Written by Melbknight

14 Dec 2010

I have come into your office to repair the phone lines.

You are busy working away at your computer at the latest boring budget spreadsheets.

You cannot leave the desk so I have to work around you.

After some routine checks of the phone, I discover that the problem is with the wall connection point, it needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the point is underneath your desk so I have to crawl under it to fix it.

You continue to tap tap away at your keyboard, trying to finish the budget, so concentrated on your task that you don't notice that I am under your desk.

Your beautiful long, slender legs are crossed at your delicate ankles, and they are dressed in smooth, silky black stockings. Your dainty feet are dressed in a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo's, with peepholes that show off your incredibly sexy polished toenails.

It is a warm,early afternoon in spring and I can smell the sweet aroma emanating from your fine furry pussy.

After showering that morning, you decided the warm weather was too lovely to spoil by putting on panties.

It would be nice to walk through the park on the way to work with no panties on and enjoy the cool air brushing on you delicate folds.

A knock at the door, and your 2pm meeting has arrived.

It is the boss with the firm's new client, the client that came on board because she was so impressed at how you presented with your plan on investing her private girls school's superannuation funds.

The client has already been sold, this meeting is a mere formality to cement the relationship and develop the social bond.

So absorbed were you with your budget deadline, you have totally forgotten about me under your desk.

You have forgotten that you are not wearing panties that day.

You have forgotten that you have not had sex for a week because of the workload to meet the deadline.

As you sit down after greeting the guests, your skirt lifts up to your hips and I can just glimpse the outline of your pussy's hairs near your garter belt.

I gently push aside your skirt, brushing the tops of your inner thighs.

I hear you give a short, quick, quiet gasp as you try to suppress your shock that I am now stroking your thighs.

The guests don't know I am under your desk.

You had forgotten I was under your desk.

How would it look if I was to be revealed now?

No, that cannot happen, it is too late, they wouldn't understand or believe you if you tried.

You will just have to remain quiet.

You continue to chat, as normally as you can, trying to maintain an air of normality on the surface, meanwhile, underneath, I am sensing that you won't or cannot give me up.

My fingers gently probe the outside of your pussy, I can feel the soft folds beginning to moisten and yield to my slow, gentle swirls.

I get bolder, and move your legs apart, you don't resist.

I start to lightly kiss your thighs and feather kisses slowly but surely higher and higher, ever so slowly moving up to your mound.

Your pussy is starting to swell, giving off a beautiful sweet aroma that is intoxicating.

Surely the smell must be invading the entire room, surely the others can smell it too by now?

Your conversation is starting to sound distracted.

You seem to be having trouble focusing on the topic at hand.

My tongue has now reached the outside lips of your pussy.

Your hips move forward involuntarily when I make the first lick.

Your back arches ever so slightly as you fight your urge to meet my tongue.

I begin to caress your clitoris, probing, flicking, gently swirling with my tongue.

I slide my tongue up slowly, then over and over again it begins to probe your entrance.

You begin to drip juices and I can taste you.

I can see your toes begin to curl and squirm as I probe deeper.

I slip off your shoes to free your beautiful feet and let your toes wiggle.

A squeeze on the soft arches of your feet and you open your legs wider.

Your hands have now come under the desk and they are grasping the armrests, the fingers gripping so tightly that knuckles are turning white.

I can see your toes twitching, your pussy swelling, and hear you breathing becoming quieter, quicker and shallower.

It is coming.

My tongue finds your g-spot, it scrapes and rubs it fully, vigorously, intensely and the effect is electrifying.

You hold your breath, your thighs clamp tight around my head and your nails dig into my hair as you push your pussy hard into my face.

An orgasm erupts throughout your lower body as you shake and quiver, gushing juices into me.

My hands are grabbing you arse and clenching your beautiful soft cheeks.

It seems you have managed to keep a fairly straight face though, and the guests are only slightly puzzled as to why you are so fidgety.

The phone rings, the spell has been broken.

The boss and guest have to attend other appointments.

They get up and leave for the elevators.

I get up and starting packing my tools.

"I'll have to come back and complete the repairs tomorrow", I say.

You blush and look away.

After I have left, you start to wonder how a faulty wall connection lets a phone to ring.

You smile to yourself. What a naughty tradesman.