Written by johnbub

26 Jul 2012

Fuck said john as his 1966 Oldsmobile coughed twice and died. He loved this car, but lately it was just pissing him off, John had bought the car 8 months ago, just after he had arrived in the US. John worked for a multinational company and when they had told him he was transferring to Boston for a year he swore he was going to get one. He had been in Boston for 9 months now, the company had found him a place to live and all the rest had just slotted into place. John was a corporate fixer, whatever you wanted John would “fix” it for you.

John pumped the pedal and cranked the starter on the old girl..... Nothing.....come on.......come on......nothing, fuck john said again. John stepped out onto the sidewalk into the pouring rain, opened the trunk as the called it in the sates, grabbed his suitcase and started to walk home, the car had died only 4 blocks from home. John loved Boston, the history the people and the old houses. He lived with a couple, Kevin and Sasha in an old 1850 house in a better part of town, he had his own bathroom, bedroom and living quarters. Kevin was a fuckwit John thought as he slowly made his way through the rain towards home, a half baked loser with a dead end job going nowhere fast, he could not fathom how in the hell Kevin had managed to hook a girl like Sasha.

Now Sasha, what a women she was, a career girl with a brain and not to mention an absolute knock out with a body made for sin. John had harboured a little crush on Sasha from the first day they had met, she had been wearing her Nike running gear and had looked amazing. The skin tight pants had made a perfect outline of her pussy lips, it was that image John was thinking about right now, and his cock gave a little twitch in turn.

John turned the key on the old front door and stepped inside, he was home two days early and knew no one would be home, John called the mechanic and arranged to have the car towed to the shop, now a shower and if the rain stopped maybe a quick game of his chosen sport to help him over his mood. He stripped off and stepped into the hot shower letting the water warm him from his cold and wet walk home, as he stood his thoughts quickly returned to Sasha. John had stolen sneaky looks of Sasha over the months, she moved around the house in barley nothing at all, she was very proud of what God had given her, and wasn’t afraid to show it, and had even caught a glimpse of her as she came out of the bathroom wearing only a lace bra and G-string, but It was a few months after and late one night that had burned Sasha into Johns brain, he had been woken by noises from down stairs, he had crept down to see if anything was amiss only to discover Sasha on all fours in the living room, with porn blaring on the TV and Kevin grunting up a storm behind her. Kevin had lasted only a few minutes until his limp dick had slid out of her and fallen asleep almost instantly. John had stared at her perfect arse and pussy, and watched as Kevin’s cum had dribble out onto the floor wishing to God it was his cum. John was just about to retreat back upstairs when Sasha had turned over giving him a view of her amazing body and tits, holding his breath John inched forward to get a better look as Sasha pulled a block dildo from thin air and proceeded to rub it up and down her pussy lips as she lay back watching porn.

She plied the dildo up and down her lips for a while until pushing it deep into her slit, John stared silently as she slid it in and out of her pussy, and he could see the sheen of pussy juice on the dildo as she started to fuck herself harder. Johns hand started to rub his growing cock as the image of Sasha fucking herself with the dildo flooded his mind, his hand working faster and faster on his now fully erect cock. He let his mind bring back all of the images of that night, Sasha pumping her pussy, her juice covering the dildo and her hand, her nipples erect as she squeezed and pinched them, her whole body writhed on the floor as she worked the dildo deeper into her wet pussy, her moans grew louder as she drew nearer to Cumming, he had almost cried out when Sasha had slid the dildo out of her pussy and slammed it into her arse, she had pumped her arse and fingered herself for another few minutes before suddenly arching her back and squirting a load over the floor. Johns breathing was heavy now as he pumped his cock, he held Sasha in his mind as he furiously fucked his hand, his last thought was how he was going to fuck her as he shot a load of cum over the shower wall.

John finished his shower and got dressed, he looked out the window to discover the sun was shining. it looked like he would get that game in after all, but he just needed one thing, John stomped all through the house but still couldn’t find what he was looking for, never mind he would borrow one from the guys, they always had a spare. John smiled at the thought of Sasha once more as he slammed the front door, he would do something about that little problem later, but now he had a game to play, and the more pressing issue of where the hell was his hockey stick.