Written by johnbub

25 Jul 2012

Rain poured as feet pounded the pavement, splashing through puddles as she ran down the back streets and alley ways. The early morning light made all the more dull due to the first offerings of winter. Running was her escape. Escape from all the worries and stress of her life, it gave her time to think. She loved to run, especially when she was mad. Sasha was mad today and her boyfriend Kevin had done it again, not anything specific he was just being "Kevin".

When they had met Kevin had been a different person. Loving caring and attentive, he would turn up with flowers for no reason. Late night carriage rides, romantic dinners the whole nine yards. The sex had been amazing also, he could make her cum just by looking in her direction. They had fucked everywhere and anywhere. In the car, public parks and at her office you name it they had fucked there. She had loved to suck Kevin's cock as well. She would drop to her knees just about any where, she had even sucked him off on the late night ride on the subway with a carriage load of people. Sasha loved to fuck, you wouldn't think it to look at her but she knew she was a dirty little slut. She loved flaunt her body in tight fitting clothes. She especially loved to tease the young office boy, she would unbutton her shirt and let him get a good look at her ample cleavage when he was on his rounds. She had even given him a flash of her pink g-string one time but now the sex was down to once or twice a month and mostly in front of the TV with porn playing so Kevin could keep it up. So much for being a faithful girlfriend, look at where it had gotten her.

Finally back at her house Sasha kicked off her running shoes, unlocked the front door and stepped inside. Time for a shower I think, she mumbled to no one in particular. Kevin was at work, and John the guy Sasha and Kevin shared a house with was away on a business trip, so Sasha stripped of her wet running gear and padded through the house naked. She caught a glimpse of herself in the hallway mirror and had to admit even to herself that she had a fantastic body. 26 years old, 5"9 and about 90 pounds. Toned abs, firm bum and D cup boobs. Sasha had always loved her boobs they gave her the "stripper" look as she liked to call it.

Sasha climbed the stairs and heard the familiar sound of the shower running, "Fucking Kevin" if he didn't go to work again I'm really going to kill him she thought to herself. As she approached the bathroom she shared with Kevin, she realised the sound was coming from John's bathroom. Sasha's heart began to pound at the thought of who was in the bathroom. John was not due back till Tuesday and his car wasn't in the drive so it could not be him. Sasha collected a hockey stick from the hallway closet for protection and inched towards the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar and peaked inside. The sight that met her was one she had not imagined. In the shower was John, he was turned sideways letting the water fall over his body but what really caught her attention was that he was stroking one of the biggest cocks she had ever seen. Sasha had never even seen John with his shirt off and had never thought of him in a sexual way but now she had to admit he was a sight to behold. Muscled back, chest and legs and an all over tan and nice bum to match. She stood mesmerised by the sight of John pumping his swollen cock, his arm flexing as his hand moved back and forward and his head tilted slightly back and his eyes closed. Sasha watched as John's rhythm increased, his hand moved faster now, she knew he was close to Cumming and she knew she shouldn't be watching but couldn't take her eyes off his cock. John's hand was now a blur as he pumped his dick like a mad man, his breathing was ragged and shallow and just when she thought he couldn't pump faster his hand jerked 3 more times and his cock spurted bucket loads of cum all over the shower wall. John leaned against the shower wall for a few seconds until his breathing returned to normal then grabbed the soap and started to lather up, Sasha stood motionless in the hallway just now realising that in the heat of watching John she had been pulling and squeezing her nipples furiously while her other hand had 2 fingers buried deep in her pussy. John turned the shower off and Sasha scrambled to get to her own bathroom.

Sasha sat in her bathroom listening to John move around the house, her hand once again moved to her pussy and started to rub in gentle circles, the thought of John standing pumping his cock had her wetter than she could have ever imagined. She giggled to herself at nearly being caught watching John, now that would have been hard to explain. Her standing naked with stiff nipples and 2 fingers in her pussy, not to mention the hockey stick under one arm. She heard the front door slam as John headed out. She rubbed the head of the hockey stick against her swollen lips, she closed her eyes and thought of that monster cock while pushing the hockey stick deeper into her pussy.

To be continued......