Written by Mrs_tri_jon_1

21 Jul 2010

Room Service

I’ve been a Flight Attendant with a major airline for about three years now. It s good and bad points. The pay is all right, covers expenses. I guess the best part is that you get to travel, sometimes spending overnight in fancy hotels, sometimes they’re just average.

Being single is definitely an advantage in this job. Apart from the occasional good-looking pilots, you see some good-looking passengers. Sometimes they’re with their girlfriends or wives, sometimes they’re flying somewhere to meet their respective partners. You meet some interesting people.

The airline had added a new destination to its route, which was O.K., it just meant new surroundings to get used to. The airline supplies a mini bus to take its staff to the hotel, usually nobody pays attention where it goes because we don’t have a long stop over it’s usually overnight.

On this occasion however, I was curious so I watched everything. We arrived at the hotel and were greeted by the Manager. He was good looking, but married. He explained that they had a conference going on so the flight staff was spread out over several floors. A porter escorted a few others and myself to the elevator and once given our room keys were basically left to our own devices.

I arrived on my floor and started looking for my room. The one thing about hotels is that they are pretty much set out the same way. As I approached my room, a gentleman came out of his and momentarily startled me; he quickly apologised, smiled and headed off to the elevator. I turned to watch him and noticed he smiled back at me. I placed the card into the slot and walked into my room.

All hotel rooms look the same when you fly different cities. The airlines try and use the same hotel chains. This one was perhaps a little more spacious then normal, but simply if it’s got a bed and bathroom then nothing else usually matters.

I ordered room service and asked for it in half an hour. I then stripped and jumped into the shower. I thought I’d only been in there about twenty minutes when I heard a loud knocking on the door. I wrapped a towel around my hair and threw a short dressing gown on and hurriedly answered the door.

When I opened the door I was greeted by the gentleman I’d seen earlier, I was certainly surprised. He introduced himself as Daniel and smiled, apologised for catching me in the shower and said that perhaps he should come back later. As he turned, he bumped square into the room service guy carrying my tray of food.

The room service guy “Nick” apologised profusely saying he’d go and get another tray, and it’d be about another half an hour. As he picked up broken bits of crockery and picked up scraps of food, I looked at Daniel.

He shrugged his shoulders and as he opened his mouth, to, I presume apologise I said he best come in and clean up. As he walked into the doorway of the bathroom he said, “Not exactly the impression I wanted to make. I think I’ll have to start again”, he walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

As I smiled and turned around, I realised I was only in a dressing gown and I only had tonight. If anyone was going to make the right impression I decided it would be me. I removed the towel from my head, gave my hair a quick shake and approached the bathroom.

I opened the door and went in, undoing my gown. The room was a little steamy and I really couldn’t see Daniel, the shower curtain was like a frosted window. He heard me come in and asked if there was a problem. I removed my dressing gown totally, and pulled the curtain back standing there naked I said, “I don’t think so, is this defined as a problem?”

He looked me up and down, shook his head no and took my hand while I stepped into the bath. He guided me gently around into the water asking if the water was all right. As I put my hands up to brush my wet hair back, I felt a hot sensation on my nipple and looking down I saw Daniel’s mouth sucking on my breast.

He looked up and then his lips were on mine. Both of his hands were like cradling my head as he kissed me. As he was kissing me, I could feel the moisture between my legs starting to increase. I pulled away and then returned the kisses this time I cradled his head, and then slowly started to kiss in a downwards motion.

First his neck, then his shoulders, back to his chest. As I stood back briefly to align my mouth with his nipple, I noticed for the first time the size of his erection. I must of given out a gasp in wonderment, because he said, “Don’t worry I’ll be gentle”. I looked up and said that it wasn’t a problem, I was just amazed.

As my mouth found his nipple, I slowly started sucking at it first, then flicking my tongue over it, Daniel’s hands found my breasts and he too started to fondle them slowly. I reached up briefly kissing his ever so soft lips, then returned to his

nipple. I started moving my kisses downwards. He had the perfect chest and stomach; he obviously worked out or something.

I was now squatting down in front of this very erect large cock. I couldn’t help but do what comes natu a female, and took as much of it as I could in my mouth. He let out a little sigh, and looking up I noticed his eyes closed and his hand resting against the wall.

I had a hunger while sucking this huge cock, I was like a frenzied animal, and I just couldn’t seem to get or have enough. After only a few minutes I was sucking and licking at his cock, I was gently stroking his balls.

I felt his hands on the back of my head. I thought he wanted me to continue with the sucking, but then he gently grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me off his cock. I looked up and a little confused but then he spoke saying it was his turn.

Like an obedient servant I obeyed and stood up. He then proceeded to repeat the same procedure I had used on him. First he kissed me then he trailed off to the side of my neck. He was leaving little kisses, not stopping enough to be felt, but not long enough in one spot.

The one spot he did linger on more were my breasts. He gently cupped one, then licked around the nipple before slowly taking it in his mouth and ever so seductively sucking it. His other hand was working on the other breast, gently kneading it.

My pussy was aching for attention but I waited patiently. He then began to alternate between my tits; I could feel them double in size at the attention. He began his soft kisses again, starting underneath my breasts and working down over my belly button. Then around my pubic hair, soft kisses on either side of my things, teasing.

I knew if this continued I would have an orgasm then and there. His hand gently on the inside of my thigh, he pushed one leg gently and I lifted it and rested it on the edge of the bathtub. At first all I could feel was the warmth of his breath, then be began to slowly lick at my wet cunt, in long strokes.

I felt I was ready to explode. He slowly wet his finger then ever so slowly inserted in into my soaking cunt. I could feel my cunt muscles suck his finger further in. He began to get a rhythm going and I began to relax more and more. I felt a sudden gush, and so did Daniel. He began to lick and suck at my swollen cunt lips and I became frantic. I could feel the first rush of orgasm, and sighed.

Daniel suggested that it was time to fuck and I agreed wholeheartedly. He turned the shower off and moved out of the bath, sitting on the edge and he motioned me to him. I stepped out and turned around going straight to my knees to suck further on his cock.

This only lasted a few strokes before he asked me to ride his throbbing cock. I asked laughingly, did he want me frontwards or backwards, he suggested we start with me facing the door. I carefully sat myself on top of this huge cock, this was the only time I was a little apprehensive, but the feel of it in my hands made me want it inside my swollen cunt.

Of course this only lasted two or three strokes because the edge of the bath was just too uncomfortable to sustain anything more. While Daniel’s dick was still inside of me, he hugged me into him and sat on the floor. I was then able to do more of the work, I sat like I was squatting and began to ride his cock.

My whole body was enjoying the sensation of this huge cock deep inside my cunt. I had leant back against Daniel’s chest while still riding, my eyes closed. I felt the warmth of a mouth on my pussy while riding and I looked down and saw another person in the room on all fours licking at my pussy. She was the room service on the floor, and next to her was a tray with my dinner.

At this point Daniel slowed to look at what was in front of us; my guess is this female was also licking at his cock. I managed to see a slight smile on Daniel’s face; the fucking motion didn’t stop. With each thrust of Daniel’s cock, this woman would either suck or lick my pussy.

I asked if she wanted some of the action, she moaned while sucking my clit, it sent a little tingle to my breasts. I stood up and she virtually latched her mouth onto Daniel’s cock. “Geez she’s quick!” I said smiling.

Daniel just moaned. While she was hunched over sucking his cock, I began to undress her. I was surprised to see that she had no underwear at all on under her uniform. She didn’t really need to wear a bra; her breasts weren’t that small but they weren’t that big either.

While she was still sucking Daniel’s dick, I steaded one leg on the edge of the bath so that Daniel could lick at my excited cunt, with which he did. Our young girl was riding Daniel’s cock and playing with my cunt every now and then.

The atmosphere in the bathroom was just as steamy as the shower had been. I asked Daniel to fuck me doggie-style on the bathroom floor, no sooner were the words spoken and my wish was granted. Our lady friend climbed underneath me and apart from fondling at my tits, she was also licking at my cunt with each thrusting of Daniel’s dick.

I had never experienced this sensation before, but made a mental note that one day this situation definitely had to be repeated. Our lady friend obviously wanted the same. So we switched places. I had tasted another woman’s pussy only once with an ex, but under these circumstances it tasted sweeter.

Daniel started moaning louder, I presumed he was ready to cum. I moved out from underneath our lady and started kissing Daniel’s soft lips. He was definitely ready to blow; his kisses were passionate but not concentrated.

With one final thrust Daniel started to blow, he quickly pulled out and cum over this woman’s back, as he was doing this I was trying to lick as much as possible. We all dropped to the floor exhausted and sweaty.

In my mind I knew we all had to shower, but our lady friend got up, got dressed, thanked us for an enjoyable tip and left. I looked at Daniel and titled my head towards the shower, merely suggesting we shower together and with the cool water running over our bodies, it was about half an hour before the action started again, only this time there was no Room Service!