Written by warmblood61

20 Feb 2010

Having been on a job site and wanting to delay my return to the workshop, I pulled into a reserve on the road I travelled. It was fairly basic, a block of toilets, a picnic area and surrounded by bush. There was a couple of other vehicles parked, their owners nowhere to be seen. I just opened my newspaper when a couple pulled up adjacent to myself. They sat in the car and chatted a short while before the woman got out and approached me. She was in her early forties, brunette, average in size, wearing a blue skirt and white blouse. I couldn't help notice she wore no bra.

"Hi." she said. "We're looking for directions."

"Where are you headed?" I asked

"There." she replied pointing into the trees.

"Huh?" I mumbled puzzlingly.

"Would you like to give me a good time?" she paused. "Fuck me?"

"Umm, yeh. Why not." I answered, the latter more to myself than her.

She took me by the hand and led me down a trail into the scrub. Within a few metres we saw a couple of guys, pants down, one fucking the other. The woman yelled out encouragement, the guys looked up and smiled. She led me further into the bush before turning to me, undoing my pants and pulling down my jocks. Dropping to her knees she speedily gobbled my flaccid cock. It didn't take long before it was hard. Just as I was really enjoying the blow job she stood, spun around, braced herself against a tree as she presented to me. I got a great view of her behind when she pulled up her skirt, showing me she wore no underwear.

"Fuck me!" she said assertively.

She felt warm and wet as I entered her. I pumped her slowly, savouring the moment. She insisted I fuck her hard, fast and not take to long to cum. I gripped her waist and slammed my cock into her, my balls slapping against her pussy. She reached between her legs and played with her pussy and I fucked her furiously. At such pace, the sensations became overwhelming and I soon exploded inside her. Still hard, I kept fucking her and she came, emitting a load moan. Catching our breath my cock went limp and plopped out. Swiftly she knelt again, cleaning up the spoils of our fucking from my cock.

We arranged our clothing and headed back to the carpark. The guys we saw fucking before were gone, replaced by another two, one giving the other a blow job. As we neared the guy being blown obviously was emptying his load down the throat of the blowee. The woman changed direction, heading for the guys. I followed.

"Enjoy that honey?" She asked the guy licking his lips of dribbling cum.

"He shot a bucket load!" he smiled. "Was he good?"

"He was." she stated bending over and kissing him.

Both thanked us and said they would be hanging around for more action. I asked if they would like to catch up for a threesome sometime. The woman replied "We only fuck strangers and you ain't no more."