time. I giggle and tell him “you continue to kiss me like that and we are never making it home! I will climb into the back seat with you and start all over again”. “Sounds good to me” he responds.